Cell Service For The Commitment Phobic: AT&T Offers SIM Card Without 2 Year Contract

After reports started surfacing that AT&T was offering a SIM-card only option that was tied to a 2 year contract, we contacted AT&T for more information. As far as we knew, AT&T allowed new customers to bring their own compatible equipment and did not require a 2 year contract.

AT&T confirmed that 2 year contracts are not required for the SIM-only option, though in some cases certain promotional rate plans do require a contractual obligation:

..let me be very clear in saying that in most cases you don’t need a two-year contract. If you wanted a rate plan that is a special promotion, then we might ask you to sign a two-year contract, says William Marks, a PR rep in AT&T’s wireless division.

So why the mix-up?

The online offer went live last Friday as a way to make sure customers are aware of all the options we give them, including bringing their own device. We took a look at the way the offer was written, and felt it needed to be even clearer that you don’t need a contract if you bring your compatible device and want a SIM and service from us. We have removed the offer temporarily from att.com while we make the necessary revisions.

If you have your own equipment and are interested in getting SIM-only service from AT&T, just give them a call and ask for it. Let us know how they treat you.

(Photo:Todd Kravos)

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