Plastic Surgery Comes With Buyer's Remorse

The Chicago Tribune says that plastic surgery comes with buyer’s remorse so often that an entire industry has sprung up devoted to undoing the damage:

As plastic surgery has become increasingly common in America — some 16 million procedures were performed in 2007 — so has the consumer backlash.

Thousands of patients find themselves so displeased with the results of their surgeries that they are paying top dollar to undo what they had done. The demand for such procedures is so high that some doctors now promote themselves as “revision plastic surgeons” and devote up to 50 percent of their practices to such cases. The surgeries have earned their own nickname in the trendy nip-tuck world: undo-plasties.

“I’d say at this point that one out of about every two or three procedures I do is a revision surgery,” said Dr. Andrew Jacono, chief of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, N.Y.

Consumers should think long and hard before messing with nature, because (as we’ve mentioned before) plastic surgery doesn’t come with an extended warranty or excellent return policy. Wouldn’t you rather blame genetics for your ugly nose rather than yourself?

After plastic surgeries, more do an about-face [Chicago Tribune via WSJ Health Blog]