Domino's Takes Overcharging You For Pizza Seriously

WHO: Domino’s Pizza
WHAT: Domino’s overcharged reader Robert for some pizzas and were rude to him when he pointed this out. Upon complaining to Domino’s corporate, Robert’s complaint was kicked back down to the people who were rude to him in the first place.
THE QUOTE:“Because your Domino’s Pizza store is independently owned and operated, I have forwarded your comments to the franchise owner or local representative. Please be assured your comments will be taken seriously and considered to help Domino’s Pizza improve our operations.”

Domino’s writes to Robert:

January 22, 2008

Mr. Robert [redacted]

Dominos Case #: [redacted]

Dear Mr. Robert [redacted],

Thank you for taking the time to contact the Domino’s Pizza Customer Care Team. As a valued Domino’s Pizza customer, your comments are extremely important to us.

I want to apologize for the situation you encountered at the Cambridge location. Domino’s Pizza takes great pride in providing the quality products and service you have come to expect and trust.

Because your Domino’s Pizza store is independently owned and operated, I have forwarded your comments to the franchise owner or local representative. Please be assured your comments will be taken seriously and considered to help Domino’s Pizza improve our operations.

Again, thank you for taking the time to contact us. Your business is very important to us.


Domino’s Pizza Customer Care T.E.A.M.

Robert replies (to Domino’s):


After I sent my previous message (the one which you are replying to) I attempted to contact the Cambridge location again, and no one would assist me. They still have my money, and now that I’ve returned home there’s little chance I’ll get it back.

While they might be an independent franchise, they share your name, and their actions damage the reputation of your entire company.

To reiterate-

1) We placed an order for pizza’s you guys had on sale, and we were instead charged full price, which ended up being twice what we thought it would be.
2) When my friend called, he was treated rudely and told it was his fault that the sale price wasn’t given.
3) When I called, I was told the manager would return my call as soon as she could, but that it was our own fault.
4) After 3 calls to the store, we were finally told there was no manager on duty, but that she would call us the next day.
5) At no point did any of of the staff return my calls as they said they would.

This entire time we were treated horribly by that stores staff. For you to tell me that you’re forwarding the complaint on doesn’t help much, since I’ve already called them and complain and was treated badly for doing so. All I wanted was a refund of the overage I was charged, and I was clear with the staff that I understand mistakes happen. I saved up for college by working at a pizza place, as did my sister (who actually worked at a Domino’s in Springfield, MA) and I know that sometimes it can be frustrating when a customer calls up with a complaint. As such, I went out of my way to be as polite as possible and simply wanted a return of my money. Instead I received attitude and frustration.

Please look into this a little deeper than just a form letter to myself.

Robert [redacted]

PS- I am CC’ing this email to The Consumerist, which is an excellent customer advocacy site.

(Photo:Tyler Durden’s Imaginary Friend


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  1. Roadkill says:

    I used to think that the Internet was serious business. Now I see that it’s the businesses that are the most serious.

  2. “Because your Domino’s Pizza store is independently owned and operated, I have forwarded your comments to the franchise owner or local representative. Please be assured your future pizzas will include many “Special Additives“, be dropped at every step of the pizza making process, and be delivered when the driver feels like it.”

  3. chipslave says:

    Whats with their resurgence of the 30 minute guarantee thats not a 30 min guarantee? Its all very confusing. Bring back the noid if nothing else!

  4. Dead Wrestlers Society says:

    A Domino’s delivery guy driving a beemer? I need to switch jobs.

  5. LionelEHutz says:

    Domino’s isn’t exactly what I’d call pizza. IMHO, it’s more like cardboard with so-called “sauce” and assorted crap on it.

  6. burgundyyears says:

    “taken seriously” is on the fast to the overused phrase of the year already. It’s a favorite of lawyers because it does not admit fault. It’s basically a slightly less brusque form of “no comment.”

  7. @LionelEHutz: Blasphemy! That’s like saying Olive Garden isn’t authentic Italian cuisine!

  8. MercuryPDX says:

    @GitEmSteveDave: Red Lobster isn’t fine seafood dining?

  9. SOhp101 says:

    Thank the Lord for credit card disputes!

  10. nick_r says:

    The real shame is that living in Cambridge, the guy has access to dozens of excellent (and probably cheaper) local Greek pizza joints and still, bafflingly, chose Domino’s.

  11. algormortis says:

    @nick_r: i was thinking just the same thing!

    here in seattle, there’s about five local places that are just as expensive/cheap and much better than domino’s. if i want cheap i like pizza hut, but if i want cheap i’ll just move my lazy arse down to papa murphy’s and take and bake that sucker. mmmmmm, seven doller gutbuster pizza, six with coupons!

  12. ClayS says:


    Domino’s Pizza started out in the midwest…nuff said.

  13. johnva says:

    @SOhp101: Yep. Chargeback is the proper response here (I’m assuming this was on a card).

  14. silencedotcom says:

    @ClayS: Nothing good comes from the midwest… Nothing.

  15. Snarkysnake says:

    Domino’s is another example of how,when a company gets too big and arrogant,they bear no resemblance to what made them successful…When I was in college,they were a helluva value and the service (at least in my town) was exemplary.A shortcut here,a “corporate policy” change there and now they’re just another crappy pizza joint with an damn near inedible product.Remember “Fast,Free Delivery”?…Now,they tack on a delivery charge that almost guarantees that the hardworking driver will get a lot less in tips than before.(They are also one of the most expensive pizza places in my hometown.) I haven’t ordered from them in years.

  16. JPropaganda says:

    I got Domino’s this weekend. 10.99 for all the toppings you want?! Sick…

  17. @silencedotcom: @ClayS: Booo.

  18. Buran says:

    @silencedotcom: We don’t get the ridiculous ripoff prices that the coasts get.

  19. allthatsevil says:

    @GitEmSteveDave: That’s exactly why I can’t get delivery from my Domino’s anymore.

    A few months ago we ordered a couple pizzas from them. They had a deal where you buy any large pizza and get the second free. I placed the order online, printed out the confirmation page and the confirmation email. 40 minutes later the delivery guy showed up with one pizza. He didn’t really speak English so it was difficult to argue with him when he kept insisting we only ordered one pizza. We showed him the confirmation I had printed, but he couldn’t read it. I pointed to where the TWO pizzas were listed, and he finally got it. He told us he would go get the other one and we picked up the one he brought as he walked away. 5 seconds later we had to chase him down because the one he had given us was all squashed over to one side.

    At this point we had already waited the 40 minutes and I was starving. I was hungry before we ordered, and I was 8 months pregnant. We called the manager to explain the situation and seek compensation. Her response was, “But you got the pizza within the guaranteed 40 minutes.” WTF? It had been 40 minutes and we still had no pizza. She did not offer us anything, so we told her what we wanted – the entire order free, half off at the very least. She countered by offereing free breadsticks and $5 off. Exasperated, we accepted.

    A few minutes later she called back and said that because we had paid by credit card online she couldn’t take $5 off. The delivery guy arrived with the two pizzas, 40 minutes later, and no breadsticks. He got no tip, so now we can’t and won’t order from them.

    I should have learned my lesson when an employee at another location stole my credit card number and used it to order $30 worth of pizza from that location – and had it delivered to his home.

  20. forgottenpassword says:

    THIS is NOT how you deal with complaints. You DONT basically tell on the customer who complained, to the person/business that was compalined about. That’s a PERFECT way to get spit or other disgusting things on your next pizza.

    Delivery drivers are NOTORIOUSLY vindictive when it comes to complaints or what they consider a bad tip. I had a pizza place (Pizza hut) refuse to deliver to me anymore because some delivery driver thought that I didnt give a big enough tip ONE TIME. One complaint by some little snot-nosed delivery driver & me standing my ground evidently got my workplace put on some “delivery blacklist” at this pizza joint. I never even bothered complaining.

    Pizza hut has Lost business now because of one little indignant deliveryboy who wanted a big tip for shit service.

    Dominos now gets my (and my whole office’s) business from now on. They havent overcharged me yet (as far as I can tell).

    I also had a problem with IHOP a few weeks ago, they refused a coupon (after I had been a loyal customer for years, stopping by once a week). I fired off an email to Ihop corporate, recieved a personal call from customer service & she acknowleged that I was treated unfairly & said it would NEVER happen again & to call her IF it did. THAT is how you deal with customer complaints. Bravo Ihop corporae cusomer service!

    And I am not a hard customer to get along with…. actually i am usually the complete opposite & very polite. Most times I just let it go, dont complain & just try & forget about it.

  21. RvLeshrac says:

    The franchiser can only take a limited amount of responsibility for the actions of a franchisee. It all depends on the franchise agreement, of course, but the level of involvement they’re likely legally able to take may be very small.

    The rest of the complaints are fairly valid, but (1) above is not. It is the consumer’s responsibility to ensure that the price quoted matches the price they’re expecting. Not all franchisees participate in all special offers, so you have to ask about it when you order (this is, obviously, why the offers typically state that you need to ask for them when you order).

  22. nursetim says:

    @public enemy #1:
    He’s actually working a second job to afford either the BMW or an overpriced house.

  23. Joafu says:

    Dominoes hiked up prices near where I live. The only reason for getting Dominoes is because my friends and I didn’t have the bling to cover a Papa John’s (in college, three bucks makes the difference between pizza places). Once they were the same price, we quit ordering Dominoes, ordered delivery less often overall and now enjoy healthier figures, ftw! Oh and, Dominoe’s sucks.

  24. howie_in_az says:

    I’m wondering why people continue to get delivery with crap service instead of hitting up their pizza place of choice and picking things up on the way home, or after shopping or whatever.

  25. weakdome says:

    If/when I have a delivery complaint (wrong order, something forgotten, etc) I ALWAYS tip the delivery person BOTH TIMES. And thank them up and down for making the additional trip. After all, it’s my lazy ass that didn’t drive down and pick it up, and it’s NOT the delivery person’s fault for missing some of your order (if it’s damaged, that’s a different story).

  26. Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) says:

    Now, if I put the Domino’s logo on a barrel of toxic waste and put that image online on my web site, they’d send the lawyers after me to scare me into pulling it down, ignoring right to parody, etc.

    They’d say things like “in order to protect our trademark” and “not to confuse consumers.” Yet, here an “independant” company bearing their trademark can act in a way to cause similar damage in the eyes of consumers and they don’t care.


  27. allthatsevil says:

    @howie_in_az: The only reason we ever order from Domino’s is that they’re open later than everyone else. Sometimes we eat really late, and when I was pregnant even more so. Otherwise I prefer the local Italian places.

  28. soldierblue says:

    The Domino’s near my place once took slightly longer than the promised 30 minutes to deliver our pizza. Without us asking, they sent us an apology and something like a $3 off our next order.

  29. Tyler Durden's Imaginary Friend says:

    Photo attribution has a typo in the spelling of the flickr name – Durden not Durdin – attribution url is ok, just the name is off.
    Thank you.

    -the photographer

  30. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    Support your **LOCAL** independent pizza guys who are 999 times out of 1000, way better anyways.
    I can think of 6 local places with better pizza than pizza slut/dominos/papa johns and only 1 worse place. And they’re not worse by much.
    Our local Sports Bar has better pizza (and better looking wait staff as well).

  31. allthatsevil says:

    @weakdome: The ‘damaged’ pizza was the reason we didn’t tip him. I realize he just delivers what he’s handed, but I expect it to get to me in reasonably good condition. He also copped an attitude with us until he realized we had actually ordered two pizzas. But yeah, I never hold people responsible for things I know they have no control over – I’ve worked enough retail to know what that’s like.

  32. Buran says:

    @nick_r: Yay for the “I won’t touch it if it’s not from a whole in the wall” crowd. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with small places, but there’s nothing wrong with eating big ones’ food either. No need for the smear.

  33. Whoyaa says:

    The 30 minute guarantee is a joke. Just wait for the first lawsuit from a delivery driver who gets in an accident in order to get the pizza delivered on time, and gets a whopping $2 tip. With all the lawyers in this country, you know its coming. I’m sure Papa Johns will resort to 30 minutes or less, too. None of these delivery guys get any respect. They use their own vehicle, their own insurance, risk their own life on the road, deal with unreasonable customers who try to scam free pizzas, etc. No wonder the turn over is so high. But with the economy the way it is, I can see a guy in his 40’s with a mortgage, wife, and kids having to deliver at night to make ends meet. And who in their right mind would use a BMW to deliver pizzas?

  34. camille_javal says:

    @howie_in_az: Because they’re drunk?

    Just a thought – that was usually the only time I ordered Domino’s (when I was still in an area where better places stopped delivering earlier, too – thank goodness for New York, where I can get independently-owned crappy pizza delivered at midnight)

  35. NotATool says:

    @weakdome: What if it is the delivery person’s fault? What if they were supposed to pick up 2 boxes, but in their hurry only grabbed one? Just sayin…

  36. nick_r says:

    @Buran: I’m with you on the sentiment. But Domino’s is a case where the smear is valid.

  37. forgottenpassword says:


    Becaue there isnt always a fantastic choice of pizza places where you are. I dont live/work in new york or chicago where there are a bajillion of independent pizza places around every corner. Where I work… its a bit “economically depressed” … meaning the area is a crime-ridden shithole where all the decent independant businesses left long ago. Leaving only the big pizza chains. And not every place delivers, or delivers late, or to bad areas. Not much of a choice at all.

    I have also found that the small independant pizza places are often insanely expensive compared to the chains….. especially the “boutique” pizza places.

  38. sleze69 says:

    I guess this makes up for all the times I just made up coupons when I ordered Domino’s.

    Me – “Yeah, I have a coupon for $12 for 1 large 1-topping, 1 medium 1-topping, cheesy bread, and a 2-liter coke.”

    Dominos – “Umm…I don’t know that one. What color is it?”

    Me – “Blue”

    Domino’s – “Ok…you’re total is $12.72 + tip…”

  39. NotATool says:

    @Whoyaa: If I remember right, this is why they eliminated the 30-minutes-or-it’s-free guarantee. Drivers were getting into accidents.

    Back in the day we used to get free pizzas from Domino’s, having them deliver to a friend’s house where it almost always took them 40 minutes. Those were the days!

  40. Whoyaa says:

    I saw an ad on TV today. Domino’s is doing the 30 minute delivery again. Ya think the drivers have to sign a thick “agreement” before they can start delivering?

  41. chiieddy says:

    May I recommend you get pizza in Cambridge, MA from a better source? Domino pizza is horrible. Ma Magoos on Alewife Brook Parkway (BTW, try their Derek W. Delight if you get the chance).

    Seriously, support your local (better) pizza shops.

  42. hugslife says:

    I’m trying to muster up sympathy for someone who orders from Domino’s, but it just ain’t happening. You get what you overpay for — shit pizza from a huge corporation founded by an anti-choice, intolerant douchebag.

  43. ExtraCelestial says:

    ROFL!! I sooooo do that too!!! Or use expired coupons, they NEVER ask for it. As long as it’s not too ridiculous they shrug it off.

    fyi- the 30 mins or less guarantee was on hiatus for a while because there were so many accidents, they just recently brought it back in their new ad campaign (at least in my area in md/dc/nova)

  44. youbastid says:

    @JPropaganda: “Sick” is right…I remember when Domino’s tasted like Pizza instead of the food equivalent of a 5th generation mix tape of songs recorded off the radio. Not that it was ever that great, but it used to resemble pizza.

  45. StevieD says:

    Why all the problems with Pizza?

    Mistakes happen.

    But every time a mistake has happened my local PizzaDominoPappaHut has gone so far above and beyond to correct the mistake that I wonder how they can stay in business.

    Maybe it is small town America. Maybe it is the customer treating the vendor’s employees properly.

  46. Whoyaa says:

    I’m sure the 30 minute delivery was brought back due to the poor economy. I’m in Texas. Must be a national ad campaign. Just in time for Superbowl Sunday!

  47. goller321 says:

    @silencedotcom: Heather Graham comes from the midwest… MIlwaukee specifically. So you are WRONG! :)

  48. WV.Hillbilly says:

    Nothing good comes from the midwest… Nothing.

    Where the fuck do you think virtually all of your food comes from?

  49. ianmac47 says:

    This readers first mistake was calling Dominoes.

  50. akalish says:

    The same thing happened to me at my local Domino’s (in the Kingsbridge area of the Bronx, NY. They sent me half-raw garlic bread that was (presumably accidentally) coated in cinnamon and a pizza with about half the toppings left off. Of course, I didn’t discover this until after I had paid and the delivery guy had left. I too complained to corporate and they kicked it down to the local place who never got back to me. Since then I have never placed an order with them, and I never will, not even in another state. Corporate Domino’s requires absolutely no accountability of their franchisees. They’re like a model for how NOT to do business!

  51. jplanet says:

    “Nothing good comes from the midwest… Nothing”

    I’d say one thing the midwest has is friendly people! I’ve rarely had bad customer service issues with people from the midwest…now the east coast on the other hand…

  52. ClayS says:


    You live in the Bronx and you called Domino’s? Do you eat at Olive Garden too? Seriously, in the NY/NJ area and most of New England you have a large indigenous Italian-American population operating restaurants where you can get real pizza. Same with seafood…I haven’t been to a Red Lobster in my life. Why do they even exist in our area? Low prices maybe? It would be like people in the southeast or Texas going to Famous Daves for bbq. Fuggedaboutit.

  53. Ailu says:

    @GitEmSteveDave: Hehehe – Good one! :-D

  54. ionerox says:

    I hate Dominos. Our office used to order from them a lot- hundreds of dollars of pizzas & guaranteed good tip if they showed up on time. Then they screwed themselves by messing up and double charging my corporate card, not providing receipts and being a huge pain in the ass by continuously promising to call me back or fax over what I needed (without bothering to ask for a fax number) and not doing it.

    I had to go to corporate, who basically faked a receipt for me off of the information I told them for my order (getting it wrong twice) and two weeks later refunding the over charge.

    I love my local pizza chain, and order from them every chance I can get- but they refuse to deliver to our office that is 3 blocks outside their delivery zone. I figure that the punk kids who work there just don’t want to have to make 30-40 pizzas ready by 11:30 am.

  55. spinachdip says:

    @WV.Hillbilly: California and Florida.

  56. Tonguetied says:

    I’ve always wondered how effective making up a big sign calling the company a ripoff and walking up and down the sidewalk would be. I’ve never seen it done but have mentally rehearsed doing it a few times.

    It might not be very effective for a pizza delivery place although it might garner some attention from folks coming by to pickup.

  57. chai_tea says:


    Don’t drive.

    Don’t drive after dark.

    Don’t drive in bad weather.

    Don’t care to corral and strap in screaming/tantruming kids into car for a five minute drive.

    Good value.

    Conserves limited lunch/dinner break for, you know, eating lunch/dinner.

    Those are just a few reasons I can think of why people still order out.

    Me, I just like to see the look on the delivery guy’s face when I answer the door in my vintage pink satin negligee. *g*

  58. MMD says:

    @hugslife: So that means it’s ok to be treated this way? People have a right to basic levels of service, whether you approve of the company or not.

  59. PricklyPete says:

    I’m not going to defend Dominos, but I stumbled across their online ordering system while staying at a hotel in San Jose, CA.
    I’ll spare you all the details, but it was great. I didn’t have to talk
    to someone who could barely construct a sentence, my order was clearly
    summarized and totaled for me before I clicked confirm.
    At first I thought it was a stupid concept, but I’m sold on it. Not
    that they still can’t make mistakes when making your pizza, but I just
    liked not having to be treated rudely by someone who acted like they
    were doing me a favor by taking my phone order. Plus, you know exactly
    what you are going to be charged before they get to your door.

  60. Moosehawk says:

    All this midwest bashing really needs to stop.

    My hockey team will beat up your hockey team.

  61. Meg Marco says:

    @cubicleman: My bad.

  62. Meg Marco says:

    @silencedotcom: I come from the Midwest, you big old jerk!

  63. Trojan69 says:

    When Dominos was just beginning to expand, they were tremendous. They had eager as hell managers who ran great stores. Why? The promise of ownership of future stores. There was real opportunity and for many it was realized.

    Today? Market saturation has been achieved and there is little incentive.

    The company that most reminds me of Dominos is Home Depot. When they were first expanding, they had a fantastic reputation for service and for cost savings. sure enough, as market saturation occurred, corporate decides they are simply offering a commodity and would not reward great service.

    Laugh at me for saying this, but Wal*Marts were similarly great places 25 years ago. Now they have commoditized everything. Taking care of people does not work in this model. Back in the day, when they were growing, their associates really were associates. Now they are functionary pawns.

  64. ajackalope says:

    I’m an assistant manager at the Domino’s in my town – don’t hate on me, it’s just a job to get through college, and I usually order pizza from this other local place when I want some pie – and I wanted to shed some light on the new “You Got 30 Minutes” thing. The thing they keep repeating on the internal documentation is that “Because we take safety seriously, it’s an estimate, not a guarantee.” I know a lot of people remember when we did that way back when, and think we’re doing it again, but they’re not. It’s really obnoxious, and I hate it. I’d be happy to send the Consumerist all the internal stuff they sent us about it if y’all want, I just didn’t think it was very interesting.

    The best part about they way they phrase it is that you can paraphrase it as “If your pizza isn’t there in 30 minutes, wait longer.” Or, “You pizza will be there in 30 minutes, or more.”

  65. Tyler Durden's Imaginary Friend says:

    @Meg Marco: Thank you for using my photo!

  66. moorem2 says:

    We had a run in one night with a Dominos. We ordered a pizza for delivery, and it never showed up. When we called the place to see what the deal was, the employee told us that we never ordered a pizza, and called me a liar. After speaking with the manager we told him we wanted our pizza for free. He accepted, but told us to “take care of his driver.” My friends and I are pretty nice people, and understand that shit does happen, so the driver walked away with a $20 tip. We win with “free pizza”, and the guy who might make $1-2 a house ended up with a damn good tip.

  67. 92BuickLeSabre says:

    @moorem2: Except that’s not what he meant by “take care of my driver.”

  68. Domino’s pizza crust taste like cardboard smells. The topping look like plastic. Yucky stuff to say the least.

  69. inkhead says:

    To be honest, whoever owns the franchise is probably NOT the people you delt with in the store. My guess is that the franchise owner WILL take it seriously. It’s probably somebody who owns the business along with other businesses to make money. The manager and employees do keep things from him, so Domino’s corporate probably contacted the store owner privately by email.. Hopefully that owner will respond.

    Alternative to get paid back (don’t brag, you’ll get in trouble)
    Since you probably paid in cash, order food again from them worth the amount of money you should have been refunded. PAY ON CREDIT. Call credit card company, and have charge refunded. Store will get a chargeback (don’t sign your name, or write an X”

  70. ajackalope says:

    @chipslave: It’s really, really dumb. I’m an assistant at the local store – don’t hate, it’s a decent college job in this crappy town – and the internal stuff they sent out to us is just inane. “It’s an estimate, not a guarantee.” We’ve taken to paraphrasing it as “Your pizza will be there in 30 minutes, or wait longer.”

  71. Consumer007 says:

    Personally, I would handle the following way: 1. Call up the franchise owner, and let him know the attorney general will be investigating him for false advertising and fraud, and further the dept. of agriculture will be inspecting him routinely for food safety until he changes his attitude. (I only add this in because once upon a time Vomit-os Pizza served me a spider on my pizza, no joke, and then didn’t see what the problem was…sigh). 2. Find the district manager, franchise or no, and scream long and loud about it. DM’s are usually the consumer’s best friend in a scenario like this, free meals and letters of apology are all but guaranteed, as are terminations where appropriate. 3. Since they have taken this tack of saying local problem, local owner, your problem, then make the attack local in nature :) There are a whole myriad of sites you can report this stupidity to that will make other consumers aware of geographically and lose that location lots of business over time…These include,, (enter address in google, then choose write a review),,, Again, this will leave permanent marks and comments against them they can’t erase, so only to be used when you are at war with them and don’t plan to go back. Good luck!

  72. nlatimer says:

    I never get delivery, I always pick up. I guess I’m just adverse to paying a tip to a guy who is basically just driving to my house, but I give generous tips when I do, so I guess I just want to avoid giving one.

    It may not be high in quality, but Little Caesar’s cheap Hot and Ready for the win.

  73. FLConsumer says:

    I had no idea that Domino’s was still in business. I had the misfortune of having their pizza 10 or so years ago. Worst tasting cardboard I’ve ever had. I haven’t seen any of their stores around in years and didn’t miss them.

  74. Saboth says:

    I had a similar experience with Papa Johns months ago. Called in the pizza, arrived 25 minutes later. No pizza. Said come back in 10 minutes. Came back *15* minutes later…now a line. Waited in line. Got to counter 10 minutes later. No pizza. Guy looks around, runs to the back and throws together a pizza. “I just put it in sir” “Ummm give me my money back, I am not waiting 15 MORE minutes for a pizza you just threw together after you’ve had almost an hour to make one”.

    Emailed corporate…never got a response. Guess they don’t take matters like this very seriously. Papa Johns = 1 year boycott now.

  75. Starfury says:

    We never order Domino’s pizza; we prefer the hole in the wall pizza places.

    What’s cheaper: make your own. It may be a little more work but tastes much better. Some pizza places will sell you the dough for $1-$3; enough for a large pizza.

  76. Sasquatch says:

    @Starfury: Plus, Domino’s is run by a
    megalomaniacal uber-right-wing Christian, and those aren’t usually the
    types of people I like to give my money to.

  77. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    @howie_in_az: I don’t own a car and most pizza places aren’t close enough to make getting a pizza via the bus a good idea.

    There are a couple of local pizza places near my job where I could just get it after work when I wouldn’t be standing around with it for an hour but if I actually want Pizza Hut I have to get it delivered.

  78. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    @Saboth: A Papa John’s delivery guy ran off with my money without giving me any change (there was a lot). When I called to complain the guy was all, “Well, what do you want me to do about it?”

    I hope my change was worth my never ordering from them again.

  79. WV.Hillbilly says:

    virtually all

  80. PermanentStar says:

    We had a pizza delivered from our local Domino’s (Waynesboro, VA) – and part of the pizza had been eaten – we took a picture upon receiving it (but had not thought to check the pizza before the driver left) and called within minutes of the driver leaving. The manager on duty was rude, and told us there was no way this could have happened. This was delivered to our business address, and we have never had issues with them before, although our department orders from them quite often, and we had many people witnessing the opening of the pizza where slices were missing and it was all askew in the box. It took a few days and repeated calls to get them to refund our money, and although we have ordered from there since (since there is only one other service which will deliver to our business address) – but now we always make sure to open the pizza in front of the driver before he or she leaves. It would not have been that upsetting if the manager had just sent another pizza out – I imagine this was one that they had at the restaraunt for their personal consumption, and there was just a mix up in which box was brought to us, but we were appalled at the treatment from the manager, and did receive a similar response from corporate.

  81. ihateauditions says:

    FOIA their health inspection results.

    If there is anything bad on it, print up scary flyers, and blanket the closest parking lots with them.

  82. riverstyxxx says:

    Dominos Pizza tastes like crap anyway, they’re the bottom of the barrel here in the city. Even Little Caesars does better then those idiots.

  83. riverstyxxx says:

    @Rectilinear Propagation:

    I really don’t want to burst your bubble, but that’s what makes businesses give up caring. Lots of customers means lots more customers, means if they lose one they have 10 more behind him. Being expendable is a fact of life. This is why a lot of businesses don’t pay their employees fairly, because someone will always do it cheaper, ignoring the economic impacts and realities.

    /Shameless Plug
    This is one of the reasons Consumerist is such a great site. Ahem :)

  84. tedivm says:

    Update (I removed my last name and such, but everything else (typos and all) is word for word. I did in fact receive the $25 in gift certificates, in case you were wondering :-)

    Mr. Robert [redacted]

    Dominos Case #: [redacted]

    Dear Mr. Robert [redacted],

    Thank you for your reply. I want to apologize for the situation you encountered while visiting Cambridge for a convention. All of our creative does state that you must as for the special to get the offered price. I am sorry for the confusion and poor experience that this caused.

    In appreciation of your time and business, I am mailing some gift certificates that can be used at any Domino’s Pizza nationally including your local Chicopee store. It is my hope that you will use the certificates to give us another chance. We will be running the Big Fantastic Deal (Large, unlimited toppings for 10.99) promotion for a little while longer so you can order it at your local store, just tell them when you call that you would like the BFD and they will get it right out to you.

    Thank you again for your interest in Domino’s Pizza. We look forward to serving you soon.


    Catrina Salts
    Domino’s Pizza Inc.
    Customer Care

  85. everthewild says:

    Dominos makes me angry. A lot. I go to college out on the coast, and Dominos is one of the more affordable pizza places. And what college student doesn’t like pizza? Well every semester, my college hands out a book of coupons for local eateries and such. Without fail there are Dominos coupons. Within the coupons there was one advertising a large pizza for a low price, so I decided to order one to share with neighbors. Low and behold I call and the coupon is “not in there system”. After arguing with them for twenty minutes, telling them it is for that specific location (which is printed on the coupon) and that it is feasibly in my hand, they agree to give me that price so long as I give them the coupon when they drop it off. Ok. The delivery guy shows up and tells me the coupon is for online orders only. Not only is that not specified on the coupon, their website works probably 10 % of the time. In one corner of the coupon it says you CAN order online, but it says that on all of their coupons and advertisements. Was I in the wrong? No.