Companies Respond To Wrap-Rage, Design Packaging That Isn't So !@$% Difficult To Open

Companies are starting to use tamper-resistant packaging that doesn’t cause wrap-rage or puncture wounds. Retailers love those maddening plastic supermax containers for the theft-deterring frustration factor, while manufacturers just want consumers to see the eye candy within. What’s the compromise?

At Logitech, which makes computer and home entertainment products including mice, keyboards and remote controls, [design expert Kerry Azelton] was encouraged to make changes in response to a variety of consumer complaints, including package-opening injuries.

His influence is most obvious in Logitech blister packs that bend at a corner to start an opening and pull apart relatively easily because the material has an outline of perforation.

[Laura Bix, an assistant professor at Michigan State University] said the biggest force driving the trend is the assertiveness of baby boomers, who are sure to demand more convenient packaging as they age.

“We’re going to see more and more people focus on this,” Bix said. “Easy-opening innovations are rare so far, but definitely increasing.”

Yes, someone think of the elderly.

Ouch! Why do they package like that? [Mercury News]
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