Bankrupt Mortgage Executive Kills Wife, Self

Walter Buczynski jumped from the Delaware Memorial Bridge on Friday after killing his wife, Marci. Buczynski was the Vice President of Fieldstone Mortgage, a Maryland lender with $5.5 billion in subprime loans. The company recently filed for bankruptcy.

Prosecutor Robert Bernardi said Evesham Township police went to the couple’s home in the Marlton section of the township around noon after a male caller asked them to check on Marci Buczynski’s welfare. Her body was found in a bedroom.

Authorities would not provide further details on her death, saying only that she was pronounced dead at the scene and that an autopsy would be performed sometime Saturday by the county medical examiner’s office.

About 20 minutes after her body was found, officers from the Delaware River and Bay Authority Police Department received reports that a man – later identified as Walter Buczynski – had parked his car on the bridge and jumped from the span.

Crews continued to search for his body Friday night.

Bernardi said a motive for the murder-suicide was not immediately clear. The couple’s children were being cared for by family members, Bernardi said.

Absolutely tragic. It’s like the thirties all over again.

Mortgage exec kills wife, self [AP]
(Photo: Bob Jagendorf)


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  1. snoop-blog says:


  2. snoop-blog says:

    sorry i just think that suicide is for cowards.

  3. KJones says:

    Have you ever seen the Walter Matthau movie, “Charley Varrick”?


    This bank manager reminds me of the bank manager in the film, and George Putz reminds me of Varrick, a thief trying to get away from the mob. Only in this case, the mob aren’t a criminal gang, it’s the average citizens wondering what the hell’s been done with their money.

  4. m.ravian says:

    this is so sad.

    incidentally, the Delaware Memorial Bridge is a bridge famous for suicides – probably for its effectiveness, as the bridge is so high off the river.

  5. trollkiller says:

    I wonder if he will turn up alive and well. I must be watching too much Monk and Psych.

  6. Me - now with more humidity says:

    I doubt it – that bridge is a killer.

  7. ripple says:

    How do they even know he jumped if they didnt find his body. Someone else couldve killed his wife and him and stole his car and jumped off the bridge

  8. canerican says:

    It must be the subprime mortgages!

    If the DNC is listening your talking points are all at the Consumerist, from abortion, to Boosh’s illegal and immoral war for oil, and John McCain personally tainting childrens toys with lead. It’s all in one place!

    This one is particularly egregious I mean tell me what it has to do with consumerism ( the supposed focal point of this blog)

  9. canerican says:

    @ripple: That seems kid of pointless.

  10. weave says:

    If only he had waited until Bush’s tax rebates were mailed out.

    Oh well, at least he didn’t have to pay a toll to go onto the bridge (one-way toll, it’s free from DE to NJ)

  11. bill127234 says:

    Government causes problem, government proposes fixes for problem. Look up ADDI, America Dream Downpayment Initiative of 2003 for details. I sold a house during the 2005 time period, I could not believe the buyer got 100% financing with $10000 cash back for fix ups … A 23 year old kid buying a $250,000+ house.

    We all pay for governemtn stupidty, now everybody’s house value gets drop.

    Who cares, I got my money out :-)

  12. Bryan Price says:

    It’s not like the thirties. Not yet. And that’s what scares me. One incident doesn’t make a data plot.

  13. dgcaste says:

    @snoop-blog: you hardly understand the circumstances under which he committed suicide. Have some respect for the dead. Just because you lived at a homeless shelter doesn’t mean that you have a right to judge people that have lived through a hard time.

  14. dapuddle says:

    Business built on B.S. and ends tragically… hey are we talking about Britney?

  15. trollkiller says:

    @dgcaste: I have to agree with snoop-blog, suicide is for cowards. It is a very selfish act.

  16. girly says:

    @snoop-blog: I wouldn’t want anyone to kill themselves, but it would have been better if he did that first given what happened (murdering his wife).

  17. QueenHawkeye says:

    Woah, that’s scary. It happened in my hometown.
    It’s sad that people choose to suicide, it’s really selfish.

  18. weg1978 says:

    how exactly does this relate to consumer advocacy? Sounds more like borderline creepy schadenfreude to me

  19. kbarrett says:

    Why can’t these retards just kill themselves and be done with it?

    Murder-suicide is just plain murder. The murderer is too chicken to hang around to face the music afterwards.

  20. cecilsaxon says:

    @weg1978: Because quite honestly- if an insider to the Sub Prime mortgage industry has possibly driven to such acts it speaks to the level of desperation felt within the industry itself, which in turn will eventually trickle down to the general consumer. As we all know economics can be buggered by irrational fear.

  21. mad_oak says:

    The mortgage industry is incredibly tough right now. So many companies are closing and so many people are out of work. I keep hearing how ‘the industry deserves what it gets’. Well, for every executive that laid down the lending rules, there are thousands who were punching a clock and supporting a family. And these jobs aren’t ‘slipping away’. In the matter of 12 months, tens of thousands of jobs are just gone. He’s not the only one who has killed himself (though he is a sick f*ck for killing his wife). I know the names of others. Imagine waking up in 12 months, you’ve just lost your job, and your industry has shrunk by two thirds. There are no jobs for anybody.

  22. dgcaste says:

    @trollkiller: it’s shallow to consider an act ‘selfish’. we do ‘selfish’ things all day, all the time, and there’s nothing unnatural or sinister about it.

    for some people, the only way out is really to kill themselves. I’m not pro-suicide by any means, but if someone wants to end their life they have the choice to do so. what made this situation fucked up in a very particular manner is that he killed his wife first.

  23. MelL says:

    @HykCraft: What did she do, kick your dog?

  24. girly says:

    @dgcaste: Well, there are things that are selfish in an innocuous way and things that are selfish in a sinister way.

    I’d say that most crimes come from a sinister selfishness. This guy has taken his wife’s life and left his children orphaned.

  25. dgcaste says:

    @girly: I agree with your distinction of selfish acts. but killing himself was not the sinister – it was the murder and the orphaning. if that’s even a word.

  26. B says:

    He should have killed himself first, not second.

  27. Tracy Ham and Eggs says:

    I know this guy personally. Ive met him, and talked to him. He bought out one of my clients a while back. They waited until the third week of the month, fired half the staff, had the other half the staff close out their files then kept commissions for the management.

    /Im not gonna miss him.

  28. lostsynapse says:

    Golden parachute is just a figure of speech. Turning your assets into an actual parachute made of gold for recreation is not recommended.

  29. StevieD says:

    1929 all over again.

  30. humphrmi says:

    @dgcaste: Suicide is selfish because it leaves others to clean up the mess afterward. In this case, now some divers will have to put their lives on the line diving in dangerously cold water just to find the body of this guy. Did they have any input into his “choice to do so”?

  31. Trai_Dep says:

    Damn, down another Bush voter. The way the polls are getting so close, Mitt Romney is going to miss having one less supporter.

    Nice to see a jerkwad leave the earth, tho. Wish he did it before ruining so many lives.

  32. StevieD says:


    People that commit suicide don’t think of others, or if they are thinking of others it is a belief that they are doing better for other.

  33. cecilsaxon says:

    not to mention the folks out there earnestly recommending folks NOT go with the ARM or interest only home mortgages. Only to be victims of the public demand for them. I know many people that almost had to beg people not to take them and warned many of this impending disaster. This is really no surprise to anyone now is it? C’mon Interest only home mortgage loans? Who were we trying to kid? Evidently ourselves- no free lunch.

  34. Andronicus1717 says:

    @trai_dep: Buczynski is a Polish-Jew surname and Maryland hasn’t voted for a republican presidential candidate since 1988. I guess your super power is injecting assumptive partisan politics in any situation. That skill will take you far.

  35. dgcaste says:

    @humphrmi: it’s their job, they don’t have to do anything they don’t want to.

    @StevieD: people always strive for their survival. the suicide victim thinks, in a sick and/or twisted way, that this is the best way to handle the situation.

    @cecilsaxon: going on an ARM or subprime was not necessarily a bad thing. a lot of people did it because they didn’t have the greatest credit to start with, or because they worked on commision-based jobs for less than two years, were transitioning between jobs, or any other transitory situation. after this situation was smoothed out, they refinanced to a fixed-rate loan. as long as the loan officer or bank disclosed the risks of being under such an agreement, and what the client had to do to get out of their ARM and quick, it was a great tool to get the house you wanted fast and then move into the more secure long-term contract.

  36. ahwannabe says:

    @mad_oak: It’s already happened to me, only difference is the asshole execs who wrecked my industry didn’t have the decency to kill themselves.

  37. forgottenpassword says:

    I never understood how people can just dismissively say that suicide is selfish or cowardly. SOmetimes it is the only way.

    You want to know what is selfish? People who want someone else to continue to suffer just so they dont have to deal with the feelings of missing someone after they are gone. THAT’S selfish.

    However I have very little sympathy for someone who kills another first & then commits suicide.

    If I ever get an incurable fatal disease that has a slow, painfull ,wasting-away death…. I would commit suicide. I’d hope the people I knew would not think it is selfish or cowardly.

  38. krakbuste says:

    Wow, it IS like the thirties.

    I mean people are taking on debt that they can’t afford, better get everyone else to bail them out.

    Do you even know what happened in the thirties?

    Apparently, ignorance is blissful and bountiful here tonight.

  39. legotech says:

    @forgottenpassword: I think that people who have a fatal, painful disease should have the option to end their lives…I do NOT think that overpaid corporate executives who have ruined countless lives are in that same boat…he committed suicide so that he wouldn’t have to answer for the mess he created. Its not NEARLY the same thing and kind of obnoxious to even suggest the two situations are equal.

  40. forgottenpassword says:


    I dont suggest that that the the two situations are equal. I just hate it when people make seemingly blanket statements especially concerning suicide. Most people who do never had to walk in the particular person’s footsteps.

    AND as I mentioned before… I have little sympathy for someone who maliciously kills another & then commits suicide. I would have thought that making that statement would have made it clear that I was not comparing the two situations as equal.

  41. Sherryness says:

    Mean people suck.

  42. jimnor says:

    this whole subprime mortgage mess sort of intrigues me. i ask not who got into this mess, i ask who was untouched. the players who were untouched were those who followed the sound investment advice of Warren Buffett, who saw this as a long and convoluted series of untenable risks. everybody else is a f@cking idiot and gets exactly what they deserve. the poorhouse. those who say that they cannot understand investments need to go into t-bills. those who say they do not have the time need to stick their cash into a mattress. the people who lost their money because their investment advisors put them at untenable risk are morons for trusting an idiot. i can certainly see how they would be very unhappy. perhaps they should be shopping for sniper rifles and staking out the local starbucks where the greedy unemployed mortgage writers are hanging out.

  43. crankymediaguy says:

    The REAL tragedy (on top of the murder of his wife) is that he didn’t land on a pleasure boat full of other greedy scumbags who have systematically ruined the American economy and taken them out along with himself.

    I’ll pay for the gas for any of his ilk who want to drive to the middle of that bridge. They can hold hands as they jump.

    “Sub-prime” is the right description for these treasonous bastards. “Sub-human” might be even better.

    As Lewis Black says, I used to wonder why the French beheaded Marie Antoinette. I don’t wonder anymore.

    Next time, I’ll say what I really think.

  44. Benny Gesserit says:

    @dgcaste: Bullsh*t. Maybe maybe I’d give you that in the “my life is so horrible I can’t go on” sense. Maybe.

    But the *sshole killed his wife and, I’m sorry, the “I didn’t want her to go on without me” argument doesn’t wash. He arbitrarily decided to end her life – maybe she’d like to have tried muddling along in life, ya know. He wasn’t just selfish, he was also a murderer.

    And to the couple of you spouting the “have respect for the dead” nonsense – you EARN respect in life with your actions, it’s not automatic by virtue of kicking off. Get over yourselves.

  45. sleze69 says:

    @lostsynapse: ROFL!

  46. ClayS says:

    @Jim (The Canuck One):

    Well said. He murdered his wife because of business problems? I don’t think so. He was a murderer first, and he took his own life because he was a coward second.

    “Absolutely tragic. It’s like the thirties all over again.” Boo hoo. It’s nowhere close.

  47. junkmail says:

    @forgottenpassword: B.S. Suicide IS cowardly AND selfish. The End. I don’t care how bad you think you have it, there’s ALWAYS somebody in worse shape making it through life just fine. Man up. Save that emo crap for someone else.

    And btw, yes, I’ve been there. I’ve been in quite a few situations to which suicide would have been a perfectly valid and understandable response. I’m still here.

  48. dgcaste says:

    @Jim (The Canuck One): I never justified her murder. I’m not even justifying his suicide. I should have been more specific – I’m only speaking about his suicide as his option. He was just a psychopath, like that person earlier that described his or her relationship with him.

    @junkmail: “man up” – very mature. Just because you have the moral fortitude to stay alive doesn’t mean he does or should. Being alive for you could mean that you’re too brave to stop trying, or too cowardly to actually commit to the action.

  49. AndyFromTucson says:

    I can’t begin to understand why or how any parent could orphan his own children. No matter what horrible things happen to you your children still need their parents.

  50. dgcaste says:

    Stop saying that subprime loans are the evil of the land. Sure, their abuse was very damaging to the economy, but a subprime loan was a real product with a legitimate use in a limited sense. Poor financial decisions are always going to be made, over-valuation of certain aspects of the economy is always going to happen. I’m basically saying you can’t fix stupid. I know of several people that went subprime when they first purchased, and within 12 months they had repaired their credit and made their job history more robust and got back into a mainstream fixed loan.

  51. At least he didn’t kill his kids too, like so many of these family annihilators do. But the kids will never be the same. Horrible.

  52. RvLeshrac says:


    Subprime mortgages are only legitimate if the person can afford the mortgage in the first place. Otherwise, they’re loan-sharking – but instead of illegally high interest when the loan is due, they’ve just legally placed a huge burden on someone who doesn’t understand the terms.

    The consumer bears fault, but the companies that offered the products aren’t blameless.

    If you make a lawnmower with no blade guard, it isn’t your fault when a consumer sticks his or her hand in it – but maybe you should’ve put one on.

  53. RvLeshrac says:


    In the thirties, the banks couldn’t cover their deposits. That’s why we have the FDIC, and why banks are required to have enough money on-hand to cover their deposits.

  54. savdavid says:

    I feel sorry for the wife only.

  55. theutopian says:

    Sorry, but my life is worth more than any dollar amount… People who end their lives because of debt are just foolish. It’s just money. What an idiot. I feel sorry for his wife.

  56. dgcaste says:

    @RvLeshrac: Not every lender that sold a sub-prime loan is a loan shark. Sure, some of them got a butt-ton of commissions from selling to underqualified consumers, but a lot of other people did it on purpose.

    Let me give you an example. I have a friend that left the US Navy and he landed a great job at a great firm. He was making a lot of money, but for a lender, that means nothing unless you’ve been at your job for a certain amount of time. Usually a year for a regular job and two for commission based jobs. He doesn’t have that much money to put down, because he just got out the Navy and that’s really not a great salary. What does he do? He gets a sub-prime for 100% financing on a small-time loan, lender is responsible for 1/2 of the closing costs and he’s responsible for the other half. A year later, he refinanced his loan with 10% down, and now he’s good to go. If it hadn’t been for that specific sub-prime product. I didn’t mention that he was planning on getting married soon afterwards and his girlfriend was employed.

    You can shark anybody if you don’t disclose terms. Doesn’t matter if it’s a subprime, or negative amortization, or whatever it is. This specific product just made it easy for the common-joe lender.

  57. Tracy Ham and Eggs says:

    @dgcaste: I made quite a bit of money selling these products. Guess what, most, if not all, of my customers are still in those loans, and are quite happy with them. I keep in touch with my borrowers and, as far as I know, none have been foreclosed on. (I send christmas and 4th of July cards).

    SubPrime is being mislabeled. It can mean any number of products, including fixed rate loans. A lot of people used them to get into houses with poor credit and good incomes, then refinanced a year later because a mortgage can improve your credit drastically. Others took cash out to consolidate credit card debt that was 25% interest. The problem loans are the interest-only, option arm or intro rate products, a small part of the types of loans out there. Just cause someone is a lender doesnt make them a bad person. The companies that are going under werent out to screw customers (Ameriquest excepted). They were making risky loans to make money, hoping customers would be able to keep paying it, as most of there profit came from interest over the years.

  58. XTC46 says:

    @junkmail: taking a job offer that pays more than your current one is selfish, driving a nicer car than others is selfish, saving money instead of giving to the poor is selfish. People do what they think is best for them. Suicide is just another choice people make about their lives. People will almost always do what suits them best, its nature, otherwise you would give everyone one of your paychecks to the poor and live on the street, otherwise you are being selfish.

    People don’t need to suffer just becasue others choose to do so. Just becasue there are people who are worse off doesn’t mean you are in a good position. This guy killing his wife was bad, and his lack of disregard for his children is worse, but him committing suicide in it self, isn’t all that horrible. It was a choice he made.

    you sound bitter becasue you think you are in a bad position in life and want others to suffer just becasue you are suffering. that is selfish.

  59. dgcaste says:

    @Tracy Ham and Eggs: I hope you don’t think I was in disagreement with you. I was trying to explain something similar (yet less specific) than your examples. Lenders are looking like assholes because the customers are biting more off than they can chew. I’m sure some lenders deserve the negative attention, but the truth is that anyone that has to make a sale is looked upon like a predator. Sales professionals are integral to the economy. In fact, loan officers can be a great help to many, since they can broker a better product for a specific person than that person walking into a bank and being locked in those bank’s products.

  60. dgcaste says:

    @xtc46: I can’t agree with you more. Everyone has to attend to their own survival. If someone comes to help out, that’s great, but ultimately the self is responsible.

    It’s funny that this subject is central to scientologists. I am not one, but I have read Dianetics, and they strongly support the statement that every decision that is made by a human being is either for their survival, survival of their offspring, survival of their loved ones, or survival of humanity. Derailed acts are seen as an abnormality of this what they like to call the “survival dynamic”.

    I think l. ron hubbardites are nuts, but it’s one of the only things they said that makes a lot of sense to me.

  61. RvLeshrac says:


    Perhaps that’s because it was said several hundred years ago by Darwin.

  62. smoothtom says:

    The Delaware River and Bay Authority (owner of the Delaware Memorial Bridge) just increased its EZPass account fee from NOTHING to $1.50 per month. Can I throw some DRBA execs from the bridge?

  63. Rabbigrrl says:

    WHY do these a*holes always kill their wives, too? Can somebody write a tutorial for these guys: when tempted to commit suicide because of failure in your personal or business life, remember the the following acronym: KYF Kill Yourself First.

  64. dgcaste says:

    @RvLeshrac: I’m not saying scientologits invented it, I’m saying it’s one of the only things they believe in that actually make sense. I mean, for one of those kooks to believe it, it must be real true. :-)

  65. dgcaste says:

    @Rabbigrrl: The story is most likely a lot more complicated than a murder-suicide in a marriage. Ranging from the unreasonable mental illness to a bitch wife that called him an useless idiot and that she would divorce him to keep the $5 that he still had in his pocket.

  66. kalmakazee says:


    Not only that but he has children. It is selfish to hurt the ones you love to commit suicide. The children will now hurt for the rest of their life. :-(

  67. picardia says:

    @dgcaste: Someday, look back on the fact that you said this about a woman with two children who was murdered this weekend, and feel some small fraction of the depthless shame you deserve.

  68. M6625 says:

    I know Walter’s family and for those of you who pass judgement without knowing what the hell you are talking about…know this. He has 2 older children (a son and a daughter) who are loving and hard working members of society. He also has 3 young and beautiful grandchildren. Their father was obviously mentally ill and although it does not excuse what he did, please have respect for his 2 older children and also his 2 younger boys who will one day do reasearch about what happened to their parents and see all of these nasty comments you animals put on here about their mom and dad. These comments will add to the mental anguish this whole entire family (marci and walter’s) has gone through. Watch what you say before you post ignorant comments online.

  69. brokeincollege says:

    No sympathy for this guy. He made voluntary investments in the subprime markets. He assumed the risks while cashing out his returns.

  70. u1itn0w2day says:

    This is sorta like the suicide by cop,they just don’t seem to be able to take themselves out(probably a reason for that-survival instinct) so they must come up with a reason like “let me fool a cop into thinking I’m going to get him” or “I’ll do something so disgusting or repulsive like take my family out”-this one puzzles me though:the murder- suicide:on one hand the murderer has enough guts to take out someone else but not themselves? I don’t know wether this guy felt guilt because of his part in the sub-prime mess or simply couldn’t handle the unintended consequences.Perhaps his wife was down on him for his role.

    Personally I think this is just anothe murder-suicide were the perpertrator simply needed atrocious motivations to take himself out.I would have more empathy for these types if they would just take themselves out.