Video Game Industry On Nitro While Music Cries Alone In The Dark With No Friends

The video game industry is on fire! Wooo! Sales are up! Times are good!

In December, Nintendo had its biggest month ever with the hot-selling game system. Holiday shoppers bought 1.4 million Wiis, according to sales data released Thursday by the NPD Group. The Wii’s success helped drive the video game industry to a record-setting $17.9 billion in sales, about 43% higher than 2006’s $12.5 billion, which was also a record.

Meanwhile the music industry isn’t having such a fun time. Sales are down. People are getting fired at EMI and the Rolling Stones are all pissed off about it.

What’s up, music? Video games are kicking your butt.

Gaming industry sales grow by 43% in 2007 [USAToday]

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