Visa Extended Warranty Protection Replaces Infamous "Dusty Playstation"

Reid, the guy with the Playstation that Sony said was too dusty to repair, is getting his system replaced through his Visa card’s extended warranty protection.

UPDATE: VISA Won’t Replace Dusty PS3 After All

For those of you who are not familiar, many credit cards carry a benefit that doubles your manufacturer’s warranty and helps you out of these sorts of sticky situations. When last we saw Reid, he was battling Sony Computer Entertainment for warranty repair because his system was having trouble reading discs. He lost, and Sony shipped the unit back to him. For the record, Reid says that the PS3 arrived much dustier than when he originally sent it. Not knowing what else to do, he bought a dust buster and cleaned the unit up, determined to fix it himself. Then he tried upgrading the PS3’s firmware and the system completely bricked.

Thankfully, his Visa has extended warranty coverage and he’ll be getting a new PS3.

Reid writes:

I just got off the phone with Visa for the third time and they are sending me a claim form to start the repair/replacement process of my system.

They at first said that they would need to attempt to have it repaired in my local video game repair shop, but I let them know that i had already contacted them and the firmware in combination with the blu-ray lens made it impossible to repair economically and it would have to be replaced. They said as long as I had a repair receipt stating that it wasn’t economical to repair, I could walk into a Best Buy, charge a new PS3 to my credit card and they would credit that charge.

Thanks A LOT, for all your help, you guys have more helpful than i would ever imagine. Lets just hope I never need to email you guys again shall we?

Thanks again,


PS, This was possible because (some?) Visa Signature cards carry a “warranty manager” feature that effectively doubles the warranty on any product purchased on the card up to one year. Because the problem that bricked the system occurred after I was legally out of warranty, Visa is taking care of it. Again, I can’t thank you guys enough, you really put the power in the customers hands in an industry where its customers are generally ignored due to their demographic. I owe you guys.

If you buy a lot of expensive electronics, make sure your card has extended warranty protection. In fact, we reminded a reader yesterday that his broken out-of-warranty TV was probably covered by his MasterCard. It was!

We love happy endings.

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  1. Rukasu says:

    I said it then, and I say it now…he doesn’t deserve it

  2. Norbit says:

    Too right, he doesnt deserve it.

    The guy treated it like crap and then lied about pretty much everything when he was trying to get it repaired.

  3. tinky XIII says:

    I agree. The only time I’ve ever seen a console with that much dust was an old Atari VCS that was left in a closet for a decade. He neglected it, and should have had to pay for a new one. Hopefully he’s learned his lesson, since I doubt he’ll get a second free chance.

    • cfive3 says:

      @tinky XIII: I recently found my Grandpa’s 2600 in a cardboard box in his attic. That thing probably hadn’t moved since it was (most likely) replaced by the NES. It was NO WHERE even SLIGHTLY as dusty as that thing.

  4. Ayo says:

    Wow, my ps2 looked better than that and it was in the Hurricane Katrina flood in New Orleans. That thing is in ridiculous shape. I may agree with the people above. He might not deserve it. Did he ever explain how it got so dusty?

  5. humphrmi says:

    @aayo3: Sure he explained it. “Folding@home”. That’s what made it so dusty. So there you go.

  6. shan6 says:

    Man that thing is gross. My PS3 doesn’t get cleaned as often as it should, I admit. But that should be unacceptable by any person’s standards.

  7. eastx says:

    Yeah, he really treated his system poorly and lied about doing so. Oh well.

  8. Rando says:

    Does this work for Visa debit cards?

  9. MightyPen says:

    Happy Endings?

    He scammed his credit card into getting him a new ps3.

    These things only make it more difficult for honest consumers to get their issues resolved.

  10. ARPRINCE says:

    @mightypen: I agree with you there. He’s a scammer (and a very good lier) indeed!

  11. BStu says:

    Will Visa give me a PS3 for no good reason, too? Cuz that’d be awesome!

  12. MrEvil says:

    I’m with the first batch of commenters, I’ve worked on cleaner computer systems at a high density FEED YARD.

  13. RvLeshrac says:

    Full agreement with the other commenters. Breaking it in half wouldn’t do much more damage than covering it in filth.

  14. RandoX says:

    He’s an obvious liar. In the first email he claims he doesn’t have the receipt because he received it as a gift. Now he’s having his credit card’s extended warranty program buy him a new one. Maybe he bought it as a gift for himself, after alienating all his friends and family with his habitual dishonesty.

  15. Onizuka-GTO says:

    nice one! while everyone else is accusing you, i believe you.


    PS3 are dust magnets.

    Don’t see why you have to clean it everyday.

    Things get dusty and it entirely depends on the environment you are.

    you people should be ashamed for accusing him.

    just be glad he got it sorted.

  16. FLConsumer says:

    @randotheking: Nope.

  17. pokebud says:


    I’ve worked on plenty of laptops that were just as dusty as this under warranty. I’ve pulled out cat hair dog and any other hair that happens to be in someones home (yes even that hair) from fans. This thing should have been repaired months ago there was no reason not to do it. External dust shouldn’t even be a factor for repair, secondly a dust repair takes about 2 minutes just blow the crap out of the machine if was overheating now it won’t, if a fan or wire needs to be replaced do so. I would never turn away someone for dust, thats just stupid and lazy.

    Anyone and I mean anyone that has a desktop machine knows that when you go behind you desk to plug in something new that it’s caked with dust. It happens to everyones stuff, this just bugs the crap out of me I cannot understand why it was not repaired.

  18. baz says:

    Hey Reid, thanks for perpetuating the “Ugly American” stereotype by crying and pouting till you got what you wanted! Your carelessness and poor hygiene has helped the world over continue to point and laugh at disgust at the United States. You’re a douche and so now do we look like douches. P.S. try not smoking crystal meth so close to your new PS3, and make an effort to clean up your cardboard box of a crack house once in a while, Ass.

  19. EDGE says:

    And THIS is exactly why you and I pay high credit card fees and rates. Because idiots like this don’t even remotely try to take care of their stuff.

    So in closing Reid, you’re welcome, all us other paying customers just paid your bill for your ineptitude. And Reid, you sir are a douche.

  20. girly says:

    I was just thinking maybe Reid should go to the doctor just in case.

    What if his home has a serious problem and the inside of his lungs looks like the inside of the PS3?

    Maybe I’m just paranoid? That reminds me my house is probably due for a air duct cleaning…

  21. girly says:

    @-EDGE-: I hate to say it, but isn’t calling someone a name kind of…

    But it is very strange that his ps3 was in such poor condition. Maybe he lives close to those wildfires or something. Or there was a flood and it got silt in it. I don’t have a PS3 so I just don’t know.

  22. EDGE says:

    I see what you did there, and that’s not bad, clever even.

    Alas, Reid is a douche just the same.

  23. WordMan says:

    How does his PS3 look that old already?

    Did he take it outside and play it in a dust storm?

    Looks like he dumped his vacuum cleaner bag on top of it.

    How nasty is this guy?

  24. ummfada says:

    Guys, this “Dusty Ps3 Kid” is a Fake!!!!


  25. girly says:

    @-EDGE-: I know you aren’t the only one to have that opinion.

    It’s just that is a pretty harsh word to me especially since we don’t know anything for sure.

  26. ummfada says:

    this guy is a FAKE he’s an actor


  27. EnigmaNemesis says:

    Some things, just void standard warranties… and letting your equipment get like this, is one of them!

  28. Trauma_Hound says:

    @humphrmi: I used folding@home and mine isn’t anywhere as dusty as that. Maybe someone should call the health department on him, since he obviously has a major dust problem, maybe black mold.

  29. Harteex says:

    I don’t really think he treated it poorly. I’m regulary cleaning here and my computer is still getting very dusty inside. Luckily I can open it up and clean it, something that’s not really possible with a PS3 (I’m guessing opening it would void the warranty).

  30. mopar_man says:

    I’ve had several different gaming consoles and they’ve never been that dirty. I’ve also never had a computer get that dirty even with not cleaning it for over a year and a half. Gross and undeserving.

  31. mgyqmb says:

    @WordMan: He off-roads with it.

  32. ancientsociety says:

    THIS is precisely the reason CC companies & banks are having such a hard time distinguishing between truly wronged consumers and frauds.

    Congratulations Reid on another successful scam! You’re a douchebag and that’s readily apparent by the negligence you show your own possessions and your willingness to scam, cheat, and lie to get your way.

  33. NeoteriX says:

    Regardless of the dust… HE BRICKED HIS PLAYSTATION with a botched firmware upgrade. He screwed it up of his own negligence so… this is lame.

  34. Buran says:

    Wow, way to blame the victim. How is he a douche for wanting an in-warranty piece of electronics repaired that is no longer reading media like it should? Optical drives fail like this pretty often compared to other ways they can fail… and you’re all calling him names. Yes, computers can get very dusty on the insides because the circ fans draw dust in the air into the case. I’ve seen it happen — but that does NOT cause the optical drive to stop working.

    I’d say the douche around here is the BTV crowd.

  35. ganzhimself says:


    Are you serious? I’ve had my PS3 for 6 months and I have two cats and it looks like it’s new. Why? Because I keep my home clean. Reid is a douche, and it’s people like him that make credit card rates go up…
    It is fraud, any way you cut it.

  36. RvLeshrac says:


    Because the warranty doesn’t cover NEGLECT AND ABUSE, that’s why.

  37. Playstation: ShoyuRamen (PSN), Shoyu Ramen (XBL) says:

    hmm it’s been how long? I think with all the time and money he wasted, he should have just bought a new one.

  38. ancientsociety says:

    @Buran: What RvLeshrac said, also “Reid” made a firmware upgrade to the PS3. It isn’t a BTV, more like Blame The Scammer

  39. clem1967 says:

    I have to say, I’ve had troubles with my PS3 BluRay laser and Sony’s customer service was fantastic. They replaced the machine hassle-free. I’ve also never dusted the machine and it still looks like the day i got it. I cannot see how his PS3 got so filthy. Then again, I vacuum my apartment.

  40. Nintenboy01 says:

    If his PS3 could get that dirty, just imagine what the rest of his house looks like. For all we know this guy could be living in his own filth from 10 years ago. No PS3 could ever get that dirty unless you didnt bother wiping it off or vacuuming for over 3 months.

  41. crapsh00t says:

    Yeah, that PS3 is WAY too filthy. It’s an electronic device, not a air filter. That thing looks worse than the the Apple IIE that’s been left in my parents attic for 20 years.

    I’m going to have to agree with the others here who point out that people like the owner of this PS3 cause the rest of us more problems with this kind of crap.

    I am for consumer rights 110%, but only if they aren’t morons.

  42. girly says:

    @crapsh00t: Really? I think that even if they are “morons” they should get what they’re entitled to.

  43. CountryBoy says:

    Before you ‘spout off’ and proclaim your righteousness and denounce Reid’s unworthiness to receive his ‘Member Benefit’ that is extended to Credit Card users I say ‘They amongst you that has never returned something you have broken claiming it to be defective cast the first stone’. Piety is for the Holy. This benefit was not gifted to Credit Card subscribers without a fight, many consumers demanded this benefit and so now we all have it. Like it or not.

  44. CountryBoy says:

    P.S. Remember and don’t forget. Reid was ‘entitled’ to this benefit as are those of you that use VISA.

  45. ancientsociety says:

    @girly: Ummm, no, not how warranties work. You aren’t “entitled” to anything if you treat your possessions like shit. The sense of entitlement and lack of personal responsibility in this country makes me sick. Didn’t your mother ever tell you that if you want to own nice things, you have to take care of them?

    As others have pointed out, a normally clean home would NEVER cause an electronics device to get that dirty unless you left it undusted for months or years. In EVERY Playstation console instruction booklet I’ve owned, it clearly states that you need to keep your Playstation dusted, clean, and free of debris to make sure it runs properly. You can’t come back whining that it doesn’t work because you were negligent about cleaning it every so often.

  46. kw4k says:

    i, as many others are probably wondering, want to know how in the world it got that way?!?!

  47. EDGE says:

    *Casts Stone*

    Nope, As I general rule I try not to commit fraud.

  48. Nintenboy01 says:

    @girly: Yeah, but not when they obviously didn’t bother taking proper care of the expensive product they purchased… And while I support consumer rights I don’t like it when people whine and whine to get what they want even though it’s likely their fault the product failed in the first place.

  49. exkon says:

    I have to agree, he doesn’t really deserve this, but if he can get it fixed AND remember to take care of it. A lesson learned I suppose.

  50. girly says:

    @ancientsociety: I don’t know his circumstances, but what I’m saying is that if someone meets the warranty criteria, moron or not, the warranty should be honored.

    It does seem there could be a case for neglect, but I guess this shows you should document the condition of anything you send away as you are packaging it because if something happens you won’t have any proof to back up your statement.

  51. girly says:

    @ancientsociety: BTW your tone makes me feel a bit sad.

    I do understand how warranties work, contrary to what you seem to believe.

  52. Odin says:

    So he didn’t clean it out with a dustbuster before… why? I said it before, shit should not get that dusty if treated properly. If you notice your electronics getting dusty, you clean the fucker. I regularly just wipe down the outer case of my PC to stop the dust building up and every so often dust out the innards as well.

  53. girly says:

    @Nintenboy01: If it’s their fault but the warranty allows that, they should honor the warranty. Or if it’s not their fault but they are whiny, they should still honor the warranty.

    But if it is their fault and the warranty doesn’t allow that, then yes, the warranty shouldn’t be honored.

  54. magus_melchior says:

    @Buran: On the contrary, if there’s any exposed contact or circuit board on the optical drive, dust can conceivably cause a short. And if there’s enough dust in the environment, it can probably get in there and muck up the lens. You often don’t see a developing problem with an electronic device until several components die, unfortunately.

  55. jmschn says:

    He may have gotten a new PS3, but his life expectancy probably dropped considerably…

  56. girly says:

    @magus_melchior: I was also thinking that dust probably could mess up an optical device

  57. baz says:

    So, what you defenders of this douche are saying is that as long as I purchase anything that has a warranty or extended warranty it’s completely acceptable for me to live like a pig and have people pat me on the back for escaping consequence despite the fact I am a filthy moron. This dude got a free ride because he was a crybaby. What ever happened to things being your own fault? You can’t tell me that his PS3’s failure had nothing to do with his filthy living habits. It’s like taking a bat to a PS3 and then saying “My PS3 is faulty because the optical reader may have had a factory defect. The bat damage was completely separate issue.” Warranties shouldn’t have to include “dirty retard” clauses because CLEANLINESS SHOULD BE AN INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY. If any of your shit breaks down because you are dirty it’s you fault.

  58. SimonSwegles says:

    It is possible that his only crime is that he failed to fully document the condition of the PS3 prior to sending it out. I have lived in many houses, and worked in a few warehouses. The warehouses are generally much more prone to dust-collection than the houses. This alone leads me to believe that the unit likely collected a lot of dust prior to the photo “evidence” being documented by Sony. In any case, there is no reliable collection of evidence supporting either side in this case. Following one of the basic standards of justice here in the U.S. (innocent until proven guilty), I am inclined to side with the PS3 owner.

  59. SimonSwegles says:

    @baz: Without knowing the actual source of the dust on the PS3, any judgment made about his living habits are nothing more than fallacious distractions.

  60. girly says:

    @baz: I’m not defending this guy per se, all I’m saying that as unacceptable as you might find it, also long as someone is within their warranty rights, the warranty should be honored.

    A contract is a contract.

    Wouldn’t a generous warranty attract anyone to an item even if it covered their own negligence? Or would they not take advantage of it on principal?

    In this case, I’d say it appears he was not entitled under the Sony warranty (either because he did not document the condition prior to shipping, or perhaps by his own negligence) .

    Either the Visa warranty does not disqualify you for negligence, or this guy got lucky.

  61. Nintenboy01 says:

    @girly: Problem is, if the warranty is a little too generous, the company can end up losing more money on repairs than it makes on sales. Therefore they should focus on making reliable products and hope their prospective customers aren’t so neglectful.

  62. CuriousO says:

    This guy is an idiot! I can’t wait to hear back from him in a couple of months ” …PS3 doesn’t work ran ran it through the washer and I don’t know why?

  63. kamuiokami says:

    Wasn’t this guy an actor or something? Reid Godshaw.. I saw him on IMBD. I don’t think he deserves a new ps3 at all. Probably just trying to get attention. Ugh.

  64. girly says:

    @Nintenboy01: That would be the company’s problem, though.

    Has a company ever gone out of business because of a warranty?

    I’m sure that no company is more generous than they can afford to be.

  65. CuriousO says:

    Consumerist say this guy is a douche!

  66. baz says:

    No proof of living habits…? Have you even looked at the pictures? Stevie Wonder could probably tell from the pictures that the dude has a serious problem. And as for the responsibility of a company to honor contracts, should we all just leave everything in their hands just because we threw money at them? Where does their responsibility end and ours begin? At some point someone has to take responsibility for being stupid. If I go on a bender and crane my car around a lamp post should I expect the car company or the insurance company to help me cover cost of repair? It’s called negligent behavior which voids most contracts and pwns most negligent people.

  67. Dryden says:

    For the Reid defenders:


    #2) VISA Signature card holders only receive purchase protection to a maximum of $500 per claim, and again, immediately disqualify “Losses resulting from abuse, fraud, hostilities of any kind (including, but not limited to, war, invasion, rebellion, insurrection, or terrorist activities), confiscation by the authorities, risks of contraband, illegal activities, normal wear and tear, flood, earthquake, radioactive contamination, or damage from inherent product defects.”

    That PS3 has been abused. The BR reader, and now the whole unit, stopped working properly because Reid was negligent in caring for, cleaning, and maintaining the unit. Period. End of story. No reasonable person would argue otherwise.

    Reid doesn’t deserve a replacement PS3. He doesn’t even need a PS3. What he needs is a damn vacuum cleaner, a roll of paper towels, some Windex and a can of Pledge.

  68. girly says:

    @rbininger: Well, as I said then, he got lucky…

  69. ancientsociety says:

    @rbininger: “He doesn’t even need a PS3. What he needs is a damn vacuum cleaner, a roll of paper towels, some Windex and a can of Pledge”


  70. Dryden says:

    By the way, didn’t Reid state in his original rant about trying to get the system repaired that Sony initially was combative and refused to accept the repair because he had no sales receipt, to which he exclaimed of course there’s no receipt, it was a gift?!

    So whose Signature policy is he exploiting to claim a replacement through Visa now?

  71. metal_dawn says:

    yeh, I’m sorry, but this guy sounds like a real douche. I said it before and I say it now, he is responsible for it’s poor condition and should be stuck footing the bill. Lucky cheapskate found himself a nice way to pawn the charges off on somebody else though… Some peoples kids!

  72. girly says:

    @rbininger: Must be his parents’ VISA. I think he said the bought it for him as a gift?

  73. ludwigk says:

    @pokebud: Laptop fans clogged with pet hair should have their warranty voided. No electronic device is designed to work with its cooling system obstructed with crap. It can cause heat-related component failures that will not be resolved without replacing hardware.

    Its the same as if you received a laptop that was dripping wet and completely waterlogged. It’s not designed to work that way, and people should not expect it to.

    If they want dirt-proof, hair-proof, water-resistant laptops, they can shell out $6000 for a panasonic toughbook.

  74. myxylplyx says:

    Did everybody forget that this asshole is a paid “professional” actor?
    Why the fuck are we still being subjected to this bullshit?

  75. myxylplyx says:

    I wonder if I should contact Visa and alert them to what the fuck is really going on here.

  76. Dormin says:

    While i´m not excusing Sony for their shitty consumer service this guy really didn´t deserve a new ps3, what the heck do you need to do to get a ps3 that dirty?, answer: NOTHING.
    I clean all my electronic devices regularly so this kind of thing doesn´t happen, it´s not like they are free or something.

    The only console i had problems with was my 360 which RROD on me while playing the Orange Box, is it just me or does it seems to increase the disc reading revs just a little too much?, it´s the game that makes my 360 do the most noise also.

  77. Buran says:

    @ancientsociety: Erm, where does it say that? I must have missed it. (not being snarky here. Genuinely don’t know where that is coming from)

  78. Buran says:

    @magus_melchior: However, it’s not “abuse” if dust gets into a computer. It happens all the time due to the reasons I explained above. I take good care of my stuff, but I still find dust inside my computer case. I do clean in there from time to time, but you can’t really take the cover off a console (they’ll void the warranty for that). The most you can do is lightly blow with some canned air into places that need to be kept clean, but there’s only so much you can do.

    How is it abuse automatically just because of something that happens naturally to this kind of equipment? I’d say that if this is really a problem then why didn’t Sony put filters inside the air intake of the unit? The HP printer sitting across the room from he has air filters inside the intake for just this reason. Works well.

  79. RaepGoblin says:

    This dumbass fanboy/sony hater just keeps trying to make sony look bad by saying it came back dustier. Douches like this kid shouldn’t be covered by websites like this. You can tell by the photos that the guy clearly was pouring dust onto the unit while it was on until something broke.

  80. Nintenboy01 says:

    @Buran: Yes but this guy’s PS3 has big clumps of dust even on the outside. Some dust bunnies on the inside won’t really hurt most PCs anyway.

  81. baz says:

    @BURAN, can you honestly say your stuff looks like that PS3 in Douchey MCDouchington’s pictures? And can you honestly say that much dust is a “natural” occurrence? I have no doubt that dust accumulates in and on things, but have you really looked at those pictures and thought “Hm, that’s not odd at all.” Unless Reid is a time traveler and brought that PS3 back from his attic in 2130, I’m not willing to believe all that dust is a natural occurrence. I don’t know what that cat was doing that his PS3 got that dirty but I’m willing to believe it was his negligence and not the dust fairy.

  82. KingPsyz says:

    So full of shit… so full of shit.

    The holes in this guys tale of woe (and he shouldn’t make a dime as an actor because he’s totally unbelivable in any of his stories) continue to grow and grow.

    First he claimed they wouldn’t repair the system because his parents bought it at launch on eBay and so all he had was a PAYPAL reciept (not a VISA statement). Then came the stories it was because it was “dusty”. Then it came to light that they denied the repair due to neglect and it was extremely dirty and it had caused the damage.

    Then he somehow gets FOX to pick up his stoner tale of woe and thankfully Sony didn’t budge and told him to stuff it. Then it comes to light he’s an actor (and I bet if Sony or Visa ever went after him for fraud and got the court to sieze his bank records you’d find a check from Redmond Washington in his account) considering the proximity to the Christmas holliday shopping season this all became very curious.

    When we all finally think it’s done, Sony sends back his DirtStation3 for him to deal with and he ends up bricking his machine (yeah right… I’m sure he told Visa a “firmware update” killed it rather than relate it had been previously DENIED FOR WARRANTY REPAIR and returned to sender)

    Where was this Visa receipt in the begining of this whole debacle? Since when do Visa purchases double the warranty on a used product bought via eBay? And considering how eBay was requiring launch PS3 sales to include an original reciept I don’t see how he never got one that way…

    Also I find it odd that Visa would even speak with Reid about his parents credit card account? Isn’t that privilaged information? Violation of privacy laws? Credit card violations.

  83. KingPsyz says:

    why are comments not appearing?

  84. KingPsyz says:


  85. Sugaray says:

    This guy shouldn’t have been given the Sh*t off the bottom of Sony’s shoe and he know’s it.As everyone know’s he’s a slob that doesn’t know how to take proper care of a PS3(and likely not himself).

    Can any of you imagine what this guys drawers must look like?Errr nm that, but you get the idea.You can probably smell the guy comign a half mile away.

    Was humiliating himself in front of millions of people really worth gettig the repair of that PS3 covered?Well, he obviously doesn’t care about stuff he owns and obviously also doesn’t care about what people think so the lack of any dignity really ought not surprize anyone because IF he had any at one time, the bastich surely doesn’t anymore.

  86. Veltis says:

    It as been proven on almost every gamers website that Reid Godshaw as been paid to act on FOX news, why are we talking about him again? []
    Watch the video on gametrailers and watch carefuly when the kid do all the moves to simulate the PS3.

  87. Tzepish says:

    Just because the guy is an actor doesn’t mean absolutely everything he says is suddenly untrue. For what it’s worth, here’s a comment Reid left on a PlayThree blog post that accused him of being paid by Microsoft in some sort of “dirty tricks” campaign against Sony:


    “Wow, Hi, My name is Reid Godshaw. You are out of your mind.

    “Yes im an actor, No i definitely have never appeared on fox news ever before. No i wasnt paid or encouraged by anyone to attack sony.

    “This issue started when Sony told me that my system was too dusty to be replaced, I have had sony products all my life, I Dont even have a 360, I made a point not to get one and to wait until the ps3 came out.

    “But go ahead with you’re conspiracy theories. Seriously when i first heard about this i laughed for a good 30 minutes, You think microsoft paid me through a crazy network of execs to appear on fox news letting people know what sony had done to me?…. Wow

    “First off, I Emailed this to consumerist as soon as i was told that in order to get pictures of my system i would have to subpoena them. Yes I’m an actor, No that doesn’t mean i just go out and buy a new console, or just dish out 150$ to have them dust my 600$ console off. I did what i thought was necessary, i called back to customer service to ask them what they thought, most people were appalled that i was denied warranty service because of dust. So i sent consumerist the recording of one of the reps admitting it was crazy.

    “Think what you want, Make up what you want, Just let me know when you figure out exactly what other time I’ve been on fox news… because I must have forgotten about it completely.”

  88. minusX says:

    @RANDOTHEKING “Does this work for Visa debit cards?” Generally any Visa benefits only apply if you use the card as a Credit Card not a debit card. To do this don’t enter your PIN, make sure you sign for it. Check your bank for more info on your card.

  89. trujunglist says:


    Not much explanation necessary. The PS3 had basically 0 decent games for it for months and months. Of course it’ll get dusty just sitting around.

    Buuuut, I think that Sony should have repaired it. Sony’s reasoning for not repairing was that it caused a health hazard to the repair technicians and that the unit was mishandled. Umm, ever heard of a dust mask? Anyone who owns a computer and has actually cracked it open knows that these things accumulate ridiculous amounts of dust. My G5 tower needs to be cleaned on the inside on the order of once a month or so, because the accumulation of dust causes it to crash randomly. I originally took it to Apple because I did not think dust would cause such problems, but Apple admitted that it was a problem and that it would need to be cleaned regularly.

    So, I call BS on Sony. Electronics + internal cooling fans + media cabinet = dust related malfunctioning nightmare. Get over it, fix the thing.

  90. KingPsyz says:

    I don’t buy it, not at all.

    I have a PS3 and it sits next to my TV in my bedroom, also near a window and a computer in a house with 3 dogs.

    I have never had anything more than a light layer of dust on my PS3 which required little more than running a klenexx or dust cloth over to clean it back to new looking.

    I also know it’s not just a glorified DVD player, so I’m smart enough to blow out the ports with compressed air and even then I hardly see anything flying out of it.

    My LCD TV attracts more dust, so his “dust magnet” claims are completely asinine. Have you seen the pictures Sony sent the Consumerist? This PS3 looked like it had been used in a horse stable tack shop in the desert. Hell I lived in yosemite national park for 4 years within 25 feet of a horse stable. A place with dirt roads, abrasive and destructive granite dust, and all the dirt and dust kicked up by horses including an extreme ammount of dander and my PS2 never got half that dusty.

    I also am still awestruck that Visa is co-operating with him on this since according to his own accounts this was purchased by his father on eBay. This has to be breaking several banking and credit regulation laws for them to discuss his father’s account, moreso accepting replacement claims.

    I also find it odd that Visa would suggest he just got to Best Buy and buy a replacement with the card and they’ll credit the account. Visa just recieves a grand total from the retailer, not itemized. So how would they know he’s not adding more to the purchase than a PS3 if he even bought one at all?

    I smell bullshit, or at least credit card fraud. He could obstensibly purchase $500 worth of other shit and get Visa to credit the account (which isn’t his) and then return the items one at a time, which again is fraud.

    Maybe to keep my rates down I’ll report Mr. Godshaw to Visa Fraud Prevention…

  91. KingPsyz says:


    Why? Why fix it, it wasn’t a defect in the product? It was a defect in the care of the product by the end user which falls under wear and tear and neglect which is pretty clearly mentioned more than once in the manual.

    Also you can open the PS3 to a degree as they allow for user replaced HDDs, but again this isn’t a regular desktop computer. It doesn’t have nearly the same open (aka wasted)space you have in a tower and it also has pass through ventilation allowing dust to leave the unit if dusted once in a while.

  92. KingPsyz says:

    am I the only one having issues reading the comments from the last two hours?

  93. pokebud says:


    Well I did clean one that was doused in coffee, that is not covered under the warranty, had to soak the mobo in alchohol for 2 hours and it started working again, never could get the smell out though. The hair in the fans was considered a manfacturers defect because the lappy’s had 3 large intake fans on the bottom, unless you ran that thing on a clean granite surface they would absorb debrie. They happend to be Toshiba A-55’s don’t ever buy a Toshiba with a blue cover.

    The PS3 is a known dust magnet so it should be considered a manufacturers defect insuring prompt painless warranty repair.

  94. KingPsyz says:

    How is the PS3 a known dust magnet? Because Reid the actor said so?

    The only source of this was a post on another blog saying that dust was more visable due to the high gloss surface, but not that it accumulated anymore than any other device.

  95. jamar0303 says:

    Sony America always seemed rather stingy with their warranties. I’ve always liked buying from Japan- Sony Japan’s extended warranty covers user-caused damage.

  96. Tzepish says:

    Others have reported that the PS3 being a huge dust magnet:

    For what it’s worth, my PS3 has had no issues with dust whatsoever, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to assume people who have had different experiences are liars.

  97. KingPsyz says:

    See you’re misreading, they’re saying the glossy black finish shows the dirt easier than a white console.

    If nothing else I see it as a plus because it should inspire the smart ones to clean more often.

  98. drawp says:

    He shouldn’t have gotten his way.

  99. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    @rbininger: @RaepGoblin: and all other haters

    You guys need to find something better to do, This is just an example of how people find things our and jump to ridiculous conclusions “what? hes an actor?! FAKE! CALL THE WEBZ! STOP THE PRESSES!”…wow

    First off, I invite any one of you to look inside of your desktop computer thats is anywhere near a year old and tell me you see a dust free environment, If this was any sort of demonstration of your room and living environment being dirty, the world would be a disgusting place. My room, house, living area are all very clean, and my ps3 was not filthy or near filthy when i sent it in, Beleive what you like but i wiped off the top/sides of the system before sending it in, yet in their pictures at their warehouse that entire area is dusty. Im not saying Sony dumped a vacuum bag on it, Im saying the only way that is possible is if the dust came out of the system while it was being shipped (very possible).

    That said, i still dont beleive the pictures show a system that has been neglected to the point of its warranty being denied, The inside of any gaming system looks much dustier than the outside of my system.


    Are you seriously too thick to fease the possibility of me being both an actor, and having a system denied by Sony for being out of warranty?… That not possible in your mind?… Do actors not play game consoles? or what? Please explain…

    Anyone can say what they would like about not believing i Deserve a replacement console, Fact is i LOVED the PS3, was MUCH MORE of a Sony Fanboy than Nintendo, MS, etc, and I took care of my PS3. And if you were in my situation you would be really pissed off that half the internet just assumed you were a slobby douche that wanted some attention.

    Taking care of Meaning = Wiping vents off before they get too dusty, keeping it inside of my entertainment center, I never dropped it, never modified it, Never dropped a god damn bucket of sand on it.

    To whoever said i used Defunct firmware- I HIT SYSTEM UPDATE ON THE XMB, IS SONY PROVIDING DEFUNCT FIRMWARE NOW? The system FROZE AT 45% restarted 3 times then told me to contact technical support.

    To whoever Wondering Who’s Visa it is, My parents, They purchased the system through paypal, With their Visa.

    Are you bloody serious? I had an authorized cardmember on that phone while speaking with the warranty manager rep, Visa told me once the claim cleared i would be able to purchase a replacement with the card and the charge would be waived, Your suggestion that i would buy 500$ worth of other products and tell visa to waive it is absolutely ridiculous, I would appreciate it if you tried flaming someone else for a while. And the original receipt was included with the auction but was lost, the receipt i have is online, and shows the original paypal payment, The system was BRAND NEW not used, and Visa doesnt require that it was purchased from an authorized retailer…. You really are bored arent you? you have flamed me from the beginning man, get over it. You can make childish references and call me a slob or a douche, use whatever words you like, Fact if from my end, throughout this entire situation all you have been is a doubting, hating, sarcastic, asshole. Who would be doing exactly what i was doing in the given situation.

    I really hope karma hits all you idiots in the face when you have a problem.

    Thanks again to anyone who saw my point and Didnt join the crowd ready to burn me at the steak for bashing their sacred Sony.

    It really means alot to know that at least some people see the light here, and understand that Sony built the thing to sit in your entertainment center, In between their receivers and components, and underneath their bravia TV’s, people dont remove their receivers and game consoles from their entertainment centers to give them a weekly cleaning, and shouldnt be expected to vacuum off superficial parts of a console before sending it in to a repair center that should have compressed air and mini-vacs golore.

    Also, Sony forums etc HAVE FOLDING@HOME TEAMS, Encouraging you to “rack up points” for your team, leaving your console on for as long as possible, and using the auto-start feature which starts folding@home when idle for a certain period of time. Leaving your console on for such a thing should in no way void your warranty, or be considered neglect or abuse like some of you have suggested.

    Im done arguing with the bashers, Its just not worth it, Not when its already been resolved, You can see it my way, or your way, either is fine with me, fact is if you dont beleive i wiped the thing off at all, then your probobly set in your belief of me being a slobby douche, and there is nothing i can do to change that.

  100. shades_of_blue says:

    I hope someone sends every blog related to this guys PS3 to VISA’S FRAUD DEVISION.

  101. statnut says:

    @kingpsyz: Yeah, I dont think Nintendo needed to pay him, as you hint at, considering how well the Wii is already doing.

  102. girly says:

    @shades_of_blue: I don’t see where fraud comes into this.

  103. awdark says:

    So will he have to send the broken PS3 in after this?

    I have always been curious about how the credit card extended warranties worked but of course I was thinking in terms of my laptop which the regular warranty service was giving me hell.

    So it seems like it could be actually worth it to buy things with a credit card. I suppose its no substitute for the accidental care warranties correct?

  104. KingPsyz says:

    You know what’s funny Reid, your revisionist history of the events have transcribed to what you think I have said about you.

    In fact at first, I had your back. I suggested moving over the CSRs heads and go right to an executive service line if the consumerist could find one and hoped you would get it resolved.

    But as the story progressed more and more came to light about the possibly, and increasingly likely neglect that led to your system failure.

    Personally, I would never place a gaming system in an enclosed entertainment center as you’re cutting off airflow and turning it into a dust trap. Unless you have an airtight sealed cabinet it’s bad news. More so when you volunteered your system for folding@home running non-stop. Yes sony included the program and encourages those able to to donate their internet access and engery costs, but they also would expect people use common sense and not keep a running computer enclosed and not properly dusted.

    Dusting a system before shipping /= cleaning it on a regular basis. Even if you had neglected to blow some compressed air through the ports during the 8 months you played your PS3, spending $3 at Wal*Mart to do so before shipping might have averted this whole mess, but the fact would remain that the lack of circulation and the extreme buildup of dust inside the system led to the system failure.

    Sorry you don’t like being called out, but everything you have presented so far tells a very uneven story. I still find it hard to belive that Visa would just say go to a specific retailer and we’ll credit the account. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe you are not understanding that they mean you can submit the reciept for the replacement and they’ll eventually refund your father’s account. I highly doubt they would just credit your next $500 purchase from an electronics retailer.

    Here’s the thing this all boils down to though, warranties should not be ued to replace a product because we fail to properly care for it. It’s there to protect us from manufacturing defects. But everytime something like this goes through it makes real warranty repairs all the harder for the rest of us.

    As someone who worked in CE for a while and now work in the auto buisness, I deal with warranties on a fairly regular basis. While most people are honest, others think personal responsibility has gone out the window and we should cover every flat tire, old battery, door ding, and more. We had one customer buy a brand new Scion tC, they drove the car hard and fast for a year WITHOUT ONE SINGLE OIL CHANGE OR FLUID CHECK. When their engine ate itself one day they honestly thought the warranty should cover the replacement of their car. It’s basically what you’re asking for here. While there’s no giant sticker in 80pt typeface telling her she should change her oil, common sense and the cars manual says she should. Just like if you run a fairly hot running media center in your home to not enclose it, and to dust it regularly.

    If I AM WRONG ABOUT YOU AND YOU MADE AN HONEST MISTAKE and it caused your PS3 to crash I’m sorry. Now you know better and hopefully it doesn’t happen again to you after visa replaces your PS3.

  105. Tzepish says:

    @KingPsyz: Whoa, excuse me pal, I’m not taking sides in this, and I’m certainly not “being misleading”. If I had to be misleading to make a point, then it’s a point I would have no desire to make.

    And my PS3 looks nowhere near as dusty as Ashcraft’s or Reid’s, especially after three weeks.

  106. KingPsyz says:

    I was replying to the original poster, not you.

  107. KingPsyz says:

    And I said misREADING not misLEADING… Both the Kotaku and Gizmodo articles mentioning dust magnet also state that they don’t think the unit attracts more dust that it just shows it better than most CE devices because of the finish.

  108. KingPsyz says:


    The Fraud comes from the Warranty holder denying the claim because they showed he voided the warranty.

    So waiting a few months til that warranty “died” and then making a new claim with Visa could be considered fraud.

    Otherwise why not just go to Visa right away when they denied the claim?

  109. Tzepish says:

    @KingPsyz: Whoops, I apologize for my misunderstanding.

    However, I don’t think it’s relevant that Kotaku and Gizmodo stated that they think the unit just shows dust better, but doesn’t necessarily accumulate more. I can look at the PS3 in my living room and compare it to those pictures and easily refute that. I see no dust on my PS3, and have never seen dust on it anywhere near the magnitude of Ashcraft’s pictures. Upon close inspection of my PS3… there’s a small amount of dust on there. Obviously Ashcraft’s PS3 actually attracted more dust. Ashcraft and Reid must live in ridiculously dusty environments.

  110. girly says:

    @PSN: kingpsyz: If that was a factor I assume they would have asked if the warranty was voided or not. And if he lied about it, then I would say that was fraud, but otherwise it does not seem to be a factor.

  111. KingPsyz says:

    Right, I live in conditions that are ripe for dust. Near a window, three dogs, kids running around, smokers in the house, next to a computer and a HDTV on top of a dresser…

    And still nothing more than a light dusting which takes little to no effort to eliminate.

  112. ffmusicdj says:

    @ivealwaysgotmail10: You shouldn’t have gotten away with a new PS3… You scammed your credit card into getting you a new ps3.
    Shame on you.

  113. Tzepish says:

    @PSN: kingpsyz: I completely agree with you, my PS3 is also dustless. So it’s a mystery why Ashcraft’s PS3 accumulated so much dust in such a small amount of time. But I’m not about to suspect Ashcraft was lying about it, I can’t see a motive there. There definitely IS a motive for Reid to lie about it, but it’s also possible that he isn’t lying, since we have Ashcraft vouching for the potential dustiness of PS3s. Where the dust came from, though, in either case, it a complete mystery to me, and if it weren’t for Ashcraft, I’d probably think Reid was lying as well.

  114. KingPsyz says:

    Well considering the ammount of advertising on a gaming blog… I would hope Ashcraft holds up some kind of journalistic fortitude, but as anyone who say the CES prank from the giz knows, Gawker media isn’t known for high journalistic standards.

    Regardless, I’d say this is a very isolated incident as there’s not daily reports of warranties being denied for dust.

    So maybe we’re only hearing half the story. Maybe they found something else that threw out the claim. Moisture, tabacco or other smoke resin, power suply failure, homebrew software, who knows.

  115. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    @PSN: kingpsyz: “If I AM WRONG ABOUT YOU AND YOU MADE AN HONEST MISTAKE and it caused your PS3 to crash I’m sorry. Now you know better and hopefully it doesn’t happen again to you after visa replaces your PS3.”

    Thank you, thats all i was looking for.

    Dont you think if Sony found something else like water or tobacco etc, that they would have mentioned this when emailing the pictures (that i myself also received and forwarded to consumerist) of my system to web blogs?

    I did not scam anyone, Are you serious? Visa doubles the warranty terms of the original manufacturers warranty, they discern the terms for themselves, And I’M quite sure, that any technician i bring the system into will 100% agree that the system is pristine on its outside and the inside is not accessible by the consumer without voiding the warranty, so my warranty is 100% in-tact. Just because sony has asthmatic technicians who dont really enjoy what they do for a living and void peoples Sony warranty for a unit being things like “too dusty” etc becuase they dont want to have to do their jobs, does no mean that Visa’s interpretation of that same warranty will include such RIDICULOUS claims.

    I dont agree with your comparison to a car, something that is obviously constantly brought in for maintenance and cleaned etc and has its oil changed etc is a far reach from a play station.

    The situation has been resolved, And im still being flamed by people who refuse to beleive that i did nothing short of drop my system into a vat of dust-bunnies before sending it off. If any of you were in my position you would be doing exactly what i did. And i really hope that when/if it does happen to you, that you get flamed as much as i did.

    I have heard that recently the amount of systems being denied for warranty has increased substantially, from the mouth of a ps3 repair center, “in the past 2-3 months, alot of systems have been denied” he was speaking to one on the phone explaining the problem with the system and listening to someone tell him it was out of warranty for some crazy reason and he said “you guys are digging yourself into a ditch here, this is your fault, you need to honor your warranty, this is not the customers fault”

    maybe this incident isn’t so “isolated” after all.

    As for what happens to the old system, i do not know, i may have to send it somewhere, but if not, i may just destroy it into tiny pieces, put it back in Sony’s box, and send it to them on my UPS tab, with a big note saying “For future reference, THIS is what ABUSE looks like.”

  116. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    @Kingphys, But again, The system bricked itself, with sony’s OFFICIAL update (whoever says i used botched firmware is out of their mind, i clicked system update, is system update botched?) That problem cannot be attributed to dust, period, The warranty says to wipe off the vents to keep them from clogging, i did so, they were never clogged at any point, i did not wipe off the memory card readers or inside the usb ports because i didnt think it was necessary, I would think it would be more likely to void my warranty Q-tipping around in the MMC reader then leaving some dust inside of them.

  117. KingPsyz says:

    I have never needed to take a qtip to my PS3, I use some compressed air and that’s it.

    For future ref., when you get your new one blow it out at least once a week.

    And the car analogy isn’t far off, yes you take it in for service, but most people could also change their own oil if they so desired. Just as when you have a fairly high end piece of tech you maintain it. As someone with a self professed ton of CE stuff, you know to blow them out with compressed air to clear the intakes of dust. If you didn’t you do now.

  118. RvLeshrac says:


    I’ve never dusted any game console I’ve ever had, and I’m not very big on keeping a spotless house. I smoke inside, too.

    Funny how my PS2s have always died internally, and never looked like that. One died after a power failure [Well, OK, this wasn’t an internal failure], one stopped reading DVDs [CDs were fine, though], and one stopped seeing the HDD.

  119. RvLeshrac says:


    What we really want to know is WHY DOES IT LOOK SO GODAWAFUL? No one of any substance cares about the firmware update (sony’s fault, obviously).

    You haven’t (as far as I’ve seen) disputed the images, so what are you doing? Are you farming dust in your house? Did you house the PS3 in lint?

  120. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    @RvLeshrac: Im telling you, It didnt look like that when i sent it in, I wiped off the top and sides of the console, The only way the console could have become this dusty is if dust came out of the system when it was being shipped (ups). BUT i still beleive that even in the pictured condition dust should not be considered a warranty voiding element. And if it should the condition of the console should be obvious and indisputable, My console is dusty yes, But you cannot tell me that every single tech there would void my warranty, and that their opinions would not differ dramatically on the subject.

  121. KingPsyz says:

    You’re missing the point methinks…

    Nobody is taking issue with the exterior, they’re taking issue with the fact you say it came out of the inside of the box during shipping and handling.

    If that’s how much shook out in shipping how much more is left inside?

    It would be nearly caked inside and why it had a massive failure. It was choking on dust which no doubt mucked up moving parts, overheated components, and possibly scratched the optics.

    If that much could shake out during shipping I wonder how much fell out when you picked it up and placed it in the box. Did it ever smell like something was burning or getting really hot? It was probablly the hot dust inside your PS3.

  122. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    No i think You’re missing the point, It never got that hot, never “smelled funny” it worked perfectly, without flaw until the day it stopped reading discs, i may get some pictures of the inside of the system soon, Im telling you my room is no dustier than anyone else’s there is no reason for the inside of the system to be anymore caked with dust than anyone elses innards, None at all. The fans are still very much alive and kicking, (as you can definitely hear them). The system bricked itself during Sony’s Update, There is no chalking that up to dust. Period… it worked PERFECTLY except for the optical drive until i attempted to do a system update, This bricked my system into an infinite loop of attempting to re-install new firmware. The system was in an air-conditioned room inside of an entertainment center.

  123. myxylplyx says:

    Wow, that’s funny. I just watched your fucking Fox News video again and you never said anything about a botched firmware upgrade. Die, Asshole.

  124. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    KNOW WHY I DIDNT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT IT? BECAUSE IT HADN’T HAPPENED YET, It happened after i received the console back, the console was 100% functional except for not reading discs, i hit system update and it froze at 45% and re-attempted 3 times before telling me to contact technicalsupport. Are you serious? “die, asshole.” wow man, You have some serious issues.

  125. KingPsyz says:

    have you gotten your replacement yet?