ING Holds Ex-Netbank Customer's Money Hostage

Mr. Kuhlman,

My request couldn’t be more simple: I would like to have a check cut and mailed to me for the balance that was in the account. Instead, I have spent a month and a half dealing with customer service who don’t seem empowered to perform what I consider to be an incredibly simple business transaction. Somehow, my business account was converted to a personal account and listed under a previous personal address. To make matters worse, that address was somehow entered wrong, so I never received a mailed ‘pin’ that I need to ‘verify’ my account in order for action to be taken.

On top of all of this, I’ve encountered highly rude and unprofessional staff at the manger level, such as Karen Gilbertson in the Los Angeles office, who, not only do not seem to possess the ability to follow through with a request, but they simply do not even pretend to care. Considering what I’ve read online of glowing reviews regarding ING Direct’s customer service, this is not what I would have expected.

Again, my incredibly simple request is to have my funds mailed to me, at the business address listed on my Netbank account, as soon as humanly possible.

Jason N

Wow, the possibility of records getting botched after two different computer systems merge? Unpossible! Arkadi Kuhlmann is the President and CEO of ING DIRECT.

In a video on their website, Arkadi says he wants to convince us that doing a transaction with ING DIRECT is, “as easy a transaction as you have buying and enjoying a cup of coffee.” Well, if that’s true, then for Arkadi buying a cup of coffee must involve getting in a multiple day argument with low-level staff and a supervisor, only to be told that you can’t have any coffee.

According to its website,, the other address this complaint was mailed to, is a way to send your messages to him (more likely, his personal secretary).

Hopefully ING, which assumed all of Netbank’s accounts when it went under, will come to its senses and let Jason have his own money.

If the email fails, there’s always ye olde EECB, Executive Customer Service, and Faxing For Dollars.

(Photo: Chris Crisman)

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