Dead Bugs Found In Health Valley Soup

I’m not sure what’s more disgusting, the dead bugs, or paying $4.00 for a paper cup of freeze-dried pea soup. Elaine writes:

I bought a Health Valley split pea soup at Publix Supermarket in Miami, FL on Friday 01/11/08 in the morning before coming in to work. Around 12:30 or so when I finally felt ready to have lunch, I opened the soup only to find it infested with dead bugs.

There was actually one live one still crawling around in there but by the time I found my camera to take a picture it had escaped. All the brown things are actually dead bugs. People should be aware of these types of dry soups. Such a disappointment…not to mention that these soups cost around $4.00.

We asked Elaine if she took it back to Publix and she said, ‘Honestly, I was so disgusted that I couldn’t fathom putting that thing in my car. I threw it away.” Ew. Can anyone identify the bugs? How, and when, did they get in there?