Man Escapes Verizon Contract Based On Text Message Rate Raises

Wayne writes:

I read one of your post last week concerning Verizon Wireless changing the terms of agreement concerning text messaging and my wife and I immediately contacted them to drop a very unneeded contract. It took two days to cancel, but everything in your post was accurate and made our case a slam dunk. To be fair, Verizon may have dragged it out a bit, but they didn’t fight it and their rep, Becky, called us back three times ( as promised ) to finish the request. A big thanks to The Consumerist!

That’s right, folks, sometimes when a cellphone company changes around certain rates, it constitutes a materially adverse change to the contract, thus nullifying it and you can fly, fly, fly away! Check out this post for what you need to know about breaking free of Verizon based on their recent text message rate increase.

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