Man Escapes Verizon Contract Based On Text Message Rate Raises

Wayne writes:

I read one of your post last week concerning Verizon Wireless changing the terms of agreement concerning text messaging and my wife and I immediately contacted them to drop a very unneeded contract. It took two days to cancel, but everything in your post was accurate and made our case a slam dunk. To be fair, Verizon may have dragged it out a bit, but they didn’t fight it and their rep, Becky, called us back three times ( as promised ) to finish the request. A big thanks to The Consumerist!

That’s right, folks, sometimes when a cellphone company changes around certain rates, it constitutes a materially adverse change to the contract, thus nullifying it and you can fly, fly, fly away! Check out this post for what you need to know about breaking free of Verizon based on their recent text message rate increase.

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  1. Sherryness says:

    This couldn’t me more timely for me; thank you so much. I recently got a second cell phone with another carrier because I got such poor customer service from Verizon, even though I have 3 months left on my contract. Now I can get out of that and save myself nearly $300. You’re the best!

  2. lalala1956 says:

    Don’t worry Sherryness, at the rate our dollar is being devalued your $300 is only going to be worth a cup of coffee in a few years. Spend it now!

  3. ct03 says:

    1:00 PM ON THU JAN 17 2008

    Ben can has time travel?

  4. Sherryness says:

    But I do love my triple-grande-no-whip-mocha….. At least that is something, right? And I can text my friends about it on my new phone – until the CS at that company goes tits up, then it’s on to the next one… Ah, the life of a consumer………

  5. Sherryness says:

    @ BY CT03 AT 12:24 AM

    Oh yeah, it’s only Wednesday afternoon in Australia, even. Where is Ben? Mars?

  6. Metschick says:

    1:00 PM ON THU JAN 17 2008

    Ben can has time travel?

    I just freaked the fuck out. I start a new job on 1/17, and I was all – what, I start in a few hours?!

    Phew. Don’t do that to us, Ben! :)

  7. ShadowArmor says:

    I heard rumors that Verizon may lose its deal with Washington’s Metro to provide service in the stations and tunnels. I don’t care if other providers are allowed to join, but if Verizon EVER stops giving service in the metro trains, I hope that is also considered a materially adverse change and I would be allowed to break my contract.

    It would be a VERY stupid thing for them to do — this city is full of lawyers and commuters who will not be keen to lose that coverage. I wouldn’t be the only one looking to cancel.

  8. SirKeats says:

    just curious as i’ve never seen it mentioned – how long does one typically have to take advantage of this type of situation? surely there is some sort of time-limit before you essentially “agree” to the new terms by not responding. no?

  9. VeritasVierge says:

    That is A.W.E.S.O.M.E. I wanted to get out of my Verizon contract so badly for over a year but just had to make do with the rising costs then. If only I did what that guy did. My contract expired at the end of last year.

  10. FessLove says:

    I got my room mate out of his Verizon contract with this. Called in, Total call time qas 27 minutes. Not too bad. Easily done.

  11. milesabove says:

    Another interesting way to weasel your way out of a Verizon contract: If you don’t get service at your house, or can only get sketchy, unpredictable, or frustrating service at the address listed on the contract, you can end your contract without having to pay their absurd fees. Happy cancelling!