Disturbing Cheese Ads With Luis Guzmán And His Fellow "Cheddar Hunks"

Okay, we’re just going to say it: calling men of a certain age “cheddar hunks” just sounds like they all smell like stinky feet. That’s a table I want to stay far, far away from. Nevertheless, Cabot Cheese of Vermont has launched a new television campaign featuring Guzmán and his Stinky-Feet-Friends sitting around drinking beer and eating cheese. It’s weird. And though we have always liked Cabot Cheese, now it’s going to be hard not to think of middle-aged toes (and werewolves) whenever we go cheddar shopping. Urg.

Not that Cabot is too concerned about that, apparently, since they’re going after wives with this spot:

Cabot’s market research shows that while their cheese is eaten predominantly by men, it is purchased mostly by women. She wanted a series of ads that would convey to women that when guys get together to drink beer and eat cheese (which is not often enough, by the way), the cheese they want to find in the fridge is Cabot.

“Cheese Puff” [Slate]


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  1. JStrulleh says:

    He’s had some amusing roles, but that’s just creepy.

  2. dgcaste says:

    He stuffed all of that cheese between his balls and thigh before eating it. That’s what makes it Cabot. It’s Swiss before that.

  3. vanilla-fro says:

    @dgcaste: “you gotta make sure to shave the cheese like a beard.”

  4. suburbancowboy says:

    I’ve seen these commercials during Jeopardy on ABC, 7PM in NYC. So weird. Pachanga.

  5. csdiego says:

    *shrug* I thought it was funny, in a stoopit kind of way.

  6. vermontwriter says:

    If they want to target women, they need to pick a new man! Luis Guzman and his Hollywood “I don’t want wind towers blocking my VT scenery” campaign drives me nuts. I won’t watch anything with him in it because of it.

  7. charodon says:

    Hmm, if you don’t watch anything with Guzman in it, you’re not going to be watching a lot of anything. He’s everywhere.

  8. bertamac says:

    You guys are tough; Luis is a great guy. I know we make the world’s best cheddar – and we’ve got the awards to prove it. I’m glad you’re just talking about us…in 20 years, none of our ads have ever gotten this much attention. Thanks!

  9. Gavinthorp says:

    Cabot cheese really is fantastic. I am not from the company by the way.