Yankees Fan Sues: Steriods Are Almost "Consumer Fraud"

Baseball fans all over the country feel betrayed by the steroids scandal that is rocking Major League Baseball, but one fan is irked enough to actually sue the New York Yankees in small claims court:

A longtime fan is suing the New York Yankees over some players’ reported use of performance-enhancing drugs, saying he wants repayment for $221 in tickets and a public response from his once beloved team.

“I look at it almost as consumer fraud,” said Matthew Mitchell, 30, a Brooklyn resident who said he went to his first game at Yankee Stadium in 1984. “If I’m going to watch a baseball game, then I expect it to be the real thing.”

The Yankees declined to comment.

The paralegal filed his lawsuit in small claims court in Brooklyn last week, less than a month after former U.S. Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell released a report linking 85 Major League Baseball players — including 20 current and former Yankees — to illegal use of steroids and other performance-enhancing formulations.

Mr. Mitchell (the fan) is seeking to be reimbursed for five games between 2002 and 2007. One of the games was a World Series game that included admitted HGH user Andy Pettitte.

Fan Sues Yankees Over Steroid Use [WCBS]


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  1. MercuryPDX says:

    Sigh… Can we sue for Yankee hats and shirts that don’t use actual team colors… and what is the deal with that BTW?

  2. Buran says:

    @mercurypdx: Around here you can buy pink Cardinals hats, and camo Cardinals hats, and blue ones, and you name it. But of course you can still buy good old red.

  3. u2acro says:

    Ugh. Not to make this place Jezebel, but I HATE the “think pink!” mentality of sports teams, electronics manufacturers and many other entitites when they’re trying to market to women. We’re WOMEN, but we don’t all love unicorns and tutus. Some of us actually like to wear red for the Cardinals and work on a plain old silver Macbook.@Buran:

  4. legotech says:

    The teams put their stuff out in various colors so that the street gangs can wear them without wearing their rivals colors.

    Hey, it makes as much sense as anything anyone else can come up with!

  5. KarmaChameleon says:

    Hey, does this mean I can sue them for blowing all that money on A-Hole?

    And word to all the pink crap. I’m a grown ass woman, not a 12 year old girl, people can stop making shit in Lisa Frank colors to “appeal” to me.

  6. u2acro says:

    @KarmaChameleon: Amen. Give me a Cardinals jersey in red that hasn’t been “jazzed up for women” with flowers or sparkles or curly font. Ugh.

    On the other hand, I do have fun mentally ripping some of these pink jersey wearers when I’m at the games. And, you know, the mullet boys, the shirtless fat guys, etc. But I’m embarrassed by the women. It’s sad. And stupid. :(

    Tee hee. Lisa Frank. :)

  7. BigBoat says:

    Harlem Globetrotters watch out!

  8. rdldr1 says:

    The Yankees should sue fake Yankees fans – people who wear Yankees gear but dont give two rocks about baseball.

  9. MercuryPDX says:

    @u2acro: The thing is, it makes it hard to discern who is who fan-wise. You may be chucking your beer at a fellow Yankee fan who happens to be a member of the Bloods, than at the Cardinals fan who truly deserves it? Crazy. ;)

  10. RAREBREED says:

    Yeah, I can’t stand seeing Giants gear in dodger blue…

  11. ianmac47 says:

    I still fail to understand what the problem here is. Steroids make people hit balls farther, run faster, throw harder, and play better. That makes for a more entertaining game, and at the end of the day, sports are just entertainment.

  12. alfista says:

    longtime fans would have spent more than $221.

  13. MercuryPDX says:

    @ianmac47: Yes, this is like for a refund for your Ashley Simpson tickets/posters/CD’s because she lip-syncs, or heaven forbid a die-hard fan finds out ‘wrasslin’ is fake.

  14. Bay State Darren says:

    I applaud any action taken against the New York Yankees! Bravo, plaintiff!

  15. homerjay says:

    Oh I hope both parties agreed to dismiss their court cases and have their suits settled here, in our forum- in The Peoples Court.

  16. KarmaChameleon says:

    @homerjay: I would love to see Judge Judy make Jason Giambi cry. And I’m a Yankees fan.

  17. theblackdog says:

    Hey Meg, is “Steriods” the Chinese Poison Train version of Steroid?

  18. I smell a snipe hunt

  19. Buran says:

    @u2acro: Yeah, I wear red when I go to the occasional game and the protective cover on my Macbook Pro is the clear one, not the red one.

    I don’t get the pink thing either.

  20. Buran says:

    @mercurypdx: *steps sideways, revealing the Red Sox fan behind*

    You missed ;)

  21. Hanke says:

    @rdldr1: That would be 90% of the ‘fans’ who attend the world series games they were in.

    I always wanted a rule that you had to prove you had attended at least 5 games over the previous two seasons to buy playoff tickets…

  22. Hanke says:

    @mercurypdx: Wresting is FAKE?!?!

    My life is….totally unaffected.

  23. STrRedWolf says:

    Hey, if the paralegal wants to sue for under $2,500 because he thought the game was rigged and tainted, who are we to care? It’s small claims court. It won’t be president setting unless there’s an appeal, and I doubt there will be one. $221 to the Yankees is CHUMP CHANGE. Just have George Steinbrenner write a check and be done with it.

  24. B says:

    Maybe he can sue them for sucking so much.
    /Red Sox fan

  25. wimpkins says:


    I always thought that was an awful name for the show.

    Isn’t “real” court, The Peoples’ Court?

  26. NathanBallard says:

    The original article states that he had seen multiple games over the years, but had only retained tickets stubs for the 5 worth $221.00. This man is an American patriot trying to protect the sanctity of America’s pastime. It befuddles me that anyone would side with these fatcat, born-into-wealth douchebags like Hank Steinbrenner and cheating scumbags like Barry Bonds and Jason Giambi over the honest hardworking 9-5 American who’s money and passionate fanhood is the foundation of the life all these scumbags enjoy. Matthew Mitchell is an American patriot, and if you don’t agree, than you are an America hating pinko!

  27. cde says:

    @u2acro: Macbooks arn’t silver.

  28. cde says:

    @STrRedWolf: It won’t set a common law precedent but once it hits the news that he won, *flood gates*.

    And 221 x 1 million people looking for a quick 221 dollars = bad news for any team. Especially since they would have to try each case separately.

  29. homerjay says:

    @wimpkins: wait, are you trying to say that Marilyn Milian isn’t a REAL judge???
    Well, I wouldn’t believe you if your tongue came notarized!

    (I heart her…)

  30. LionelEHutz says:

    I don’t care. I just don’t care about steroids in baseball. Nope. Don’t care.