JetBlue: You're 4 Years Old, Would You Like An Amex?

Reader Carl writes in to tell us that his 4-year-old daughter is being sent credit card applications from American Express, thanks to JetBlue:

Thought you might enjoy this: We got an application for a jetBlue-branded American Express card in the mail today for our oldest daughter. She is four. We flew on JetBlue about four months ago, so I suppose they sent their entire passenger manifest over to AmEx.

Fortunately (?) it is not pre-approved. I am half-tempted to fill it out and send it in, with her 2003 birth date and under employer, writing “I don’t work, I’m a kid!” I’d even have her sign it in her barely legible four-year-old scrawl. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to get a card back. If they send an offer for her two-year-old sister, maybe we’ll try to get her one.


Sign the whole family up. What sort of minimum payment can a 4-year-old afford? $0.25 a month? Too steep?

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