Pair Ties Knot In Bank As Customers Watch

In a scene like something straight out The Office, a bank teller and her beau got married in a Bank of America branch as customers did their bank business, AP reports.

For ambiance, a candle was put on top of a copier, a linen tablecloth was draped over a desk and music from rocker Bryan Adams played over a speaker. “We’re having a wedding,” branch manager Deanna Kinsey told customers.

The 24-year-old Paine is a Bank of America teller who used to work at the Sabattus Street branch. She and Goes…were planning on a legal ceremony and were surprised when bank employees made it into a more elaborate affair.

Guess they’re really pushing that whole “Bank of Opportunity” thing. “With this deposit slip, I thee wed.”

Pair Tie Knot As Bank Customers Look On [AP]