Is Dell's Tech Support Staff Trying To Sell You Things Yet?

We’re curious whether anyone has had to call Dell’s tech support line in the new year—and if so, did they try to upsell you on unnecessary add-ons, devices, accessories, service plans, etc.? Because we got an anonymous email the other day from someone who claims he works as a Dell tech support specialist, and he wrote that “starting after the first of the year… we are now going to be required to sell you items that you don’t need.”

I work for Dell as a tech support specialist, starting after the first of the year, we are going to sell you stuff when you call in for Tech support on your system. Not only are you going to be requesting for tech to trouble shoot your system, we are now going to be required to sell you items that you don’t need just to make more money for Dell Inc. it’s not bad enough that you spent money on a system that is not working but also have to hear a sales pitch on products that you can find else ware cheaper on web or at a local store.

A final funny touch: the email was signed “Tech support/Sales.” Sadly, that sounds almost like a position someone would think was a good idea.

Let us know if you encounter any unusual sales pitches on your next Dell tech support call!

(Thanks to Tech Support/Sales!)

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