Is Dell's Tech Support Staff Trying To Sell You Things Yet?

We’re curious whether anyone has had to call Dell’s tech support line in the new year—and if so, did they try to upsell you on unnecessary add-ons, devices, accessories, service plans, etc.? Because we got an anonymous email the other day from someone who claims he works as a Dell tech support specialist, and he wrote that “starting after the first of the year… we are now going to be required to sell you items that you don’t need.”

I work for Dell as a tech support specialist, starting after the first of the year, we are going to sell you stuff when you call in for Tech support on your system. Not only are you going to be requesting for tech to trouble shoot your system, we are now going to be required to sell you items that you don’t need just to make more money for Dell Inc. it’s not bad enough that you spent money on a system that is not working but also have to hear a sales pitch on products that you can find else ware cheaper on web or at a local store.

A final funny touch: the email was signed “Tech support/Sales.” Sadly, that sounds almost like a position someone would think was a good idea.

Let us know if you encounter any unusual sales pitches on your next Dell tech support call!

(Thanks to Tech Support/Sales!)


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  1. Xerloq says:

    This isn’t new. I only ever owned their PDAs, but I always was pitched batteries, cases, warranties, and software.

  2. facework says:

    I think they’re trying to undersell from their website. I constructed a custom computer yesterday only to have the transaction waffle away into an endless hourglass when I tried to complete it. Now I feel sort of cross about having to go back to redo it all. So, I haven’t yet.

  3. cotr says:

    yes! i created a custom xps 420 and sent in to some guy i called. he replied with a more expensive system but added a 4 yr plan to it and said the discount was more. but the total price of the system had increased so the higher discount didnt matter.

    needless to say, i went to worst buy and got an acer with the same spec for dirt cheap. used the trusty amex.

    im gonna miss out smarting the tech support guys to get them to do what i want.

  4. rickhamilton620 says:

    I dunno about phone support, but I just got finished with using Dell Online Chat to get a replacement battery for my Latitude. I didn’t get any sales pitches at all, although it could be because I used small business tech support. *Shrugs*

  5. hamsangwich says:

    my sister was just telling me about this during her latest tech support call. She wanted a new battery and they tried to sell her a laptop case, new A/C adapter and memory upgrades. They also told her that her notebook was very old (3 years) and hardly anyone uses those ones anymore. Very interesting, I told her to just use the online support from now on.

  6. huginn says:

    It’s something I’ve been told as a former dell service tech that we do post market. We were paid dirt cheap (below min wage in somecases after gas) and often times we’re told to assist the customer with after market services such as installing the OS and MS office on our own time and rates.

  7. emax4 says:

    I recently applied for a tech rep at Comcast, but the HR person told me that in addition to providing tech support by phone, I’d also be required to upsell on calls. I declined to work for them because I had to do the same creepy thing at Echostar; upsell on tech calls. I can sell, as long as there are no goals or penalties for not selling an adequate amount.

  8. heyguy says:

    @camelontherun: The question was if Dell tech support was trying to sell you anything. If you hadn’t bought anything yet, you were still talking to sales.

  9. weakdome says:

    I called for business/government support the other day, spent maybe an hour troubleshooting a real issue with a laptop suddenly powering off for no reason. The tech and I decided that we should do an OS restore on the machine before requesting a replacement. Before I hung up, he asked if I needed any backup devices, and I politely declined. It was a short spiel, and completely relevant to what we were doing. I didn’t mind, although I did notice the change.
    I personally love that you can often get better deals from their “small business” section of their website than you can even from the educational-discount area. Don’t ever rely on one place if you’re price-checking with Dell.

  10. FreemanB says:

    I talked to Dell tech support last week, on Jan 3, 2008. I wound up needing a replacement part that was no longer under warranty. The technician I was talking to said I could either order the part over the phone or go through the website. He didn’t try to sell anything else, and even the offer to order the replacement part on the phone was presented as an available route. The call was handled very well by the Dell tech, and I didn’t see any evidence of new sales practices.

  11. Murph1908 says:

    As a manager of a tech support team, I have fought against this policy when the higher-ups have suggested it in the past. I will not subject our clients to a sales pitch when they just want a solution to an issue.

    However, I will forward the lead on to sales if, during the call, we determine the client has a need we can also help with.

  12. bilge says:

    All I have to add is that as far as I can tell, Dell “Gold” support isn’t worth paying extra for. My hold times are about the same, the mediocre quality of the technician I speak to is about the same, the probability of a technician not showing up at my office when they say they will is about the same.

    Better to have them ship you the part and register at [] to download the breakdown guides.

  13. chickadee says:

    YES! I have an XPS, and a mere week after the warranty expired, I was rewarded with the Blue Screen. I called the fee-based (expired warranty) tech folks, who tried to sell me upgrades to the parts I needed to replace, at much higher costs than I ended up paying at Best Buy (yes, Best Buy has its problems, but they are cheap). I think I’ll go with a different company for my next computer…

  14. bohemian says:

    Gateway instated this policy back when they had stateside tech support based out of Gateway. Someone I knew that worked there told me this was being forced on tech support along with sales quotas.

    I had ordered a laptop through work and it has issues out of the box. When I called tech support the first thing out of the call was a sales pitch. I told the tech I know people that work there and I understand they have been put on this upsell policy. I told her we were not interested in buying anything else and I really needed to get this laptop working and delivered to the exec who ordered it. The techs get screen prompts periodically while they are working a call. If they don’t give you the sales pitch they get dinged at work for not doing their call right. So I had to sit through these commercials about every 5 minutes while we tried to fix the issue on the laptop.

  15. jommig says:

    i worked at dell support center (El Salvador) for more tha 0ne year an a half and quitted on the 1st week of December, and i can tell you, YES dell will try to sell tou products during a tech support call, the pilot program started about October 2007 and by December we had a goal of at least 5 products sold per week, belive me no tech support agent wants to sell you anything we understand is a horrible customer experience to hear someone positioning a product when you alrdy have problems but we have to because we are pressured so if an agent can sell you something you dont even need he will try. sorry but it is true.

  16. Mr. Gunn says:

    There may be a different tech support staff for business customers and people buying a home PC, but I’ve had a Gold tech support contract on my work machine for years and I was impressed the couple times I called.

    This was 3-4 years ago, but when I called a native english speaking person picked up immediately with no recording or pressing 1 required, asked for my service tag number, and got right to listening to me with no scripts or reading pages out of a troubleshooting manual. Now, I think I’m able to explain things clearly to even a low-level drone, but there was no need to use small words here. I had already run memtest86 and found a bad stick of memory(which was seated properly), so he overnighted me a new DIMM, without asking me what kind I needed. I just showed up to work the next day and there it was on my desk. When that didn’t solve the problem, I called back, was routed to the same guy who remembered what we did yesterday. He had me re-check the memory and when they all passed, said it was likely a motherboard fault and I should receive my new system in a couple days. Because my system was a couple years old and no longer in stock, he let me know I should expect a nice upgrade. I got a completely new system(not a refurb) a couple days later and that was the end of my dealings with them. I called once later to ask how to remove some annoying Dell software or something they did to the registry and again my call was immediately answered by a english speaking person who began by listening to me and then sent me directions that undid whatever annoying behavior it was, with no song and dance about how Dell didn’t provide support for registry modifications or voiding my warranty or anything.

    More recently, I called regular free tech support about a laptop we have at home and got an extensive phone tree, long hold times, and an Indian call center employee who could barely understand me and wasn’t able to help me at all.

    /What he said, camelontherun. Also, if you bought an Acer, I’m afraid the joke’s on you, unfortunately.

  17. icecreamlover says:

    I’ve called in before, and the only sales pitch I experienced was a recommendation to add something I should have purchased in the first place (to get my system to do what I intended it to do).

  18. Nerowolfe says:

    Just called them last week because I had bought a new computer. I think there was a recorded announcement while I was on hold to try to get me to extend my warranty period but the tech did not try to sell me anything.

    BTW–Dell has a service where they can control your computer over the internet and the tech fixes your problem himself. Very nice.

  19. emailclay says:

    I just called this morning to get a system restore disc (which they are sending to me, btw) and Nikhil 01176823 (the csr I spoke to) tried to sell me a service contract. He wasn’t rude or pushy. I have to say that he provided pretty decent service. I have never called Dell support, but the overall experience wasn’t bad.
    It didn’t feel like anything more than something that he is obligated to read off of his screen.

  20. BlondeGrlz says:

    Sony did this to me when I tried to talk them into fixing my camera. I called to complain my Cybershot wasn’t working and they told me “too bad, to get it fixed, we charge $110. OR you buy a new one, let me tell you about our awesome cameras!” I hung up and ordered a Cannon.

  21. Nytmare says:

    @blondegrlz: Boy you must have been really mad. Good thing there is a 3-day mandatory waiting period for cannon purchases.

  22. engunneer says:

    My boss’ home computer was having all kinds of network issues, and when they called Dell, they said the computer was obsolete and they should just buy a new one (2-3 years old). I told him to just do system restore (they had been fighting with drivers, and etc for a week), and he was up and running in 30 minutes.

  23. dgcaste says:

    I called Dell tech support because my battery died. They naturally told me that batteries have a 1 year warranty regardless of the system warranty, and tried selling me a new battery. I told them to bite me, and that I would deal with no battery until the laptop “died” and they had to give me a completely new one.

  24. swalve says:

    So what? All you do is have to say no. Maybe I DO need some ink cartridges?

    @dgcaste: They won’t so that. They will replace the piece that broke and be on their way. You’re not getting a free battery.

  25. deliciousbaby says:

    I got a phone call from Dell after a battery recall a few years ago. The rep claimed to be calling about the recall, but couldn’t actually give me any information about the details (go to the website she advised) and instead focused on selling me a service plan for the laptop!

  26. man_in_plaid says:

    I recently purchased an XPS desktop system, which turned out to be a lemon after numerous calls to tech support, and 2 in house techs. My replacement is on the way. I was never offered anything new or any sales pitches while on talking to tech support. I did find it interesting though that when i first called tech support (new years eve) i was talking to a man in India, but once he found out I had purchased an XPS, he redirected my call to Dell Canada, which is the country i live in. I found it funny that i had to call India to get in touch with Canada. Long Live Globalization!

    P.S. I’m an optimist, but if my replacement system has the same problem as the initial one, Dell will be torn a new corn shoot.

  27. magus_melchior says:

    @nytmare: When all else fails, use Civil War technology.

  28. JohnP at Dell says:

    Lionel, Dell’s chief blogger, saw this conversation, poked around the company with some questions and just posted his findings over on Direct2Dell:


  29. emailclay says:

    I just looked at the direct2dell blog and whenever I see the words “total solutions” and “empower” regarding anything from a major corporation, my heart breaks a little bit more for the customer. Those buzzwords are speakease for let’s make more money!
    BTW, earlier I posted how I asked Dell for a system restore disc and I was amazed how great the transaction went, well…I logged into my Dell account, last night, and there is a charge for $58.34. I immediately emailed the CSR (Nikhil 0117682) who I spoke with and who sent the confirmation email. I am still waiting to hear back about the charge.

  30. sucorie says:

    I have taken the time and read through all the comments and it’s pretty interesting to see that not all of you referred to Dell the same way. I’m very proud to see many of the customers talking positive things about Dell and I appreciate the other customers who have had bad experiences because this is all about feedback and I can say we’re doing a pretty god job listening and execute on these bad experiences in order to turn into good ones. I work for Dell and support the Small and Medium business customers as well as the corporate business groups and I’ve to say that this program of “selling” is not really what some of you are thinking. This program do require technicians to troubleshoot and focus on resolving the customer’s issue first and after doing this if there’s something that we should recommend to prevent issues in the future, we will recommend it. It’s up to the customer if they want to proceed or not. We will not push for sales and there are not sales quotas in the tech support group because our PRIORITY is Customer Satisfaction not sales quotas…that’s why we have the sales departments for that. There might be other customers that are out of warranty and that technicians the only thing that could do is to troubleshoot and in case of any part required, before we used to transfer to sales, we’re trying to reduce transfers and giving the ability of that technician to place the order for the customer right away. We also have tons of customers that didn’t realize that their warranty is almost to be over and then technician just provide that information and if the customer would like to extend it “before”, we transferred to sales (more queue time), now the technician can place this for you as well. This is all about making life much easier for our customers and saving you some time that I know is very important for all you. Thanks for all of your feedback :)

  31. jommig says:

    Hi Sucorie, i respect your opinion and i see that you work at Dell, i think it will be a good idea that you explain what you just wrote to Dell El Salvador Contact Center upper management (by the way, it is a Dell Badged Site)because management in the El Salvador site actually have quotas for the tech support agents to sell products (5 items a week, HW or warranty) the reason why some people are not prompted to buy parts or warranties is because most agents (me included) have decided not to position “total solution” unless absolutely necessary even though management tells you to sell whatever you cant think of to cover your quota.
    this is a fact i am not making this up, if you need more information please contact me through this blog so i can even give you my personal data, email and badge number. have a great day.

  32. Tennet says:

    @sucorie: RE: ” there are not sales quotas in the tech support group” That is incorrect. There are quotas in technical support here (in Canada): three sales per week currently. It’s being integrated into our metrics and performance plans.

  33. Nuttycomputer says:

    @Tennet: Hmm…. This is apparently site specific. There are no quotas at our site (Utah). Our site was on the Total Solutions Pilot Program and as of today still don’t have quotas to fill. We do have incentives from the supervising managment, relatively small things but nothing concrete and as far as metrics go they have yet to be added to ours. I guess it all depends on who you get.

  34. K-Tech says:

    XPS Technical Support in Ottawa has to meet 3 Total Solutions sales / week. If you are lucky enough to still be at a site where you don’t have quotas – be happy, but I will say “It’s comming”. The hours I work, any raise/bonus I get is now being calculated including 25% Total Solutions. We get 10 – 12 emails per day pushing sales and offering incentives to those that do them.

    When they first introduced it to ’empower us’ to help our customers I thought ‘That is such a great idea!’ I have been encouraging customers to call technical support to get information when they are thinking of buying upgrades for years..Total Solutions ment that now I didn’t have to transfer them to sales to face the ‘upsell’ I could just help them with what they needed. I was so happy! Now…We are being pushed to sell on every call – NOT only the ones that we fix.

    Many of us are looking for other jobs rather than being forced to turn into ‘salesmen’. I have been doing technical support for 8 years – the last 3 at DELL. I LOVE helping people. The personal satisfaction I get from knowing that after talking to 3 or 4 or 5 other agents – I – was the one who solved the problem. Hearing customers tell me time after time that I have resolved an issue they thought would never get resolved gives me an unbelievable rush. Good techs don’t read scripts, good techs FIX your problems [it may take us a while but we WILL ] and good techs DON’T sell things to customers that they don’t need. They will lose alot of good techs if they continue to push for sales.

    Upper management just gave away a brand new computer and several monitors as well as a bunch of smaller things to the ‘top sellers’ over the past few weeks. Thats a pretty BIG incentive for most people to sell things. I wouldn’t call that ‘little knick nacks’

    Some technicians call people back..days after they have called in for support JUST to make a sale. I have gotten calls from customers who have been ‘convinced’ that they needed all sorts of things like memory or a video card when they tell me there is NOTHING wrong with the performance of thier system.

    I have gotten emails from upper management saying “You MUST position a Total Solution on EVERY call” – As Jommig said above…Most of us hate having to sell things and do not try to position anything that we don’t 100% see a need for. Others will sell you anything they can to make their stats look good.

    I urge any customer that calls in to request an escallation for ANY sales pitch that they don’t specifically request – please! We as technicians have no say in the matter…They tell us to establish trust with the customers and then use that to convince them to buy things :(

  35. jommig says:

    I totally agree with K-Tech and fortunatelly i no longer work at Dell, but i can tell you this: all of us tech agents also receive at least 10 emails from upper management pushing us for sales and it is a shame there are “technicians” here in Dell El Salvador that are selling whatever they can come up with to have better metrics just like you said K-tech, that is playing with the customer trust! and let me tell you this, here we dont get that kind of stuff as incentives, we get some “made in china” caps or some t-shirt and if we are lucky maybe we can leave early one day, so all in all this is what i say: sell to the customer only if that item is going to solve a customer issue, if not, dont defraud your customer, remember that a customer is the most important asset of any company so respect them and treat them fairly.

  36. DellTechGuy says:

    I am phone tech support for XPS computer at Dell Ottawa. This program for technical support agents to push sales is not strictly related to Dell. This phenomenon is happening across the entire call center industry. It is a business trend intended to recoup the tremendous costs of running a building full of tech support agents.

    Having said that I am looking for work outside of call centers. This is going to be a race to the bottom I can see it now. It started out as being able to provide everything for customers needs but is rapidly degrading into a de-valuing of technical support personnel on the phones. I’ve already begun to see various cases of improper or no troubleshooting attempted for the sake of sales. This is what happens when it comes down to money – who in the company is going to dare complain about an individual who brings in massive sales?

    Technical support over the phones is going to be declining in quality very fast. As far as I’m concerned this is the beginning of the end of it. It’s going to be just a bunch of glorified salesman trying to get an angle on every call.

    As an employee & as a consumer I am disgusted at what I predict is about to occur. When I call for support I expect the best support because the agent is not being pressured to rake in cash. Things will get much worse before they get better so I’m taking my dignity & getting the Dell outta there.

  37. HPtechie says:

    As for what DellTechGuy posted…
    We are REQUIRED, in the Ottawa call center to meet a QUOTA. We are threatend with punitive measures if we do not meet the weekly quota.

    Next time, ask your Ottawa based Dell XPS tech if he finds “power hour” demeaning (Sell, in THIS hour, and you win a pen, or a bag of chips, or a box of Kraft Diner… Man, sounds like we’re children), if he gets enough spam in his emails (46 emails in 2 days on this subject, but, they’re getting smarter, and changing out the titles, content, just like the PROFESSIONAL spammers).
    Technical audits now comprise, not did you TRY to sell, but DID you sell something to the client. We’re so briefed on how “Dell isn’t like any other callcenter”, on “Dell Ethics”… but, frankly, I’ve become very disilussioned (and going to be on writeup, for not selling this week)

    Slogging through the tool for making a sale takes a goodly amount of time, and, trying to get a call done in the requested 35 minute time slot, in addition to doing the extra sales is rough. I’ve been informed, since I have voiced displeasure about being turned to a salesman (ANY position with a QUOTA for sales, is a sales position, by definition), I will not be getting a raise. Perfect way to save on wages…

    “Total Solutions” was supposed to be an option, at first, to allow us to bill to do EWS (Expired warranty Support), then, for spare parts for out of warranty systems, and to allow for upgrades, if warranted (asked about on the call, or obvious, such as no antivirus software, or new game, requiring more memory than the system had), but, now, I’m getting the feeling that the sale has become more important than the solution to the problem. There was some reluctance by some techs, and, now, it’s mandatory. It _WAS_ a good thing for the consumer, and company both. It saved the customer from having to be transfered multliple times, and saved hold time… But, anyways, I’m here with Dell, since my HP job moved to Costa Rica. I shold have taken French in highschool, and taken up a government job.

    As techs, WE urge any customer that calls in to request an escallation for ANY sales pitch that they don’t specifically request – please! We as technicians have no say in the matter…They tell us to establish trust with the customers and then use that to convince them to buy things :(

  38. Delltakesadvantage says:

    Hi All, what has been said thus far, is completely true. Not only is Dell literally forcing their employees to sell, your job is on the line if you don’t. Before working for Dell, I had respect for the company, that has long since vanished. I am looking for other work, and have been for sometime. Even as a current employee, I cannot encourage you strongly enough to Boycott the company, make your voice heard. To the editor, please push this article to the top the word has to get out. Dell is a mega-corp, and can afford to piss off their home consumer base, as over 90% of their business comes from corporate contracts.

  39. HPtechie says:

    well, looks like a few of my co-workers just got the lay-off notices. Musta been fun hearing from the news media first. Scratch that, phone rang. I’m one of the “Dell Refugees”. Well, wish them the best, and suggest they reconsider the marketing ploy. Service overseas tends to upset clientel, as well, as getting “sold to” on every call.

  40. HPtechie says:

    Anyways, the payout package wasn’t bad. Somewhat better than the legal minimum. Well, off to the next job. Dell is doing the right thing with the buy-out offer.

  41. DellRepElSalvador says:

    I work for Dell El Salvador and yes, I have to say that all managers are pushing us to sell to customers in all calls. Besides that, DELL has been firing managers lately, we call it “tsunamis” every time they fire people. I am one of the top reps talking about “total solutions” and we don’t receive anything but “dellards” which is dell money that you can exchange in our “DELL STORE”.

    Every sale you make, one dellard you get(1 dellard = $1). Dell has lost the common sence of helping our customers. Believe me, WE REALLY WANT TO HELP YOU but managers are pushing us to sell or we can get a written warning and get fired. I remember when I started working at DELL, everything was focus in CSAT(customer satisfaction) but now, everyone is pointing a finger over tech support telling us that we are a cost and also that we don’t produce money. Our service is good but we are trying to do our best to give a good customer experience. Just remember that we have a manager next to use pushing and pushing to sell. There is a rumor that our site will close and that they will do the same thing that they did with the site in US. No one told anyone and next day everyone was fired.

  42. Rahul_Does says:

    Hey El Salvador, you Lose… Massive Lucrative Incentives in India.

    We get a WHOPPING INR 3,000 ($71) for $ 4000 (INR 168,000) sales.

    Come Migrate here… And the Chick in DellStore is kind of cute, too.

  43. Rahul_Does says:

    Whew! I Finally Left DELL!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now, I am at a lower salary (about $100 per month less), but my dignity is HEADS UP! I am NOT in a job to win trust of a customer looking for TECHNICAL Support and then try to sell something, spelling DOOM all the way to strengthen my case. Some guys are doing pretty GOOD there, I would like to mention. Selling 3 GB of RAM AND Norton 360 when the internet is running slow.

    I wanted to bring the forcing and coaxing and incentive-offering and the target set/achieved emails along with all the beautiful and colourful graphs regarding “Total Solutions” and post them all on!

    But then that COULD’ve been against the Winning With Integrity culture of Mr. Dell’s puppy. Right ???

    No more on this from me… I’ve got my Nirvana. All the Best to all the suckers who like selling this way and also to those who do not. Guys, try retail sector. It is opening up big time and jobs with good growth opportunities are up for grabs… Take it from me. I got one.

    Though I will keep checking this one for updates.

  44. Rahul_Does says:

    UPDATED! This one is Under “””Thanks for sharing your feedback! If your feedback doesn’t appear right away, please be patient as it may take a few minutes to publish – or longer if the blogger is moderating comments.”””

    If it is not published at [] , then you know where it went.

     Whew! I Finally Left DELL and its MOSTLY because of the forced “Total Solutions”. You sell or you go DOWN the ladder.

    The glint in the manager’s eye when he hears an agent selling/helping-the-customer-to-buy-500GB-HDD-over-her-320GB-to-store-her-Documents.

    The overjoyed Boss on hearing that a guy sold an old lady (Dell Customer???)

    1.2x1GB Memory Sticks,

    2.2 Modules of 2 GB RAM (her PC supports 2 GB. This one Extra and the existing one could be STORED for emergency! You see, how considerate us Tech Support Suckees are ??? ) and

    3.A Laptop Cooler Base.

    AND making 5 different orders for all the above. The memory being high priced enough, comes with FREE-SHIPPING. Therefore, Ms.-80-Year-Old-Sucker, Bring out the FanFare at our magnanimity… She’ll get 5 DIFFERNT Packages home delivered! Look at it this way. The poor old lonely lady will have 5 guys ringing her door bell and give the poor lost soul some human company!

    The Memory Sticks and the Cooler are for about $10 each. The shipping on EACH is about $4.95. Do the Math!

    Though Dell won’t earn on the shipping but the tech just Upped his Orders for the week by 4! And also the Manger’s. Mr. Manager’s explanation on being asked about the ethicalness of this all ::: “My Friend, if she can buy a PC worth $ 1500, She can definitely pay EXTRA Shipping worth only about $15.00. Right???”

    Now, in this new job, I am at a lower salary (about $100 per month less), but my dignity is HEADS UP! I can look myself in the mirror.

    I SHALL accept that even I sold some memory sticks and Blank CD RW packs, knowing about the shipping that amount to nearly 50% of the order Value. But my manager was breathing DOWN my neck to do it as he has to answer to HIGHER MANGEMENT as to why I do not sell. “Is he a Stupid wimp or what !!!”

    I am NOT in a job to win trust of a customer looking for TECHNICAL Support and then try to sell something, spelling DOOM all the way to strengthen my case. Some guys are doing pretty GOOD there, I would like to mention. Selling 3 GB of RAM AND Norton 360 when the internet is running slow.

    I wanted to bring the forcing and coaxing and incentive-offering and the target set/achieved emails along with all the beautiful and colourful graphs regarding “Total Solutions” and post them all on!

    But then that COULD’ve been against the Winning With Integrity culture of Mr. Dell’s puppy. Right ???

    No more on this from me… I’ve got my Nirvana. All the Best to all the suckers who like selling this way and also to those who do not. Guys, try retail sector. It is opening up big time and jobs with good growth opportunities are up for grabs… Take it from me. I got one.

    Though I will keep checking this one for updates.