Best Buy announced today that they’ll be opening stores in Mexico later this year. We can’t wait for our first story where someone buys a hard drive and opens the box to find it’s been replaced with a piñata. [Reuters]


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  1. cabinaero says:

    Best Buy already has a store in China — Mexico is not so out there.

  2. Manok says:

    i’m mexican. Why do you have to say Pinata? that’s unfair to me and my people.

  3. Frostberg says:

    @Manok: but pinatas are fun!

  4. Manok says:

    I know. I’m not really mexican, I just wish I could buy a hard drive with a microwave burrito inside. Pinatas are too cardboardy.

  5. hypnotik_jello says:

    Smashy Smashy!

  6. darkclawsofchaos says:

    @Manok: For some reason, your name reminds me of chicken, as for the pinata thing, I agree, pinatas are to light and bulky, microwave burrittos make more sense

  7. iamme99 says:

    ¡Ay, caramba!

  8. amed01 says:

    I wonder what sort of prizes would fall out of that pinata?

  9. im with manok. Mexico produces more products than sombreros, pinatas, and migrant workers.

  10. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    That’s right. Mexico also produces fine American and German cars. And I guess there’s a big DVD factory down there, since most of the DVD’s I’ve purchased lately clearly has a “Made In Mexico” ink stamp on the shrink wrap.

    And oddly enough, I bought a piñata for a party not too long ago and the label said “Made In China”.


  11. @SpiderJerusalem: Not for comedy purposes.

  12. b612markt says:

    @Manok: I’m totally Mexican and the piñata comment made me laugh out loud! Cajeta would have been as funny to me but more obscure…

  13. balthisar says:

    @LatherRinseRepeat: And Japanese cars, too.

  14. zibby says:

    Pinata quality really needs to be improved now that a lot of parents seem to be omitting the all-important “blindfold” part of the experience. Is a whiff really going to damage little birthday boy Jonah’s self esteem that much? These things last 2/3 kids at best when they can line up a shot like a medieval headsman. Now that I think about it, they’re usually set up way too low as well.

    Let’s lobby pinata manufacturers to start putting some chicken wire in there or something.

  15. HOP says:

    best buy sucketh

  16. Chairman-Meow says:

    So does this mean if I buy a Pinata at best buy that Hard drives and LCD TVs will fall out instead of candy ?

    I just could not resist…

  17. forgottenpassword says:

    If you think your best buy experience in the US was miserable….. just imagine all the f*cked up dishonest things they will be doing to people in Mexico!

    I figure mexico will have lax laws considering the well-known corruption that goes on there.

  18. econobiker says:

    And thoust box openers taketh away to replace with ye weighted blockes of woode…

  19. Benny Gesserit says:

    Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if a company delivered EVERYTHING in pinatas?!

    Can you imagine?

    “Murray, did you get that shipment of stationery?”
    “Yeah, I was just gonna crack it open. You wanna hit?” (Points at giant, multi-colour chicken hanging from ceiling.)
    “You KNOW I do, man.”

  20. boandmichele says:

    im white, and very offended that you didnt say ‘juicy hamburger with french fries’.

    i am offended because i am obviously way too sensitive, and have no basis for being offended, aside from the fact that its trendy to be so.

  21. forever_knight says:

    @Manok: i’m second generation Pinatan. Why do you have to say Mexican? that’s unfair to me and my people.

  22. jamar0303 says:

    @cabinaero: Funny you should mention the China store. I’ve interned there for a while and I’ll tell you that it is a Best Buy in name and superficial appearance only. The Geek Squad actually knows what they’re doing, will not rummage through your HDD looking for porn or music when you bring in your computer for repair. At-home service is actually priced reasonably (you’ll only be charged $15 at most if you live out in a suburb as opposed to half of that if you live in Shanghai proper) The sales people are actually helpful, and cash registers at every department means no lines. Oh, and they don’t do receipt checking either.

    Hope the Mexico stores are like that, or Best Buy will be a big flop.

  23. jjason82 says:

    “…and opens the box to find it’s been replaced with a piñata.”

    I’m sorry, but the above statement comes off as a tad racist.