Oh, by the way, KamberEdelson, the law firm that filed the class action against Sears over its website exposing customer’s purchase histories? They’re the same folks who successfully sued Sony BMG for selling all those DRM-riddled music CDs. Sears could be in trouble. [Washington Post]


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  1. Imaginary_Friend says:

    Sears is soooooo screwed. Time to tell your Grandpa to start dumping his stock!

  2. homerjay says:

    We might want to get to know the good people at KamblerEdelson a little better. The seem like the kind of lawyers we like.

  3. Edjamacator says:

    Good, Sears needs a good suin’ to straighten them out. :)

    Of course, the people screwed by Sears won’t see a dime…maybe a penny, if the lawyers aren’t too greedy, but then, fat chance of that.

  4. Freedomboy says:

    5 years and no more Sears. What will fill the spot? Target? Lowe’s? Ultra K-Marts? More race to the bottom, service is becoming rare. This bodes well for the small scale store keeper and a return to quality, it will of course have a cost and be very European.

  5. RottNDude says:

    They also sued Activision for the Guitar Hero III sound issues on the Wii.

  6. ColoradoShark says:

    @Freedomboy: Just in case no one remembers: Kmart went bankrupt, came out of bankruptcy and bought Sears. That is why it is the Sears holding company and many Kmarts now have an extensive section of Kenmore appliances.

  7. Tracy Ham and Eggs says:

    @edjamacator: damn straight. How are you going to prove anyone was actually damaged by this? Lawyers will get a nice chunk of change for fees in a settlement, but we all pay for it in prices

  8. SexCpotatoes says:

    Shop Smart. Shop S-Mart!

  9. Buran says:

    I noticed it sure didn’t take them long to file this cute little lawsuit. Damn vultures. (I think what Sears did was wrong, but still…)

  10. Bay State Darren says:

    This is the first time I’ve ever wanted to actually hug a law firm.

  11. CumaeanSibyl says:

    You’ll be sure to let us know when that suit goes class-action, right? I’d like to tell everybody I know.

  12. thewriteguy says:

    Put on your Sunday best, team — we’re gonna sue Sears!

  13. kimsama says:

    @SexCpotatoes: Yay!

  14. newtonite says:

    Class action? You’ll get worthless coupons at best. Find something better to do with your time, like go to law school ’cause those lawyers are the only ones who will profit by this. If class action law firms were really interested in your well being, many prior cases would have been handled much better.

    There should be a legal guideline benefiting the consumer in a class action case.