Get Rid Of Telemarketers, Debt Collectors, And Other Vermin With Phone Tones

Chris recorded a little sound file onto his answering machine that stopped a debt collector robot that kept calling him, seeking people who didn’t live there. This .WAV is the U.S. Special Information Tone signal for “vacant circuit”, which signifies and out-of-service or nonexistant number. You know it better as “boo-boo-BOOP!” Chris recorded a new message on his answering machine with the tones at the beginning and the next time the robot called, it thought it was getting a dead line and dutifully erased the number from its system. Voila, automatons be gone. Some places have autodialers that don’t (or have been tweaked) to respond to SIT tones, but if you’ve got a persistent unwanted robot caller, it’s worth a shot.

SIT-VC.WAV [Art Of Hacking]

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