Firing All The Smart People Isn't Working: Circuit City Sales Down 12%

Circuit City’s same store sales for the month of December are down 12% in the U.S., causing some to speculate that firing all the people who understand the products you carry might not be a winning sales strategy.

From the WSJ:

Chief Executive Philip J. Schoonover said, “Our sales performance, while disappointing, was in line with our expectations. The company saw significantly improved performance over the last two weeks of the month, but the sales improvement was not enough to offset the weakness experienced at the beginning of the month.”

So why aren’t you shopping at Circuit City? Tell us what’s wrong.

We’ll get you started with, “Where the hell do you pay?” Every time we’re in a Circuit City there is no one stationed even remotely close to anything that resembles a register. If you do manage to spot someone who is employed by the store, he’s usually c*ck-deep in boxes behind some sort of counter, trying not to cry. If there is something that appears to be a check out aisle, it’s roped off like a museum exhibit. “Gather round, kids. This is what people used to use to execute retail transactions, back in the early 21st century.”

Actually buying something is a 12-step process that involves little public library catalog kiosks that are randomly placed all over the store. Finding someone to able and willing to help you purchase your item is like finding a 1UP in Super Mario Bros., except instead of a free life, you get a sales pitch for an extended warranty. And you’re just buying AA batteries.

Your turn.

Circuit City Sales Fell in December [WSJ]

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