At Home Depot, Larger Signs Mean Higher Prices

Robert sent in this photo he snapped at the Home Depot in Frederick, Maryland on January 4th. “The cashier rang up all three at first and they came up as $11.97. Scanning them one by one set the price to $3.33.” Maybe the extra $2 is for the stackability of the containers. After all, you don’t get that feature with just one.

(Thanks to Robert!)


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  1. snoop-blog says:

    that extra $2 is for the ink they used in making that sign. is is just me or is toner extremely expensive these days?

  2. Kounji says:

    Sounds like a bug to me. Home Depots computer software is fairly dated, same thing with Lowe’s they really need to jump into the modern age

  3. Echodork says:

    Yes, sometimes retail outlets misprice items, and sometimes signs don’t match what rings up at the register. However, I’m pretty much done caring about this… it’s not something I need to know about three times a day. It will happen in every store, at every retailer, every week. As long as you watch the register and speak up when something doesn’t make sense, you’ll avoid getting screwed.

    When a store refuses to honor their own advertising, that’s news and I’ll read about that.

  4. eelmonger says:

    Lots of stores have promotions where you have to buy X things to get the sale price. From the two signs pictured it’s clear that buying 3 costs $11.97 and buying 1 costs $3.33. What’s the problem here?

  5. qwickone says:

    @eelmonger: USUALLY when you buy X amount to get the sale price, it costs LESS than if you bought them separately. Here, it costs about $2 MORE to buy 3.

  6. eelmonger says:

    @qwickone: Oops, didn’t even think about what the prices were, yeah this is a bum deal. It’s probably what I said, except the items got reduced in price while the 3 for $11.97 promo was still going. You have to give them credit though, their signage completely matches how it rings up at the register.

  7. rjhiggins says:

    Hmm. Consumerist writes sarcastic headlines atop stories about sweatshops in China, implying that it’s “old news” and thus unimportant. And yet we continue to get these stupid posts about one sign in one store with the wrong price on it, an obvious human error. Somehow this is more interesting?

  8. billbillbillbill says:

    I noticed the same sign in Home Depot in Utah. Not just one store!