Ads For Gays Focus On Exactly What You'd Expect

Ad Guy #1: Okay, these gays have money. How do we get it?
Ad Guy #2: They like wangs! And cross-dressing!
Ad Guy #1: Done! [They high five.]
Radar takes a look at eleven gayish ads that range from over-the-top crass to “Well, if you want to see it that way” coy. For the most part, since it’s just another specialty demographic, the ads are no more interesting than the ones created for Ebony or Rumspringa! Magazine. A few, though, are head-shakers. Our vote for the most ridiculous: Air Canada’s promise to shove an airplane up your butt. Because gays like that.

con_adcrossdressingbusinessman.jpg“With Subaru, it’s all about subtlety,” says John Nash, whose agency, Moon City, apparently designed this ad for the elusive tranny demo. “Ads can be playful, but never crass. … Maybe he likes to cross-dress, who knows?”

“Gay For Pay” [Radar via Towleroad]

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