(And Their "Funny" Commercials) Sucks

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This commercial for “” is not only somewhat inaccurate, it advertises a service that is NOT FREE.

Don’t fall for these commercials. Get your real “free credit report” at

As for the dumbass with the guitar living in his in-law’s basement for no reason, Bankrate has some advice:

The issue right now, however, is not how the two of you will share a theoretical debt, but whether his good credit can “catch cold” from your bad credit.

In short, the answer is no. Each of you has a separate history with the credit bureaus and, therefore, a separate credit score. At the same time, if your husband doesn’t help you establish good credit he could suffer as a result. For example, if he does not have sufficient income by himself to purchase a home, he will need you to co-sign in order to qualify for a mortgage. Your income and your credit score may be crucial in qualifying for a lower rate — or even getting the mortgage at all.

Get it? Marrying someone with bad credit does not automatically ruin your credit. You are only responsible for debt accrued after you were married. If you could qualify for a mortgage on your own the day before you married “dream girl” you can qualify for it the day after you married her. Nothing is preventing this tool from being a “happy bachelor with a dog and a yard,” except that he lacks enough income to qualify for a mortgage on his own.

In marriage, good credit can heal bad [Bankrate]

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