Confess Your Money Sins

Personal finance management site Geezeo is running a neat little section where people can leave their “money confessions.” Here’s some of the best so far:

  • “Sometimes I have nightmares about being homeless. I wake up determined to save more money. And then don’t do it.”
  • “I just paid for a pay-per-view movie that I know I have but just didn’t feel like looking for it.”
  • “Just ignored 5 “unknown” callers. Oh I know who they are…Chase, Citi, WAMU. They’ll have to wait another week.”
  • “My six year old daughter this morning: “why can’t I have a credit card like moms?” yikes! “
  • “If I bounce my mortgage check before the 30 day late limit – they will not report to credit agencies… $35 fee gets me 30 more days.”
  • What things are you doing with your money that make you feel guilty? Leave your confessions in the comments.

    Money Confessions [Geezeo]
    (Photo: robinryan)

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