Question Customer Service Authority

The advice for high-powered business travelers trying to get through travel emergencies offered in the New York Times article, “When It’s Time to Call the Cavalry,” can apply to anyone trying to get out of a customer service bind. In it, Paul Tucci, author of “Traveling Everywhere: How to Survive a Global Business Trip,” says:

“Normally travelers will take whatever someone says. Challenge it. I’ll say, ‘I know how airports work and I know where the bag is.'” Mr. Tucci advises being kind and polite but assertive. “When it’s an emergency, I don’t obey the rules. I’ll go to the front of the queue. Do what you need to do.”

Question. Insist. No is not an answer. Get what you want by being clear, direct, calm and in control.

When It’s Time to Call the Cavalry [NYT]
(Photo: de jäck Mamsäll)

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