Personal Finance Roundup

6 Moves for a Prosperous New Year [Kiplinger] “Here’s what you can do now so you can spend a lot less time worrying about your finances throughout the [new] year.”

Post-Holiday Return Policies More Generous This Year [Smart Money] “Due to lackluster holiday sales projections, retailers have loosened their return policies this season. Even though the retailers may be more forgiving this year, there are still some rules of thumb you should follow before you try to return that dud gift.”

Your 5-minute guide to health insurance [MSN Money] “These 29 tips can help guide you through a sometimes bewildering array of options.”

Lies, damn lies and (retirement) statistics [MarketWatch] “Reluctant retirement savers may be scared straight by these data.”

Best time to shop [Bankrate] “Hidden patterns in the retail world reveal a choreographed cycle of off-season discounts, manufacturer price reductions and clearance sales. Discovering the ebb and flow of each retail market means money in your pocket.”

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  1. vitonfluorcarbon says:

    Since I am first to post on this…

    ….one time at band camp…..

  2. KJones says:

    Several who commented on “Lies, damn lies and (retirement) statistics” on the article’s website told how useless the article was. The only people the writer’s “advice” would benefit are those making US$60-100K per year.

    For the average person, I would suggest working overseas, IF you can land a decent paying job and get help with the airfare. Even on a job that pays US$2000 per month, you can net half that if the country has a low tax rate and a low cost of living. I managed that when I worked for a year in Korea, teaching English.