Morning Deals

  • Woot!: Franklin Merriam-Webster Dictionary with MP3 Player for $14.99
  • Amazon: Platinum Nintendo Gamecube Console for $49.99 Shipped
  • Barnes and Noble: Save 40% on one book online when using a Mastercard
  • Highlights From Dealhack

  • Eastern Mountain Sports: Post Holiday Sale: Save up to 50% off Clothing & Gear
  • B&H Photo: Black or Silver 80GB iPod Classic $229 Shipped
  • Amazon: Kitchen & Dining Gear Savings of 50% or More


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  1. MarvinMar says:

    Barnes and Noble: Save 40% on one book online when using a Mastercard

    I thought you could not offer a deal for using a certain credit card. If this is good for Mastercard, then it has to work for Visa and AMEX too.

  2. JMH says:

    Dictionary… slash…. mp3 player? What?

  3. darkened says:

    @MarvinMar: Master card has in it’s terms that no store policy can disadvantage it to other cards.

    IE requiring ID for purchases for master card but not visa, having a min. purchase for MasterCard not visa.

    I believe MasterCard does not technically disallows any of these as long as they are applied equally, however since Visa bans many of these practices, it hence bans them for MC since most stores take Visa & MC if they take any credit.

    Bought my GameCube from today, a memory card, new controller and Harvest Moon Magical Melodies, upgraded my account to free Amazon Prime for a total purchase price of $108 and will have everything delivered Jan. 2nd. Not shabby at all as their stand super saver shipping was making it look like Jan 9th-15th delivery.