U.S. Airways Strands Woman In Wheelchair On The Tarmac?

This story has plenty of salaciousness and few details, but here we go: A woman is claiming that U.S. Airways employees helped her off of her flight from Bakersfield to Las Vegas, then left her parked in a wheelchair on the tarmac, causing her to miss her connection to Orlando. Eventually, another employee found the woman, wheeled her into a hallway and left. The woman’s daughter says that the employee told her mother, “this is not my job, but I can park you here.”

Her daughter told WKMG in Orlando:

“She called me at 3 a.m., crying hysterically because she didn’t know what to do and no one would help her.”

U.S. Airways responded:

“We are not happy to hear about this incident. We will work with our employees because that is not how we deal with our customers.”

Wheelchair-Bound Woman Left On Tarmac [Local 6]
Woman stranded on tarmac [CNN] (Thanks, Lucas!)

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