Reminder: We Have No Contact Info For Wal-Mart (Do You?)

A reader asks us, “I was wondering how I can contact WalMart Executive customer service. I am facing a return issue and have been completely unsuccessful with in store customer service, over the phone 1-800-WALMART, or the online submittal form.” Sorry, Arin, the only other number we’ve been able to locate is the generic corporate offices number in Bentonville, Arkansas: 479-273-4000. The company also has executive offices in Times Square, New York, at 1372 Broadway—but no public contact information for that address. If anyone has anything, please send it in or post it, kthx.

And just to remind anyone reckless enough to shop online at their innovative “Customer Contact Reduction Program,” launched a few months ago, means there’s no way to receive customer support over the phone for online customers. Your contact with them has been reduced in order to keep prices low.

(Thanks to Arin!)


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  1. darkened says:

    i thought walmart’s number was 1-800-GET-BENT

  2. mantari says:

    I’m sure that [executive customer service] is a can of worms that Wal-Mart does NOT want to open!

  3. crashman2600 says:

    Maybe you can séance with the late Sam Walton. I’m sure he is turning over in his grave at the way Walmart turned out.

  4. paco says:

    Good luck with that. Wal-Mart may be the most opaque company in the world.

  5. rwakelan says:

    for the employees I know about, the email address is This might not be true for executives, but could be worth a shot. So try

  6. m4ximusprim3 says:

    Nothing like the “black box retail” theory.

    Put your money in one end, hope your product comes out the other, and beat on the box when it craps the wrong goods.

  7. UpsetPanda says:

    I was going to write to Consumerist with this story, but it sort of got resolved before it escalated to the point where I needed to find information to contact ECS.

    I ordered Guitar Hero III a few weeks ago, and it said it was in stock on the website. After the 48 hours processing time, I e-mail Wal-Mart (as reported on Consumerist before, it’s the ONLY method they advertise on the website) and ask what is going on. No response.

    A day later, I am still giving them the benefit of a doubt because I know call centers get a lot of e-mail. Another day and I call 1-800-WAL-MART. I punch in my order code and lo and behold, the automated message tells me my item is backordered. At this point, I’m getting a little angry because I wanted it here for Christmas.

    I e-mail Wal-Mart again, this time threatening a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. I get an e-mail from a CSR saying she’s investigating my order. I get a call the next morning and the woman tells me that the item is backordered, it said in stock on the website because at the time, there was stock but the fulfillment center couldn’t fulfill the orders as quick as they came in so even though it said in stock, it wasn’t.

    Wonderful. I tell her to cancel my order (and they don’t allow you to do this on the website either, saying as soon as you hit ‘place order’ it can’t be canceled, which IMO sucks). I hang up the phone, kind of bummed I won’t be getting the gift I want to give to someone, and a few minutes later I get another phone call from the same CSR. This time she tells me she talked to her supervisor and her supervisor said that the items were NOT backordered and that they have found one for me in the warehouse and they will try to push that through as soon as possible. She doesn’t even bother to ask, “do you want to go through with your order” she says, “your order has not been canceled.” At this point, I’m like “whatever, let’s see where this goes” but a few days later, I get yet ANOTHER phone call from a different CSR who tells me that it turns out, this item is backordered, and would you like to cancel your order or wait.

    I canceled, got the last one at a store before Christmas. People were happy, Wal-Mart gets no money from me after all.

  8. Major-General says:

    I’ve gotten good and bad responses with 800-Wal-Mart. It may also debend on what the issue is, since mine where I waited for a tire rotation for two hours because the bay was being worked on went somewhere because the bay was being worked on for an hour before I got there.

    My complaint about being charged sales tax on food in California didn’t, because the computer is never wrong.

    Keep calling, and do it in store. That’s the best part, standing at customer service calling customer service. I did that once at CompUSA, but of course no one answered their phone.

  9. Anks329 says:

    This may or may not help, but the investor relations and media contact numbers are also publicly available in their SEC filings. At least it isn’t a 800 number with an automated pickup. I haven’t tried the numbers yet, so I don’t know who picks up, but here they are:

    Investor Relations Contacts
    Investor Relations 479-273-8446
    Carol Schumacher 479-277-1498
    Anthony Clark 479-277-9558
    Media Relations Contact
    John Simley 800-331-0085

  10. n/a says:

    I want to call bullshit on this, I was able to actually reach a real person at the 1-800 number for online orders, i chose the option to make an order but i was able to ask the lady to see what the status of my already placed order was and she was able to give me the info, so unless yall are needing other info i have to call partial bullshit.

  11. UpsetPanda says:

    @D3Anon: You definitely can get a real person through 1-800-WAL-MART, but it takes a lot of effort to get through their menus and incessant insistence that you can resolve all of your woes online through their website. They really don’t want to talk to you.

  12. luckybob343 says:

    The whois information for several Wal*Mart domains is hidden/non-compliant, but and both have limited whois information courtesty of

    The email addresses they list for web issues are and So there’s an unfamiliar domain name they may use for internal emails.

    A google search for various wal-mart domains with “us” replacing “www” turned up THIS link:


    There, store managers email addresses are given as
    first initial, middle initial, first five letters of the last name, a period, a lowercase “s” followed by the six-digit store number, usually beginning with 0. The domain is “”. If Homer J. Simpson worked at store 012345, his email address would be:

    If he managed a Sam’s Club, it’s a five-digit store number and the domain is “

    The store manager’s name is always posted by the customer service desk, so there’s an initial point of contact.

    All U.S. Wal*Mart execs have effectively kept their email addy’s off the web. A look at two Mexican Wal*Mart exec’s addresses and Wal*Mart China addresses, found here and here:


    shows that the domain for foreign communication is, but also shows that you can not predict how the name will appear. Some are first and last names, some are initials and some are a combination of both with numbers thrown in.

    Sorry for the length, but this is what I could find from Google and Yahoo. (slow day at work)

  13. woah, never ever get tires from wal-mart

  14. kc2idf says:


    Maybe you can séance with the late Sam Walton. I’m sure he is turning over in his grave at the way Walmart turned out.

    Where do you think all of their green energy is coming from? He’s rolling over so much they’ve got him spinning a generator!

  15. PermanentStar says:

    Well, I found a listing for Lee Scott as
    (479)273-4600 and another for (479) 277-7000 on which lists it as a work address for offices on 1105 SE 5th Street, Bentonville, AR 72712. And the listing does show his title with Wal-Mart. It also does list some of the executives home numbers and addresses, but not sure that I would go that far.

    Their corporate address is listed as
    702 Sw 8th Stree
    Mailstop 0130
    Bentonville, AR 72716-0001

    Link to the names of the senior officers is:


    Hopefully that link works. And I haven’t tried calling any of the numbers, but thought the info might be of use.

    Which is how I started looking up home and work numbers for them via

  16. UCLAJason says:

    President & CEO of Walmart Stores/Supercenters USA: Eduardo Castro-Wright Email Address: Phone: 1-479-277-2430

    Executive VP Walmart Store Operations: Pat Curran Email Address: Phone: 1-479-277-9185 Division-West Mike Moore Email Address: Phone: 1-479-273-4224 Reg.

    Gen. Mgr. VP: (4) JR Lee* Phone: 1-425-576-7400 Reg. Gen. Mgr. VP (9) John Murphy Phone: 1-479-273-4254 Reg. Gen. Mgr. VP (19) Henry Jordan* Phone: 1-916-770-8510

    Reg. Gen. Mgr. VP (20) Ron Acosta* Phone: 1-281-993-3150 Reg.Gen. Mgr. (27) Gisel Ruiz Phone: 1-479-204-8258 Reg. Gen. Mgr. VP (44) Tim Austin Phone: 1-479-277-9556 Reg. HR Director (4) Tome Heidegger* Phone: 1-425-576-7418 Reg.HR Director (9) Earvin Young Phone: 1-479-273-6884 Reg HR (19) Dwayne Algarin* Phone: 1-916-770-8501 Reg. HR Director (20) Clint Leblanc* Phone: 1-281-993-3158 Reg. HR Director (27) Keitha Keene Phone: 1-479-204-8297 Reg Hr Director (44) Carlos Sanchez* Phone: 1-479-277-1775 Division-Mountains (B) Del Sloneker Email Address: Phone: 1-479-273-4549 Reg.Gen.Mgr.Vp (2) Larry Tompkins, 1-479-273-8179 Reg.Gen.Mgr.Vp (7) Ron Medrano, 1-479-273-4222 Reg.Gen.Mgr.Vp (21) Kevin Miller, 1-479-277-1780 Reg.Gen.Mgr.Vp (26) Mark Larsen, 1-479-277-0889 Reg.Gen.Mgr.Vp (42) Kelvin Lynch, 1-479-273-4994 Reg.HR.Director (21) Jennifer Harrington, 1-479-277-1778 Reg.HR.Director (26) Don Brake, 1-479-277-9648 Reg.HR.Director (42) Georgia Sherrill, 1-479-273-8858 Division Northeat (D) Hank Mullany Email Address: Phone: 1-479-277-9222 Reg.Gen.Mgr.VP (5) Steve Maloney, 1-479-273-4736 Reg.Gen.Mgr.VP (11) Paul Busby*, 1-518-435-7006 Reg.Gen.Mgr.VP (17) Don Frienson*, 1-410-771-5604 Reg.Gen.Mgr.VP (18) Lance.De La Rosa*, 1-609-671-3005 Reg.Gen.Mgr.VP (23) Carol Johnston, 1-479-277-2982 Reg.HR.Director (5) Bea Floyd, 1-479-273-8780 Reg.Hr.Director (11) Michah Hawk*. 1-518-435-7007 Reg.Hr.Director (17) Aaron Gillinham*, 1-410-771-5610 Reg.Hr.Director (18) Phil Morris*, 1-267-757-8792 Reg.Hr.Director (23) Elsie Mussi, 1-479-277-0722 Southeast (U) Pam Kohn Email Address: Phone: 1-479-273-4025 Reg.Gen.Mgr.VP (6) David Norman, 1-479-273-8114 Reg.Gen.Mgr. (10) Ronny Hayes*, 1-305-514-2931 Reg.Gen.Mgr.VP (15) Rosalind Brewer*, 1-678-574-4416 Reg.Gen.Mgr.VP (22) Bob Erickson, 1-479-273-4212 Reg.Gen.Mgr.VP (48) Clayton Crosby, 1-479-277-9186 Reg.HR.Director (6) Carla Murray, 1-479-273-6471 Reg.HR.Director (10) Victor maya*, 1-305-514-2943 Reg.Hr.Director (15) Marlene Hunter*, 1-678-574-4416 Reg.HR.Director (22) Sharron Dean, 10479-273-8876 Reg.HR.Director (48) John Moore, 1-479-277-9262 Division Midwest (E) Michael Lewis Email Address: Phone: 1-497-273-8142 Reg.Gem.Mgr.VP (3) David Carmon, 1-479-273-6864 Reg.Mgr.Mgr.VP (14) Todd Libbra* 1-773-380-3756 Reg.Gen.Mgr.VP (41) Judy Evans*, 1-952-346-5374 Reg.Gen.Mgr.VP (43) Glen Gabardi, 1-479-273-4286 Reg.Gen.Mgr. (47) Julie Murphy*, 1-479-277-1664 Reg.Gen.Mgr.VP (49) Jerry Spencer, 1-479-277-1305 Reg.HR.Director (3) Kenneth Ellison, 1-479-273-4647 Reg.Hr.Director (4)Doug Whitney*, 1-773-380-3759 Reg.Hr.Director (41) Krischeile Tennessen, 1-479-277-2949 Reg.Hr.Director (43) Velma Murphy, 1-479-273-8298 Reg.Hr.Director (47) Paula Rossi, 1-479-277-2949 Reg.Hr.Director (49) Bernard Palcisko, 1-479-277-1307 *

    Information from []

  17. UCLAJason says:

    If anyone calls the numbers I listed update what works and does not. Also, update any success stories. I will try to find more and post.

  18. iamme99 says:

    Wow. Great list Jason!

    Has anyone checked SEC documents? Should be some info in there for executives. I found some Dell names this way.

    Also might be some contact names and info in public lawsuits. Maybe someone with a Lexis-Nexis acocunt can check?

  19. duffbeer703 says:

    Wal-Mart is pretty easy to return things to unless you’re really being a jackass. Just stand your ground, stay polite and be patient.