Toy Industry Association Will Announce New Safety Plan In February

Well we’re glad that’s taken care of. Wait… the Toy Industry Association is a trade group, not a federal agency! At any rate, on February 1st the Toy Industry Association, a 500-member strong group, will “release a draft of tough new safety rules, which include a plan to require manufacturers to test toys for hazardous chemicals and defective designs.” According to CNN, the group is drafting the 3-point plan with at least the awareness, if not the help, of the CPSC, and it hopes to have the plan formally certified as the CPSC’s “new standard for toy safety.”

We’re amused/annoyed by the subtle way the TIA continues to push the idea that the bad toys of 2007 aren’t the fault of U.S. manufacturers’ decisions to cut corners. Just take a look at the language in this press release (emphasis ours):

“We are developing a system that will help to assure that products entering the U.S. market meet this nation’s rigorous toy safety requirements, whether those requirements are defined in standards or regulations,” association President Carter Keithley, said in a statement.

Thanks for protecting us from China, TIA! But now who do we ask to protect us from Mattel?

“Toy safety plan to debut Feb. 1” [CNN Money]
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    @martyz: It’s an all-day party here at Consumerist HQ apparently. (Thanks. And fixed!)

  3. dorianh49 says:

    Yeah, I gotta aks: what’s with all the spelling errors in the headlines lately?

  4. homerjay says:

    @dorianh49: Its what happens when you combine egg nog and wassail. Apparently the kids at Consumerist HQ never went to college over Christmas break.

  5. Chris Walters says:

    We stoopid

  6. Chris Walters says:

    There’s also a waiting period between content refreshes, so if we post an error, we’re stuck staring at it for several minutes before the correction goes live. It’s a painful experience…

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    Ditto – I can understand if you can’t correct errors after a post, or have been corrupted by auto-correct or spell check and are devoid of these utilities (or a dictionary) – but I would assume they could be corrected at second glance by an “editor”. Of course I am assuming that means: “One who prepares the literary work of another person, or number of persons for publication, by selecting, revising, and arranging the material; also, one who prepares an edition of any literary work.”

    Versus of course the function of a writer: “A person who can write; one who practises or performs writing”

    Irrespective of this, perhaps there is an easy way to fix this? I know that when I formally write, I have an editor to review the work. Moreover when others write, I am the editor for their work.

  8. Curiosity says:

    @curiosity: Not saying I don’t love the work The Consumerist does!

  9. Just let me ask you something. Is it “February” or “February”? Because I prefer “Febuary” and what is this “ru”?

  10. But seriously, if you spot an error, just send whoever wrote it an email. It’s better than picking on the editors. Save your malice for some of the other posters. THEY deserve it.

  11. Curiosity says:

    Mentioning that is there a way that you can correct an error in your own post?

  12. Pop Socket says:

    In non-typo news, the Fox Association has announced plans for new chicken coop safety standards.

  13. @Pop Socket: Why do chicken coops have two doors?