FCC Regulators Sing, Make Fun Of Our Woeful Unpreparedness For DTV Transition

Meet The Singing Regulators. Regular FCC employees by day, these mellifluous regulators spend their nights performing humorous sendups inspired by the Commission’s work. Their latest song pokes fun at the FCC‘s utter failure to prepare the nation for the planned February 2009 transition to digital television.

On February 19, 2009, stations will stop broadcasting analog signals. Consumers will be unable to receive signals over the air unless they shell out $60 for a digital converter box. Few people know about the transition, or the $40 coupons the government has made available to subsidize the cost of the converter boxes. Where we see a problem, The Singing Regulators see a song.

Bloomberg reprinted the lyrics to Away in a Farm House, sung to the tune of Away in a Manger:

Away in a farm house, no show can I see. I lost all my coupons to get DTV. My friends in the city, they all said, “Relax!” That’s easy to say when you’re wired with co-ax. Looking for help, I went down to the store, I asked for more coupons, they just said “what for?” They sold me a monster, takes up my whole wall. I yearn for the days of my old analog. In Two-Thousand Nine after Super Bowl Week, My analog set will become an antique. I hope that the public will know what to do, For most of my neighbors do not have a clue…

Other hit songs include Joy To The World (the iPhone’s here), and Oh BlackBerry! FCC Chairman Kevin Martin should launch an immediate investigation into The Singing Regulators’ conspicuous absence from YouTube.

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