30 sites to find cheap airline tickets. We’ve heard of most of these places but some are new to us. [Travelhacker]


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  1. LiC says:


    They list cheap fares that aren’t anywhere else, I swear I cannot find this American Airlines flight to Frankfurt anywhere else.

  2. mattatwork says:

    http://www.yapta.com – Tracks your flights after you’ve purchased them and e-mails you if the price drops below what you paid so you can get a voucher/refund.

    And if you travel a lot – TripIt.com allows you to forward all your reservations (car, hotel, plane, etc.) to plans@tripit.com and it will organize your itinerary.

  3. ktoth04 says:

    @ MATTATWORK thanks for the tripit tip!

  4. boston515 says:

    @LIC One must be a registered student or faculty to receive discounted flights. In addition, official verification is needed before your order will be completely processed. Also, be careful traveling internationally; I once had to spend an extra day in Marseille, France, because StudentUniverse did not submit the proper tax information (“Tax Basis”) to the airline. They’re customer service closed just as the Air France customer service opened in France. I had to wait around until 2PM in France because the Student Universe’s customer service didn’t open until 8AM in the U.S.