Reach The Dell Customer Advocates

If you’ve exhausted the normal routes of solving your problems with Dell, try sending an email to

Commenter IVEALWAYSGOTMAIL10 says, “I have used this email address to take care of issues that I had spoken to countless supervisors about.”
Commenter JOHNP AT DELL says, “I’ve seen how the people at work with customers, and they are some of our best tech support and customer care troubleshooters.”

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  1. beavis88 says:

    I’ve had good experiences with these guys (and gals, I assume). They’ve even gone so far as to post unsolicited responses to problems with Dell products on (non-Dell) messageboards. Now why they can’t just hire another couple thousand of them to handle regular support, I don’t know… :)

  2. sporks says:

    I’ll have to pass this info onto a friend who is trying to get Dell to repair her laptop. Thanks, consumerist!

    But the real question here is why don’t they treat -every- problem as serious as the ones that are routed through here? It might not be as cost effective as handing the job to an outsourcing company, but I (and I’m sure millions of others) would pay more on a product knowing I’d be treated like a real person when I had a problem.

  3. Ben Popken says:

    Another tip that can save people lots of hassle is to order through Dell Small Business rather than Home Office. Their Small Business customer service is tons better.

  4. Invisobel says:

    @sporks: You answered your own question, “It might not be as cost effective…”. God bless good ole American Capitalism!

  5. Kevin Cotter says:

    I’ve generally had great experience with Dell and their support. I’ve worked in IT, and businesses tend to buy business models – Latitude and Optiplex, with Gold Warranty, and Complete Care for laptop. That combination will almost always get you the best support.

    If you want to save money and can afford to have your computer down for a while to ship it back and forth for repairs buy the cheap models. If it’s critical to be up and running, buy the business line, they cost a bit more, but when you need mission critical hardware and support you have to pay for it.

    The consumer models (Inspiron or Dimension) have razor thin profit. With such small profit on consumer models, why should they care if they lose a customer? They go into the red as soon as they have to support you in any way.

    Dell knows where their bread and butter is – businesses. I always buy the business models – Latitude and Optiplex with Gold Warranty. They are better tested, and have better reliability. I do try to save a few bucks and buy at the outlet store – []

    All the major computer manufacturers have dual business/consumer lines. I am a fan of Optiplex desktops, Latitudes are ok, but I’d prefer Toshiba’s business laptop.


  6. tripnman says:

    As a business owner, I purchased a Dell machine with 24 hour (nights and weekends included) warranty support. Thankfully, I haven’t needed it until last week.

    On Thursday, the machine started to overheat. The first call to support diagnosed the problem as a video card fan, but the call was disconnected before the ticket could be completed.

    The second call to support didn’t go well, as I was told in no uncertain terms that I did not understand the definition of “next day” and that it really means three to five days. Huh? This technician was unable to confirm whether or not I needed just a fan replaced, or the whole video card, and asked me to call back.

    Tech number three was an ass. He confirmed that the needed fan was integrated onto the video card and that both would be replaced. However, he also told me that expecting next day service was unreasonable, and that some one would be in touch within a week to set up a service call. Utter bull****.

    Thursday evening I launched an EECB (thanks Consumerist!) and received a call from the Consumer Advocate at 7am Friday morning. They promised to dedicate themselves to resolving the problem and indicated that the needed parts would be shipped overnight for a Saturday on-site repair. Friday afternoon, they called back and said that “policies and procedures” were in place that prevented them from getting the part out and that someone would be in touch on Monday. They even tried to pass the blame onto the third party contractor that does the on-site work, even though it was Dell that couldn’t get them the part. How frustrating – over an eight hour day, no one could drop a part into an overnight package? I think they have the Comcrap turtles working in their warehouse.

    Monday, the first tech that called said that he wouldn’t do an evening appointment. The second tech that called was great, we set up an appointment and he showed up on time – WITH THE WRONG PART.

    The “Consumer Advocate” phoned me Tuesday morning to see how things went, and they got an ear full. The only contact I’ve had since then was an automated e-mail thanking me for contacting warranty support ON THURSDAY OF LAST WEEK and letting me know that someone would be in touch to set up an appointment. To add insult to injury, this e-mail reminded me to keep my warranty updated to avoid costly downtimes. What a joke.

    I wonder when my “next day” repair will actually be completed? So far, I am not at all impressed by the power of my so called advocate.

  7. magus_melchior says:

    Oh, lovely. The model in the pic is the same as my work PC.

  8. magus_melchior says:

    @magus_melchior: On closer inspection, it’s a slightly wider model. Still, seeing a BSoD on a model with the same general design was unsettling.

  9. themaninthedark says:

    I have just had a bad customer service experience with Dell, so I am tossing this out there.

    Michael Dell
    3400 Toro Canyon Rd
    Austin, Texas 78746

    Here is a nice picture of his house.


    While I don’t have a HOME PHONE NUMBER, there is a small business called Renaissance Builders listed out of Michael’s Home. Their number is (512) 347-7000.

  10. themaninthedark says:

    * Michael Dell
    Chairman and CEO

    * Donald Carty
    Vice Chairman and CFO

    * Ronald Garriques
    President, Global Consumer Group

    * Michael Cannon
    President, Global Operations

    * Mark Jarvis
    Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer
    (Dude, You’re Getting An Email!)

    * Lawrence Tu
    Senior VP, General Counsel

    * Susan Sheskey
    Senior VP, Chief Information Officer

    * Andrew Esparza
    Senior VP Human Resources

    * Paul Bell
    Senior VP and President, Americas

    * Stephen Felice
    Senior VP and President, Asia

    * David Marmonti
    Senior VP, President, Europe, Middle East and Africa

    * Brad Anderson
    Senior VP, Business Product Group

    * Jeffrey Clarke
    Senior VP, Business Product Group

    * Martin Garvin
    Senior VP, Worldwide Procurement

    * Alex Gruzen
    Senior VP, Dell Product Group

    * Joan Hooper
    Vice President, Finance, Chief Accounting Officer

    * William Gray
    Board of Directors

  11. Do_They_Get_It says:

    As someone who has done customer service both B2B and consumer2business, I myself am extremely irritated. Unfortunately, I know why their customer care department has earned the moniker “Customer Care-NOT” and why they are unable to even do the simpliest of Customer Care Tenants. I’m still trying the Policy and Procedure of Lean Global Framework to work it out because I see where their BIG vacuum in their customer service philosphy lies and there are gems in their framework…just got to find them.

    But because I need to vent too. Today, I have talked to 8 different departments (6 of which I was transferred to in error) and have yet to have a single employee allow me to speak to supervisor nor have they even offered to escalate my situation. I decided to let it drop for today when my call was accidently dropped by Dell. What is even worse, part of my job duties is computer consulting which makes it hard for me to believe they are concerned about their emerging markets (DOI?)

    At least HP, irritates me simply because they refuse to deviate from their Customer Service Script. (Clarification for those who have not had the pleasure: “I’m sorry, I am unable to service your request. I need to escalate your problem to XXXX, I will be transferring you directly. But first may I ask have I been able to resolve your problem for you today?” )

  12. JAQUEBAUER says:

    Today, I have experienced the worst, most incompetent service I have ever recieved from placing a call (MORE LIKE 5) to dell. It seems no one listens, no one cares, and you cant get to anyone with authority. They dont know their products, their policies, or much beyond being polite.
    I am just a consumer, who spent some hard earned dollars, and now no longer count after the sale.

    My advice…..dont buy a dell.

  13. Matt Greenberger says:

    I tried the e-mail address above and I’ve received no response. I’ve spent hours trying to get my Mom’s new refurbished-from-Dell laptop to connect and print with a printer. I’ve tried three brand-new printers (not Dells). All have the same problem with the laptop. Dell says it’s the printers – imagine that. Dell did offer to trouble-shoot the problem for $69. Over my dead body. Printing is not a standard application?

    It looks like I’m headed toward an ECB, so thanks for the list, themaninthedark.

  14. mrgrim257 says:

    I purchased a inspiron e1705 in 2006 and soon after maybe three months I experienced my first hardware problems so far from dell I have received.

    5 lcd screens
    2 graphics cards
    1 harddrive
    1 motherboard
    1 new keyboard
    2 dvd drives

    as well as other odds and in’s I have felt for a long time that my system was a lemon if with two trips to the dell factory and pretty much replacing every part on my computer except the fans and speakers something must be really wrong I just had my computer repaired again but I think it will only last 3-6 months maybe less before it breaks again I purchased the extended warranted so I am covered till 2011 but I live in constant anticipation of the next breakdown and being without my computer for 2 to three weeks if they take it back to the shop I am a college student and cant afford to be without my computer for that amount of time on a regular basis I do save all my work on a flash drive but I am very unhappy with my Dell computer. So now still under warranted I asked about Dell just giving me a new laptop and found out that was only possible in the first 21 days even after the supervisor reviewed all the problems and parts that had been replaced I was told all they could do is ship me parts have them installed and I would just have to wait for my pc to break before I could repete the process and people on the other side of the would could listen to the symptoms and guess what the problem might be and yes they do fix the problem but there has to be come cause all their parts can’t have a 3 to 6 month life something is very wrong with Dell I would like to get a copy of my complete repair history so if anyone has a idea of how to make that possible that would be great I feel with a copy of this list I might be able to get someone at Dell to really listen and replace my laptop.

  15. unclescrooge says:

    Oh man…I just got stuck in Dell-hell. I ordered a component from their Small Business website and their system said it shipped when it had not. Moreover, their Customer Care manager told me that he was not sure when I would get my order nor would he allow me to cancel my order. To make it even more horrific, he informed me that even if he cancelled my order he would not give me my money back but instead I would have to accept a credit. I had a fit and contacted law enforcement officials who took reports. Today someone from their care department called me to discuss my complaint to their website. This guy, also from a call center in India, made it clear to me that I, as the customer, was the bad guy for expecting Dell to provide me with the products I pay for in a timely manner or for demanding that I get my money back if I cannot have the product I requested.

    I have figured out that the problems may be related to their Indian call center but I think that has more to do with employees scared to death of losing their jobs so they will never deviate to help the consumer. They will always toe the line for the company…no matter how right you are and how wrong they are.

    Just my thoughts….

  16. Johnny2bad says:

    I sent an e-mail to the address and just got a form letter back. Should I reply again?

    I have a XPS laptop thats less than 3 weeks out of warranty and I think the video card died. I spoke with a CSR and got nowhere. A supervisor in the tech dept said they’d scan it for free and after getting all my contact info the call disconnected and they never tried to reach me.

  17. Danzo says:

    Dell giving a damn is a myth apparently.

    Thank you for contacting Dell, and we are here to help. This mailbox is no longer being supported, but there are several other options to get Dell assistance.

    Did you know that most technical and order issues can be easily resolved online at You can also get assistance for Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP at or at Microsoft Forums.

    If you were unable to solve your issue online, you can get Dell contact information by going to

    We strive to always meet or exceed your expectations. If you have gone through the normal support channels described above and your issue is still not resolved, please click here to report it to us so that we can help remedy the situation; you can expect an eMail response back from Dell within 1 business day.

    Dell Support