Brawndo Becomes A Real Product, Gets Taste Tested

Remember Brawndo from “Idiocracy”—the world’s best and only beverage, the one that mutilates your thirst, and is so awesome that we even use it for irrigation? It’s now a real product, for those of you who enjoy mixing satire about commercialism with actual commercialism. (Wait—how does that work?) Naturally nobody over 12 years old or sane will probably want to actually taste it—it’s just another bad energy drink with fun packaging—so Sarah at CalorieLab has taken a bullet for the rest of us. Good; now we can go back to watching reruns of “Ow My Balls.”

“Taking real-life Brawndo for a test drive” [CalorieLab]


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  1. SaveMeJeebus says:

    What’s an electrolyte?

  2. says:

    @SaveMeJeebus: salt

  3. Tim says:

    Almost as ironic as commercializing a communist icon..oh wait…

  4. Dick.Blake says:

    such delicious irony…

  5. teh says: What’s sarcasm?

  6. warf0x0r says:

    @SaveMeJeebus: It’s what plants crave… duh.

  7. Wow, I thought I was the only one stupid enough to watch the movie and actually try to follow the plot at 3am. Thank you Nacho. Thank you UN. Save us from the Nazi-saurus Rex.

  8. Lin-Z [linguist on duty] says:

    I’m glad we can stop drinking water now. I don’t want to drink the same stuff that’s in toilets!

    it scares me that they are actually producing this.

  9. Michael Belisle says:

    The problem is that nobody saw or has even heard of Idiocracy. The aforementioned lines will go tragically unappreciated.

  10. varco says:

    @belisle: Apparently, the distribution of Idiocracy may have been deliberately restricted by Fox (it’s got a pretty strong anti-consumerism message and calls out companies like Carl’s Jr. and Starbucks by name). I wouldn’t say it’s the greatest movie ever made, but it wasn’t the worst either (and had both a message and a decent cast).

  11. warf0x0r says:

    @GitEmSteveDave: Nazi-saurus Rex was like the greatest thing I’ve ever seen… okay maybe not the greatest but it was better than the entire crap-fest that called itself transformers.

  12. Tim says:

    Didn’t they make an actual Slurm? Why would I buy a soda with the thought of how its made in my mind? yuuck.

  13. n301dp says:

    But wait…it’s got electrolytes!

  14. shades_of_blue says:

    I really enjoyed the movie, but I’ll stay away from the movie inspired energy drink.

    ‘I could really go for a Starbucks right now…’

  15. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    Wouldn’t we rather have President Not Sure than what we have now?

  16. shan6 says:

    Ahh what a great movie. That being said, I might buy ONE can, and keep it on a shelf as a souvenir, if it came with the DVD/BD/HD DVD.

  17. shiny says:

    Interesting — where can I find this in my local city-sized, warehouse store?

    “Welcome to Costco… I love you…”

  18. It’s got what plants need.

  19. @varco: Yeah, but Starbucks was a strip club, I mean, a painters club. I would be more apt to visit Starbucks if it was like the movie one.

  20. Canadian Impostor says:

    I would probably tune in and watch “Ow, My Balls” if it were on TV.

  21. KJones says:

    Could you imagine if this drink became the paid stadium sponsor of the Florida Marlins? Ba-dum-bam!





    (Get it? Marlin Brawndo Stadium?)

  22. 92BuickLeSabre says:

    @KJones: Niiiice.

  23. nursetim says:

    I am of the same opinion, but the first ten minutes of the movie, where they explain how the population becomes so dumb, was the best part of the movie. The yuppie couple reminded me of my brother and sister in law. I would buy the collectors edition if it came with a can of Brawndo.

  24. Erskine says:

    “Brought to you by Carl’s Jr.”

    Carl’s Jr. — “Frak you, I’m eating!”

  25. suburbancowboy says:

    So Fox buries the Mike Judge movie (just like they did with Office Space) about commercialization and how a beverage destroys the entire country’s agricultural industry.
    Then Fox, after burying the movie, decides to market the very drink that destroys society in the movie.

    Isn’t it ironic? Don’tcha think?

    Who are the ad wizards who came up with this idea? I mean hey!

  26. Murdermonkey says:

    Ill buy 1 and only 1 out of my love for the electrolytes.

  27. peggynature says:

    @Canadian Impostor: It is. It’s called Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, aka The Best Show on Television.


  28. spookyooky says:

    I want to sit back in my velour track suit, watch some “Ow my balls” and drink a whole bunch of Brawndo.

    I mean come on, it’s got electrolytes.

  29. synergy says:

    It amuses me that so many here also saw Idiocracy. :) Not the greatest movie, but decent.