FiOS For $99 A Month, Except When It's Really $114

Kevin Cowherd of the Baltimore Sun was recently offered an exciting new Verizon FiOS bundle at his home:

“Have I got a deal for you,” he said.

He handed me a brochure.

On one side, it said: “Bring the Excitement Home.”

On the other, it said: “TV + Internet + Phone. $99.99 a month. Plus a free 19-inch HD LCD TV.”

There hadn’t been much excitement at home lately, so I let him stick around for a minute.

He said that Verizon FiOS was the best, most super-duper TV, Internet and phone bundle of all time.

It will completely change your life, he said, with the fastest cable and greatest all- fiber-optic network and unlimited calling anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

“And all for just $114 a month,” he said.

OK, let me say right now that I am not a numbers guy. That’s one of the reasons I got into this business, because if you throw a lot of numbers at me, it’s nap time.

But even I could figure out the price had jumped in 10 seconds.

“What happened to Bring the Excitement Home for $99.99?” I asked.

“Well,” the guy said, “to get all that excitement, you need converter boxes for your TVs. For three TVs, it would be $114.”

Mr. FiOS went on to say that he could not give Mr. Cowherd the $99 price because “there’s no box to check that says ‘Resident does not want converter boxes.’ That’s why it’s $114.”


Bundles of joy? Not from these FiOS [Baltimore Sun]

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