A reader describes his frustrating experience with figuring out whether or not he’s actually going to get what he ordered from Buy.com on time. [Don’t Buy From Buy.Com]


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  1. alfista says:

    Frustrating, sure, but I find buy.com to be fairly easy to work with. I’m sure they will be cranking to get stuff out and delivered by the holiday. If they fail, give a picture as the present and expect it will be in hand shortly, and then go back to Buy.com after the fact, ask for a discount for the failed holiday (maybe in the form of a credit) and give that to the person you are giving the gift to as well.

  2. headon says:

    @ALFISTA: Everything is fine in your happy little world eh. Now put down the splif and listen up.

    The company should be more responsive. They have crap customer service and they need to fix it.

  3. warf0x0r says:

    imho buy.com is the “Eddie Bower” of the online ordering world. I’m surprised people still use it.

  4. whatdoyoucare says:

    I had a lot of trouble last Christmas when I ordered 4 sets of books for them. 2 sets came and no word on the other 2. The website showed some were in stock. I called costumer service (and got someone in India) and was told they would be shipped immediately. A few days and nothing. I called back and they said they would be shipped right away. Again a few days later and nothing. The 3rd time I called they said they didn’t have them and didn’t know when they would get them back in. If someone would have been honest with me I could have ordered the other 2 from amazon and had them in time for Christmas. I wouldn’t order from Buy.com again because of the poor internal communication and the complete run-around they gave me.

  5. jweathers says:

    I’m the writer of the blog linked above, and I want to thank Ben for getting it up so quickly.

    @ HEADON: Thanks for backing me up, it’s true and I really didn’t get anywhere until I called corporate and even know I’ve only gotten a reassurance from someone that it would be taken care of, they really do need to fix their customer service because I can guarantee if this keeps happening (which apparently over the past few weeks it has; my case isn’t an isolated incident) they’re going to lose a significant amount of business.

    @ WARF0X0R: The only reason I chose to order with buy.com is because 1.) the surround sound system I got was significantly cheaper and 2.)I took advantage of the deal they had on HDMI cables and literally got one for free ($29.99-19.99=$10, $10 off for google checkout, free shipping = $0.00 charged to my card) that was shipped promptly and arrived here like 3 days before it was supposed to, I was hoping for a similar experience since I was actually paying for something this time.

  6. snazz says:

    @headon: their customer service is crap so their prices can be the lowest. you either get price or service, never both. it amazes me that people demand outstanding customer service from bargain companies

  7. num1skeptic says:

    @warf0x0r: ok call me a noob, but what does ‘imho’ mean?

  8. headon says:

    @Snazz: Yes you can, Costco, BJ’s, He did not demand “outstanding” customer service he expected satisfactory customer service. He received piss poor customer service.

    WARF0X0R: ok your a noob. It means In My Humble Opinion. Now what the hell is a noob

  9. Imaginary_Friend says:

    @Num1skeptic: it means, “in my humble opinion”. Link [www.noslang.com]

    Buy.com is on my Do Not Shop list for multiple offenses over the years – lying about stock availability, shipping times, and plain old non-communication are their stock and trade.

  10. num1skeptic says:

    @Imaginary_Friend: im with ya. they screwed me on my very first transaction. i wish feedback was mandatory on online stores. if everystore had a feedback system similar to ebay, consumers wouldn’t get screwed as often.

  11. Imaginary_Friend says:

    @Num1skeptic: The trouble with that idea is the stores themselves would routinely delete unfavorable posts about themselves or their products (ex: Dell forums).

    There are other places to complain when something goes wrong — like the Consumerist — but not a whole lot of trustworthy places to find store reviews before your purchase. That said, I’ll usually give a quick look at ResellerRatings and the FatWallet Forums before I do business with a new vendor. But overall, when I find a place that has great customer service and decent prices, I stay loyal.


  12. danalinscott says:

    I am still a loyal Buy.con user though I just went through a horrible customer service episode. I agree that Buy.com has the absolute worst customer service I have ever encourntered..and I have been alive over 50 years folks…so that is a LOT of bad customer service to compare it to.

    WHY (you might ask) am I STILL a loyal customer? Because while I was on hold waiting to talk to a “supervisor” at customer service I looked up the REAL Buy.com customer service number. In that 57 minutes and 43 seconds I ALSO looked up the Founder and Chairman’s (Scott Blum) home address and private number as well as the home address and private home numbers of the rest of the top managemnt at Buy.com. (I planned to call them at 3 am (their time if I could not get my problem resoved.) But low and behold by simply calling 1 949 389 2000 (corporate headquaters) I got a very helpful young man who cleared it all up (like a REAL customer service agent SHOULD!) If I ever have need of customer service from Buy.com again I will not bother with the 800 number or emails to their offshore “customer service” boiler room I will just call corporate headquaters. Which is why I am still a loyal Buy.com customer. They do have great deals, free shipping, and (normally) fast service. Now that I have access to Buy.coms REAL customer service I can’t see any reason to discontinue ordering from them.

    I suspect that if enough folks bypass the horrible excuse for a customer service facility that they employ to save money (and lose customers) they will improve it. So remember folks Corporate headquarters phone number is 1 949 389 2000. Call it!

    Now..if I can just set up a small free website with that number so it “googles” easily…

  13. shenanigrams says:


    have to agree here. i have read a lot of negativity toward Buy.com but think it’s all posted by ebay or amazon PR folks (or shoppers bitter about manufacturer MIRs — what cheapskates still use MIRs and when did the manufacturer MIR stop being the responsibility of the manufacturer?).

    here are my stats: in 54 buy.com purchases, i’ve had 3 “bad” experiences (i.e. not totally happy — 2 of the three were resolved satisfactorily). i’ve had 5 bad transaction with amazon out of 67 purchases there (of which 3 were resolved satisfactorily). newegg is 9 for 9.

    make up your own mind but the stats speak for themselves. newegg is reliable beyond compare but only frequented on a rare occassion — amazon and buy.com are neck for neck IMHO.