Top Posts Of The Week

Amazon Sends “Best Customer Service E-mail I’ve Ever Received”
“In the meantime, since fate has conspired against me as well, I will continue the process of gathering material for my novel, (also known as staying employed.) This means that I will certainly be on hand to help you find exactly the right Sharpie should you wish to persevere in your brilliant endeavor.”

CompUSA’s Going-Out-Of Business Discount List
“Looks like for now they’re using the same close-out strategy as when they closed down most of their stores before: offer crappy deals and advertise the heck out of it.”

Walmart “Junior” Panties Suggest That Your Genitals Are Better Than Credit Cards
“The whole prostitution angle is clouding the message of fiscal responsibility.”

“Why I Never Want Anything To Do With Verizon Ever Ever Again”
“Looking at the pending transactions, a charge of $435.03 had been debited from my account the day before. I was stunned.”

Confessions Of A Wii, PS3, iPhone Reseller
“I want to come clean and confess my consumer sins. I am a reseller.”