Email Addresses For 7 UPS Executives

Here are the email addresses for seven UPS executives..

Michael L Eskew, Chairman & CEO –
James P. (Jim) Kelly, Director –
David Abney, President, UPS International –

Senior Vice Presidents:
Jim Winestock, Senior Vice President of US Operations –
Kurt Kuehn, Worldwide Sales and Marketing –
Allen E Hill, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary –
John McDevitt, Strategic Integration –

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  1. FLConsumer says:

    if UPS’ IT department is as bad as their regular shipping is, why bother? It won’t get there, or it’ll get to their inbox just as mangled as our packages shipped via UPS do.

    Probably better to send them your letter via USPS.

  2. bronsthermonster says:

    I think the listing of these e-mails is partially in response to an issue I had. I utilized an executive carpet bomb and sure enough the e-mails worked.

    I got calls from both a corporate customer service manager as well as a local general manager who have promised, and by all evidence, are looking into an issue I had with my local UPS sorting center.

  3. madox says:

    Just to let you guys know: Eskew is in the process of being replaced by Scott Davis, the vice chairman and chief financial officer of UPS.

  4. bronsthermonster says:

    @madox: Wow…that’s good to know. Glad I got my e-mail in before the change happened.

    Fortunately for me, I now have enough contact information for folks below Eskew should I encounter problems in the future.

    Madox, where did you read about Eskew being replaced?

  5. madox says:

    @bronsthermonster: It is pretty much common knowledge for people that pay attention to UPS (or, happen to work for them).

    Other than that, you would have to scroll down to the 28th paragraph of a particular article:


  6. Goth Fan 1 says:

    I had a bad experience with a UPS delivery at the end of November 2009. They accepted a improperly packaged 75-gallon aquarium (bubble wrapped only!) I bought on eBay, charged me $300.00 to deliver it and destroyed it in the process! When I filed a claim and asked for a refund, I was denied due to poor packaging?!? I’d like to send a message to someone way up there but your executive list is somewhat dated and Scott Davis is not listed. Can you help?

  7. Bargeek says:

    I haven’t found the CEO Scott Davis’s email address, but upon doing some digging, I found that Jim Winestock ( former Senior VP of US Operations,) was replaced by Myron Gray. After a few attempts, it seems that Mr. Gray’s email address is Hope this helps anyone who needs to contact an exec. Even the CSR at UPS couldn’t give me the info.