7 Of The Most Controversial Ads In Fashion History

It’s Friday—let’s look at pictures. Debonair Magazine has a rundown of some of the most controversial fashion ads in history. Well, “in history” is a bit overstated, since the oldest is a Jordache spread from 1979, and by today’s standards it looks like something from a brochure for Build-A-Bear. However, a few of the more recent ads are borderline NSFW, especially the pornoriffic Tom Ford For Men. Then again, they all appeared in a fashion mag at one point or another, so if your boss is not so good at debating, you can argue that point and maybe get away with it.

The Tom Ford ad has always confused us: the product is a cologne that a man would wear to (theoretically) smell more attractive to a woman—yet the ad implies the cologne smells exactly like a woman’s nethers, which means the man would attract other men—other straight men? Or he’d attract gay women? This ad is confusing, or else it’s perfect and the product is aimed solely at bisexual masochists. Or maybe tranny hookers.

“The Most Controversial Ads in Fashion History” [Debonair] (Thanks to John!)

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