Borders Corporate Email Address Format

Should you ever have need to send email to a a bunch of people there, the format for Borders Group, which owns all the Borders iterations, Waldenbooks, Schulers Books, and Books Etc, is


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  1. CaptainConsumer says:

    I love Borders. I have in past sent a couple emails thanking them for some of their really fun over the top Harry Potter launch parties for the kids…

  2. timmus says:

    This is good to know… I’ve been wanting to send an email to Brian Igcocksmith.

  3. cuiusquemodi says:

    Long runon words make my brain hurt. Could we format it as [First initial][First seven letters of last name] I don’t know of too many e-mail addresses which use brackets, so it seems easy enough to implement.

  4. Bay State Darren says:

    This is very useful for me actually: I desperately needed to contact Borders employees Wendy Ebmaster, Linda Egal, and Shauna Ales. Thanks, Consumerist!

  5. laserjobs says:

    Does anyone have a contact at Borders for New Acquisitions?

    Here are the rest of the book sellers email formats: –
    Barnes & Noble –
    B& –
    Books-A-Million –
    Borders – –
    Costco –
    Hastings –
    Powell’s –
    Target –
    Tattered Cover –
    WalMart –

  6. yg17 says:

    @Bay State Darren:

    And I need to e-mail Frank Uckyou.

    Oh, this can go on and on…. :D

  7. cvianna1 says:

    Thanks, I am having a problem with a Borders store refusing to keep erotica separated from the general merchandise in the clearance area of the store. I asked the manager if they could use place holders indicating the availability instead and she said it was againtst store policy. This store is 2 blocks from my children’s high school and is a favorite hangout. I could not find email addresses for the corporate managers. This is a big help.

  8. Mary says:

    This is mostly true but not always. Sometimes there are extraneous numbers for no good reason. So YMMV when using this.

  9. Mary says:

    @cvianna1: “I asked the manager if they could use place holders indicating the availability instead and she said it was againtst store policy.”

    To be honest, I never saw erotica in the clearance section. But while I think your complaint is a very valid one, the fact is the bargain section is basically a big tornado of disorganization. When I first started working on the inventory team, I would try in vain to go through and straighten up, putting like items together, etc. The customers would go through and mess it up within hours, and lazy booksellers didn’t help when they put things back wherever they felt like instead of trying to find the proper place. So sadly, I think it might be an uphill battle.

    I don’t see why they couldn’t compromise and put a bargain shelf at the beginning or end of the regular erotica sections though, thus keeping any erotica separated without trying to use placeholders (why there’s a policy against this, I don’t know).

    Now, I have seen the “romantica” books published by Elora’s Cave in the bargain section because they don’t sell well. Technically, they aren’t erotica and are just mixed in with the romance section until they’re on clearance. But they certainly look pretty…steamy.