AA Has Devil Lady For Check-In At Huntsville, Alabama Airport

Rodrigo writes of American Airlines, “In the last 4 travels between me, my wife and my father-in-law, ALL of them had been pretty bad. But the last one was the worst by far.” However, they had lots of miles to cash in, a tight budget, and travel needs, so it was back into the belly of the beast for one more adventure: “First nonsense of the day was when the lady there claimed the maximum was 50 pounds for the luggage. Ok here we go again.”

My wife, suspecting this was coming again since the same thing happened last time, waves a document issued by AA stating that international flights such as this one (to and from an overseas city, including the legs inside US) were 70 pounds maximum…”

The AA lady doesn’t read it and proceeds to repeat the same garbage over and over. My wife waves the document again and again stating: please read this. Is this not an AA policy? Do you question the validity of this? Why don’t you go access the same information. through one ear and out the other.

Sometime later the conversation turned into the AA lady stating to my wife, and I quote: “your daughter cannot travel for free.”. My wife takes out my daughter’s plane ticket, takes out the ticket receipt, and shows her: “oh this is not a receipt”. My wife explains: “here is the amount paid + tax + fee = total, it is printed in the same paper as a plane ticket but it is a receipt, AA said this is the receipt, we paid for it, please call the sales agent if your computer somehow doesn’t show. AA lady: “this is not a receipt, your daughter is not booked in the flight and she cannot go”. My wife: “that is fraud from AA”. At this point I lose it, yell at the AA lady and go away to take care of my screaming daughter (she is 1 year old).

And so the conversation goes on and on for 1 hour and 40 minutes. When it was 10 minutes before the plane departure time somehow, mysteriously, everything gets resolved, my wife gets her boarding passes, luggage gets checked in, no explanations given, no apologies, no nothing.

(Thanks to Rodrigo!)
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  1. jkaufman101 says:

    I’m surprised the AA bitch didn’t threaten to call the police. This would be typical of how they like to throw their weight around. One time, one of those bitches started yelling at me for no reason, and the guy behind me called the police on HER. Her supervisor took her off the line. Who do these people think they are.

  2. comopuedeser says:

    You should submit this to American Way magazine as well. You might be able to get another free flight (that you can’t use) out of it.

  3. castlecraver says:

    Did Rodrigo get this woman’s name?

  4. magic8ball says:

    The only thing that surprises me about this story is that you, your luggage, and your daughter all made it onto the plane.

  5. @magic8ball: ha ha ha — agreed.

  6. parad0x360 says:

    The question is…why are airline people such ass’s? They hate it when people complain yet most often they are the very reason. They act stupid and expect people to put up with it.

    God I hope when they fly they go through the same crap

  7. ChrisC1234 says:

    @parad0x360: Because they’re crapped on by both irate customers (some who may legitimately be irate, but others are not) AND by the company they work for. It seems like the airlines are a textbook case of how NOT to run a company.

  8. djxspike says:

    Ok I live in AL – not far from Huntsville – close enough that it’s an option… and everyone I know and have talked to knows… you DO NOT fly out of/into Huntsville. It’s just a given. Sadly they didn’t get the memo.

  9. kepler11 says:

    First, if you run into a clueless employee who is making your life difficult, ask to see their supervisor, don’t waste more of your energy.

    Second, there is something missing in this story. What are you not communicating properly to the agent? why did she say your daughter cannot fly for free? Why are you having to take out a receipt to show that your daughter has a ticket?

    More details are needed if this is to make sense, even from the customer’s perspective.

  10. tchmanz28 says:

    Sounds like he and his wife could have handled the situation differently. Maybe not, but I’m guessing waving papers at the lady ain’t gonna loosen her up. Anyone who works at an airport is already gonna be on their last nerve during holiday season…

  11. BlinkyGuy says:

    I was surprised during a recent trip that most airlines have dropped the luggage allowance from 70 to 50 pounds. There was also a substantial increase in the cost for extra bags and overweight. Now I will check before each flight.

    Perhaps the document your wife was waving was outdated because the AA website shows 50 lbs. as the allowance.

    I do not understand exactly what happened with the child’s ticket. And surely during an hour and 40 minutes the agent must have said something to try to resolve the issues – like charge for the excess luggage – not just stand there in silence while the customer talks for almost two hours. We are missing pieces to show us that the customer was acting reasonably and the agent unreasonably.

  12. Pylon83 says:

    The first thing she did wrong (or one of them) was staring to throw around legal terms that she and the agent don’t know the real definition of. Employees automatically go on high alert when someone starts to threaten (or in this case imply) legal action.

  13. Bruce Bayliss says:

    Rule #1: DON’T SHOUT

    Rule #2: Make sure you’re talking about the same thing.

    Rule #3: If you don’t make headway, escalate.

  14. Citizen14x says:

    Isn’t this the same airlines that tried to get all their hourly workers to take a 1/3 pay cut and have all the executives keep their golden parachutes. After that, I made a decision never to fly AA.

  15. ChiefDanGeorge says:

    My girlfriend was getting hassled by a Continental agent for a frequent flier ticket I gave her, however the agent finally allowed her to travel on the confirmed ticket. Agents are people and therefore can be assholes when they have a bad day.
    This idea of escalate is quite funny. Unless you are at a major airport, most likely there is no one on site to escalate to. Most of the airlines flying out of my local airport work the check in counter before the flight, then disappear to work the boarding gate. I am happy most days when I go that there is someone working checkin.

  16. Maude Buttons says:

    @kepler11: Thank goodness you’re on the case.

    /end theme song, “kepler11, Internet Detective”

  17. Repeat after me: “I want to speak to a manager.”

  18. quail says:

    AA has had morale problems since the late 80’s. Numerous strikes, employee and management antagonism, corporate culture, etc. The times I had to fly them in the 90’s I always had a bad experience. Surly flight attendants, and delayed or damaged luggage.

  19. JustAGuy2 says:


    I agree, I’ve run into some pretty dense and obstinate airline employees in my time, but there’s something missing here.

    The OP was clearly travelling to Brazil (only country where AA allows 70lb suitcases), and the AA agent may well have not been familiar with that exception to the 50lb rule (probably not a lot of people travelling Huntsville-Dallas?-Brazil). No excuse for being rude, but still…

    The “waves a document” brings to mind an image of someone immediately irate, rather than someone trying to resolve a problem.

    Yelling never solves anything, and losing it at the AA agent only makes life more difficult.

  20. bohemian says:

    Most of these smaller airports either don’t have a manager or the buttheaded employee will claim they can’t get you a manager for whatever reason.

    It is not just the Airlines that have people that really have some issues far beyond someone just having a bad day. For years our local gas utility had a small local office and one woman in charge of billing issues for the entire town. This woman was awful, you could ask anyone in town and they would recount some awful stupid pointless fight with this woman. After they consolidated into a main out of state customer service center this woman moved to one of the two cable providers and was the supervisor for the billing department. Same nightmare.
    There was one guy who worked at the main DMV office who had the same kind of reputation, people rejoiced when he was finally removed.
    On a smaller scale of all places they have a woman with these same issues at Lowes. She’s rude, unhelpful and can’t operate a cash register. She has refused to accept credit cards because she could figure out how to run that part of the register, refused to accept coupons because she can’t figure out how to run them. Gawd, don’t ask her where anything is. Thankfully they have self serve registers.
    The UPS depot has a guy like this too. I had a co-worker call me for help on his cell phone, this guy was screaming at him because he didn’t think the export form was filled out correctly. The same guy started yelling at me in front of a room full of customers because he didn’t think boxes were packed properly (same as always). I have seen other people get the same treatment. We finally switched shipping carriers because nobody wanted to go to the depot and have to deal with this guy.

    I guess management really doesn’t give a damn as long as enough people keep giving them business.

  21. douglaslive says:

    Just so you know, the AA “employees” in Huntsville don’t work for AA at all. They’re contracted by the airline, so don’t expect much from them in the way of AA knowhow. It sounds like you and your wife were being a little asshole-ish anyway. I’ve seen people like you in my travels…and I try to steer clear.

  22. n8srq says:

    This is exactly why I now fly on Hertz airlines at a maximum altitude of 3 feet above the ground. It may be slower but my luggage can be as heavy as it wants and I don’t have to deal with her.

  23. douglaslive says:

    @djxspike: I live and fly out of Huntsville all the time. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  24. pinkbunnyslippers says:

    And in the words of Dennis Miller: “And exactly when did stewardesses in this country get so f_cking cranky? I know it’s a tough job — there’s got to be a thousand different ways to tie that neckerchief, but why piss on me, huh?”

  25. Chairman-Meow says:

    Around the holidays, the airlines quietly lower the baggage limits simply because there are more people who tend to bring more items (and more weight) than your 2 day tip business traveler.

    As for rude employees, yeah that’s a given since they are being crapped on by customers who feel entitled and their corporate masters who only think about the bottom line. Result – bad customer service for everyone!

  26. kittenfoo says:

    The hassle/expense of air travel has made it so that it is easier for me to drive the 700 miles to visit my sweetie than to book a flight. The drive is 12 hours, give or take, and once you factor in the lines and the hour or so early you are asked to arrive at the airport, which is an hour and a half drive from my house, the difference in time between driving and flying is negligible. And even with $3 per gallon gas, it costs about half as much to drive.

  27. loueloui says:

    Man, I am SO over air travel. First you have your choice of being treated like cattle (Southwest), or peasants (Delta) or criminals (Continental).

    Next, you are subject to the whims, arbitrary rules, and mood of what’s basically a glorified security guard (TSA).

    Then, after you’ve run the gauntlet of disgruntled, and incompetent workers, you may get your flight cancelled, delayed or sit on the tarmac indefinitely.

    If you are lucky enough to arrive at your intended destination, you might find that some scumbag helped himself to your valuables.

    No wonder the airlines can’t make any money. Who in their right mind would want to pay to be treated like dirt.

  28. BigNutty says:

    Any employee that works behind a counter magically transforms into thinking they work for a Government Agency which said employee knows it is almost impossible for them to get fired.

  29. Tracy Ham and Eggs says:

    Since when do international flights fly out of Huntsvile? I ran into this a while back, I was charged for carrying extra weight because while my final flight was international, the flight from Baltimore to NY was not.

  30. jollymonjeff says:

    It was not mentioned specifically in the story, but I have a question:
    Would the baggage weight limits be tied to
    A)The posted policy at the time of ticket purchase
    B)The posted policy at the time of boarding

    Do the airlines typically have the “we can change our rules and not tell you because we damn well please” clause in the ticket language?

  31. firefoxx66 says:

    I agree. I’ve been flying internationally a minimum of 4 times a year since I was about 6 (I’m 21 now) and it’s hell. I grew up loving planes, and now I’m dreading my flight to London in just over a week, because I know I’ll have to fight every step of the way – to check my bags, to ensure they transfer, to get a bus ticket to move from Heathrow to Gatwick, to get anything but rude ignorance on the plane, to check my international sized bags onto a domestic flight once I arrive (explain to me exactly how they’re supposed to magically shrink if I just came off an international flight?), and to get ass-raped by US customs on my return, who seem to have some kind of vendetta against me, a middle-class, twenty-something, white girl.


  32. douglaslive says:

    You know, after re-reading this a few times, I’ve come to the conclusion that it was a SLOW day at The Consumerist. This is a typical axe-grinder looking to get a little attention on the Intertubes, not a person with a legitimate customer service complaint. So much is missing from this story, I can’t believe the editors chose to run it. AA service in Huntsville can be lacking at times, but I’ve never had any problems. This guy’s wife was looking for a fight and got one. Glad I don’t have to live with her.

  33. dowin says:

    I checked the AA web site and it appears to state that at least now you can only take 50lb internationally unless you are going to Brazil:


  34. AA service in Huntsville can be lacking at times, but I’ve never had any problems.

    @douglaslive: Because as we all know nothing that’s never happened to you could have possibly happened to anyone else on the planet.

  35. It shouldn’t take almost two hours to resolve which weight limit is correct and whether a ticket was paid for.

  36. douglaslive says:

    @Rectilinear Propagation: I fly out of/into Huntsville every two weeks and have done so for two years now. I think I actually *know* the agent “Rodrigo” is complaining about! My positive experiences may not be typical, but then again, I’m not the pushy type who thinks the world owes me something.

  37. LoyalSon says:

    @Citizen14x: AA also happens to be the only US major airline (the big 6) to at least partially solve its problems through negotiation and not take the easy way out (bankruptcy), which has cut pensions by more than 50% for United and others. As a tax payer, you’re paying for those other airlines’ fractional pensions by the way.

    Not saying what the execs did / do is right, but there’s a lot more to the story than this. If you base your airline choice solely on this fact, I hope you don’t fly United, Northwest, US Air, Delta, or Continental (double bankruptcy) either. The bottom line is that the airline industry is simply not profitable with the current fuel prices and number of (government subsidized) players. Something will have to give.

  38. Danielrh9 says:

    I live in Huntsville as well, and have traveled out of HSV fairly regularly. I’m with Douglaslive, I think I know who the original tipster is talking about. And also, I’ve had nothing but great experiences with HSV as a whole. As a small airport in a fairly small town, it affords you the luxury of leaving your house (or hotel) an hour before your flight leaves and still making it.

  39. It sounds like Rodrigo’s wife acted like a bitch to me. Maybe its just the way he wrote it, but if someone did what he described to me while I was at work, I’d call security and have them escorted from the building.

    I would like to point out that I am generally regarded as one of the nicest people in my company. I don’t even growl at people when I get phone calls at 3 AM, but it just sounds like that woman was a huge bitch.

  40. mthrndr says:

    I haven’t had any trouble with AA counter people – they’ve always been really nice at RDU and BOS. The only problem I’ve had with them is that on my last flight I left my camera on board. I know exactly where it was (front seat pocket) and I called them literally 3 hours later when I realized it was missing. Essentially, UNLESS the cleaning crew actually cleans the plane and finds it (this never happens; I find trash in those pockets all the time) and turns it in AT THAT AIRPORT, you’ll never see it again. Of course, it was never turned in (it was probably found in chicago or laguardia or wherever that plane ended up at the end of the night). And so, camera gone.

  41. Jozef says:

    @BlinkyGuy: 50lbs applies for economy class; 70lbs is for any other ticket – business, first class; travelers with lots of frequent flyer miles. At least that’s Continental’s policy, which I use on my travels to Europe.

  42. @magic8ball: I must agree

  43. JustAGuy2 says:


    For AA, it’s 50lbs for everywhere but Brazil, and Brazil is 70lbs.


  44. Optimus says:

    @djxspike: Yeah, I live in Madison (the city in which the Huntsville Airport is located) and have flown out/in once. I had no problems (except weather)….

    but then… I was flying delta. And back then they still served meals and allowed liquids.

  45. char says:

    Sounds like my experience with spirit airlines.

    “I’m sorry we delayed your first flight so long that you missed your connection. THere’s an 8:00 flight, but we won’t give you a seat, or let you even try to standbye for 30 minutues before boarding. Ohh, that won’t be enough time to check your bags and get through security? Sucks to be you. I guess you’ll have to come back monday morning because of our fail.”

    Then magically, someone who wasn’t a dumbass finally got us booked got us on the flight. Some times it takes 3 managers and an hour at the counter.

  46. Freedomboy says:

    Well having to be fingerprinted for all 10 fingers for our out of country visitors will greatly BOOST all the airlines incomes and they’ll be rushing to use that newly found income stream to instantly improve every……oh I woke up. Well might as well go pee………..

  47. erkie says:

    I live in HSV and have flow in and out of the airport many times – I think I know the agent that the OP is talking about, since she was giving the person in front of me the 3rd degree about his bag. I think he was flying to Singapore with something like 65lbs in his bag.

    Her comment was “go over there (pointing to the phones against the wall), remove some things from your luggage, and carry them on.”


    Luckily, my bag (domestic flight) was well below the annoying threshold.

  48. consumed says:

    Freedom isn’t free.

    The terrorists have won.

  49. num1skeptic says:

    lets all start taking the greyhound. surely you’ll forget how bad flying is after that. you’ll be glad to be treated like dirt by the airlines after that.

  50. SaraAB87 says:

    I think I would rather drive then fly, when you consider the possibility of 7-8 hours on the tarmac without going anywhere with no food or water or air conditioning or heat, your bound to be able to get wherever you are going faster if you drive. Plus you can pack your own food and bring whatever you can fit in the car with you, and your luggage won’t get lost unless you lose it yourself.

  51. Buran says:

    @Citizen14x: I quit flying AA when they said that they wouldn’t lay off TWA employees, then proceeded to gut the entire company. Then they proceeded to gut their schedule out of STL and therefore fucked over the entire city and the resulting revenues drop is a lot of why we still have a shithole airport that hasn’t been updated since the 70s.

    I’m flying out of here today, actually. On Southwest. The airline that never charged you more and gave you less and treats its customers with respect.

    Too bad I have to come back next week.

  52. Buran says:

    @num1skeptic: let’s all drive or take the train, where you don’t have to get treated like a criminal and can pack your car full of all the drinks you want and no one gives you any hassle.

  53. PaperBoy says:

    Ah, yes, the Consumerist know-it-alls win qagain — start trashing the victim/customer and defend the low-level employee’s right to be a high-handed jerk!

  54. Nemesis_Enforcer says:

    @firefoxx66: Hey my sister, uncle, wife and I all flew into Heathrow last month. We really had no complaints, even customs were cool. Maybe it was luck but hopefully you will have a good trip too. The biggest problem I had was convincing the family not to rent a car. I had been to London a couple of times before, I was trying to explain how they actually have public transportation that works. Unlike L.A….

  55. doireallyneedausername says:


    American Way is published by a marketing arm somewhat outside of the bounds of AA. Quasi-AA company maybe? Anyway…I have a feeling that an in-flight magazine won’t print horror stories about their own airline passengers’ ordeals at an airport check-in counter.

  56. Nemesis_Enforcer says:

    @loueloui: If you really want to see the TSA get all worked up try to fly with something that resembles a gun but isn’t. I used to fly with Paintball gear about 8 times a year. After having to mail a $350 air tank back to myself for the 3rd time I gave up and just Fedex’d all my gear ahead of time.

    I had a TSA agent refuse to allow me to bring my tank on the plane even though I had followed all the TSA guidelines concerning the tank. Imagine a mini-scuba tank. I had even printed out the TSA guidelines and highlited the relevant parts, and rubber banded the paper to the tank. After almost 45 min and 2 supervisors I had to fedex the tank from the airport to myself.

    Funny thing is they never really gave me static like that when I transported real firearms…

  57. Youthier says:

    I don’t know if this was AA’s fault or the OP’s but something seems to be missing. The OP says the conversation went on for almost 2 hours and then, randomly, they were allowed on board. I find it difficult to believe they just talked back and forth about the same subject for 2 hours without another employee, manager, or security stepping in.

  58. Razzler says:


    I don’t see how taking a suspciously incoherent story with a grain of salt makes us “know-it-alls.” Besides, even through the thick cloud of bias it’s clear that the guy’s wife acted like a bitch.

  59. Notasucker says:

    This is Rodrigo:

    First of all thanks for the positive responses. As for the skeptical
    ones who claim there is a lot of missing information, I can assure you
    I gave you the key facts as I saw it.

    I can also assure you my wife wasn’t bitching at the AA lady or
    being arrogant. She argued her point politely and patiently. I was the
    one who lost it for a second there, and it was near the end of the
    ordeal. Before that I was only hearing the conversation and watching my
    daughter. It is hard to keep your head when your daughter is screaming
    as the end result of other people’s complete failure at their jobs and
    keeping us there for almost 2 hours (she was overtired and hungry).

    Summary: there were two problems impeding us to board the plane:

    1) she would not allow a luggage weighing between 50 and 70 pounds.
    2) she would not allow our daughter to fly.

    As for #1 here is the link: [www.aa.com]

    It clearly states that “Flights wholly within the U.S.” are 50
    pounds, and “Travel to/from Brazil” is 70 pounds max. Which means
    flights that are not wholly within the US and end up in Brazil is 70
    pounds, which was our case – this should be obvious to anyone. If only
    she had taken 1 minute to read and understand the problem would have
    been solved. Yet, somehow, she refused to read or did not understand.
    (correction: it seems only flights to Brazil have the different limit
    and not all international flights as stated in the article, my bad).

    As for #2, children under a certain age (2, I believe) travel on the
    lap of an adult and pay a fraction of the ticket. This is the fee my
    wife paid. I think the AA lady looked up the list, didn’t see anyone
    with her name, and then proceeded to tell my wife she was delusional.
    Great, just great. If this was an isolated case I would say OK: new
    person at a low paying job, uneducated, etc, let it go. But this is the
    4th time we have problems, involving 3 different employees, and it is
    always at AA.

  60. McMaggot says:

    The allowance was either 70 lbs or 50 lbs. So in this case, either the customer was right or the airline employee was right. If we assume the former, why would the wife of the OP be “a bitch” because she insists on explaining this to the employee?

  61. mmejanvier says:

    I don’t know if this is a lame cop out of not. . .

    The last time I flew out of PDX I was BARELY on time for my flight. I got tagged for one of those random checks. But at PDX they don’t take you somewhere private. They just open your luggage and make you take off your shoes while others in line look on. This would surely make me miss my flight. I feel really powerless in those situations, so I just broke down in tears sobbing and crying. The next thing I knew an agent from my airline, (something “West” I don’t remember) was escorting me to my flight and apologizing.

    Screaming and yelling seem to work, so maybe we (customers) should all just cry when things aren’t going our way!

  62. Valhawk says:

    This is what happens when we let the Feds bail out poorly managed companies instead of allowing them the death they so richly deserve.

    It prevents new, possibly better airlines from entering the market to fill the void.

    Thanks a lot Congress for once again proving you know less about how capitalism than some economics 101 student.

  63. superborty says:

    AA Eagle has all the devils working for them. Maybe one snuck out and went to the AA desk. My honeymoon was completely ruined by those scumbags and I will never fly them again. The police were called over for me which was an utter crock. The policeman told me the lady pulls that trick all the time. I never swore or did anything uncalled for. As one person said, this is their standard operating procedure. I wish we could get the government out of supporting the airlines and let them die off. Would love to see their employees try to find jobs elsewhere. If government stays involved, we will never get competition and that is the only way the airline sector can possible improve.

  64. Major-General says:

    @Bruce Bayliss:

    Rule #1) Shouting is the only way to get their attention.

    Rule #2) Since they’re not paying attention, your not talking about the same thing.

    Rule #3) They won’t get you a supervisor even when you do try to escalate.

  65. Quellman says:

    Good Old Huntsville. I haven’t had problems with them the few times I have used them. I wouldn’t put it past AA however. Sadly I have a return flight with them in Jan from New Orleans. Please don’t lose my bag and make me deal with her!

  66. Wubbytoes says:

    What a bitch.

  67. MORELENSE says:

    Well, the only country in the world you can fly on and have a 70 lb allowance on AA is – Brazil, so unless Rodrigo was flying to Brazil, the agent was quite correct. This policy has been in effect for some time.

    Perhaps that was the bad beginning to this transaction?

  68. guevera says:

    @NUM1SKEPTIC: I’ve took greyhound a bunch of times when i was a broke kid. It sux. Bad. But I think i’d take it again over flying nowdays

  69. Notasucker says:

    This is Rodrigo again. Just a few facts that people have overlooked
    (but they are stated in the original story or my reply above).

    Yes, my family was traveling to BRAZIL.

    One or all of the following are true concerning the AA employee:
    – did not read or did not understand a document issued by AA
    – did not recognize a ticket receipt as a ticket receipt
    – did not want to call a supervisor or any superior for that matter that could resolve the situation
    – suggested my wife was trying to push her into flying our little daughter for free
    – did not know that if a child travels on the lap of an adult then
    perhaps that child is not listed in the passenger manifest (which seems
    to be the case, as we learned)
    – seemed not to be willing to acknowledge her mistakes (since it took
    her over 1 hour and 30 minutes to accomplish these two trivial tasks).
    – did not apologize to anyone

    In retrospect, I do believe my screaming at her face might have
    helped since 10 minutes after that the boarding passes were issued
    (again, no explanations). They did have their own security standing
    nearby after that. We just took the passes and left in a hurry since
    the plane was being boarded a long time ago.

    Like I said, the last 4 flights were the same thing with the weight
    issue. They always have a completely clueless and incompetent person
    doing the checkin who insists the weight max is 50 pounds no matter how
    many times you show them the printout stating it is 70 pounds (again,
    to BRAZIL). Perhaps they can’t read.

    I do believe that companies like AA deserve to die in lieu of more
    worthy competition. Having federal money given to bail them out of
    their misery amounts to the company becoming partially owned by the
    state and this is not a socialist/communist country.

    Well, we have no more miles with AA, good riddance to them.

  70. nffcnnr says:

    i think this couple is lucky that their screaming child did not get pepper sprayed and confiscated by the TSA.

  71. croeso says:

    After three years of traveling cross country monthly, I’ve come to avoid American, United, and Continental like the plague, Take US Airways only when necessary, and use Delta as much as possible. There really are corporate cultures at the different airlines and only one has always treated me in a friendly and respectful manner – Delta. Currently I’m on the road via US Airways… clean planes on time, but have been treated cool at best. An awful lot can be forgiven when the people are constantly friendly and have a “lets see how I can help” attitude, and that’s always been my experience with Delta.