A quick guide to end of the year tipping. [CNBC] (Thanks, J!)


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  1. JosephFinn says:

    Don’t, unless they’re working in one of those industries that manages to get away with paying a “tipping” salary. (In which case you should be lobbying your state rep to case that loophole and eliminate inequitable wages for those industries.) There’s no reason to tip someone at the end of the year.

  2. Anonymously says:

    Does anyone have advice on how to tip trash collectors? If I just tape an envelope to my trash, someone else will steal it or it may just be thrown away.

  3. Android8675 says:

    Get up early, and greet him with a smile, I know if I had to pick up trash for a living I’d be estatic to be greeted by a neighbor. Make sure you tip for 2, they usually travel in pairs. :)

  4. jezzwer56 says:

    Absolutely ridiculous. Tipping the trash collectors? In my town they don’t even leave their vehicle because of the new robotic arm. Why should I tip them, don’t they get paid? Should I also tip the meter man who comes to check on how much electricity I have used? What about my mortgage company, shouldn’t they deserve a little “thanks” for the service they have provided me?
    Superintendent? Isn’t it their job to fix problems caused by the building they put you in? Not only do you get to pay rent, but also you get to tip them.
    I find this article overboard.

  5. @Greg P:

    Leave a note on the can telling them to come to the door for their holiday gift.

  6. swalve says:

    Sometimes I think these things are written by the people hoping to get tips. How about this one- I deserve a tip for putting up with your inadequate services! Quit smashing my mail!

    The hairstylist one is the worst. How often does one visit the hairstylist, 8-10 times a year? And you’re tipping them each of those times too. Pfft.

    The trash collector makes more sense, if you have a regular guy. He’s there every week removing our filth, throwing him a $20 seems appropriate.