Where To Save On Flat-Screen LCD TVs This Year

Once again, patient shoppers will be rewarded with holiday price-drops on flat-screen LCDs, but the discount won’t be as steep as last year; 17% vs. 34%. WSJ says the deal-hungry should confine their searches in the 40,46, and 52 inch size categories. 42 and 47 inch won’t see much in the way of discounts as they’re mainly produced by budget TV makers who will find it difficult to cut their prices much more. They predict larger discounts on the 1080p than the 720p models as well. C’mon dad, you know the Heat Miser just isn’t the same if he’s not in high-def.

The Picture Gets Fuzzy For TV Deals [WSJ via Consumer World Blog]
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  1. MENDOZA!!!!! says:

    I hate to be “that guy”, but the post title does not reflect the article. Noting Circuit City and Amazon.com as places to buy on sale isn’t exactly hard-hitting investigation.

  2. balthisar says:

    42 and 47 inch won’t see much in the way of discounts as they’re mainly produced by budget TV makers

    Wow, I feel like a loser having just a “mere” 37″ in screen. It’s all that fits in my entertainment center. It’s also huge compared to the old 29″ set that was there. It’s also the perfect size for the viewing distance according to most of the online calculators I’ve tried. When I go to a certain friend’s house, the position of his sofa to his gorgeous, 60″ screen is like being in the front row of a cinema — not a pleasant experience!

  3. Munsoned says:

    @balthisar: Agreed. I have both a 56″ (1080), and a 37″ (720). I tend to use the 37″ a LOT more, and the 720’s picture actually looks a lot better for standard def TV.

  4. Rando says:

    All I’m waiting for is a good deal on a 32″ lcd flat panel. I’m leaning towards Vizio, since they’re the leader right now and plus their sizes and quality are extremely reasonable. Super Bowl is the best time, no?

  5. RogueSophist says:

    @randotheking: I’m not sure what you mean by “leader” — Panasonic’s 32″ screens, for instance, blow them out of the water — but Vizio panels seem to be surprisingly decent for their price.

  6. gnubian says:

    The thing no one bothers to mention is that all the high def goodness is only good if you have a high def source.

    So take for instance .. save 15% on a $1000 set, turn around and have to upgrade your directv ..

    New receiver cost = $100 + recurring $5 monthly “rental” fee + any potential install costs (HD requires a different dish) + additional programming fees

    and upgrade your dvd source (with format war goodness)..

    blu-ray (PS3) = ~$400
    hi-def = ~$250

    Even going with a single dvd source, that takes up 2 hdmi ports (all that my new tv has). I also connect my computer to my tv via an hdmi connection (dvi -> hdmi). So, now being up to 3 hdmi ports, I now need a way to get more ports .. I’m also lacking in the sound department, my receiver is 100% analog ..

    new audio receiver = ~$500

    So I’m glad I was able to save that original $150, it’s really gonna help with the potentially $1250+ additional costs to bring everything else up to par.

  7. Rando says:

    @RogueSophist: Vizio is currently the top selling HDTV manufacture

  8. internal says:

    Money saving advice: Don’t waste your money on 1080p. 720p/1080i are ~$500 cheaper and the only 1080p sources are HDDVD and Blu-Ray. Broadcast 1080p is many years away. Plus, unless you are buying something huge and sitting relatively close (less than 9 ft.) your eye cannot tell the difference. See this link for a handy graph:


  9. anatak says:

    @randotheking: Is that in the same sense that Wal-Mart is the nations top retailer? Just asking….

  10. forgottenpassword says:

    There are so many practically UNHEARD-OF brands (vizio???? WTF?) out there making tvs now that i wouldnt know which is an actual reliable brand tv. I can see myself buying an uber-expensive tv & it failing in some way.

    The miserably cheap, untrusting SOB in me just says to stick with my 5 year old 35 inch phillips magnavox tv (that still works fine) & buy one of those converter boxes.