Reader Takes Comfort In Making The DMV Type The F-Word In A Legal Document

The DMV is making reader Paul surrender his license plates because they could stand for something untoward, but he takes solace in the fact that he made them type a nasty word in a legal document.

They won the battle but i won the war. I have to surrender my plates but at least i made them write the horrific word in an official legal document, and I made some legal secretary have to type it, which could be sexual harrassment for that person. And now, by showing that degrading and filthy term to all of you, i have poisoned your souls forever. Oopsie. Sorry about that whole damnation thing.

But the real joke is that OPEC FY means “Operation Eco-Friendly” (i own a Prius, see?). Isn’t that what you all thought?

Sure, Paul. Whatever you say!

(Photo:calvin’s dad)

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