RC2: Kids Falling Out Of Feeding Chair, Potty-Training Chair Contaminated With Lead

It’s been one hell of a morning for RC2. The manufacturer of the infamous lead-tainted Thomas & Friends toys is recalling a feeding chair that 12 kids have managed to use as a launch platform and a “Winnie-the-Pooh” potty-training chair that’s tainted with lead. Funnily enough, only the orange paint used on the “Winne-the-Pooh” plaque is tainted.

RC2 is asking that you stop using the feeding chair and contact them to request new straps that will prevent your tiny bundle of joy from experiencing sudden deceleration on the kitchen floor. Those of you with the lead tainted potty-training chair should stop using the chair until you (no, we’re not making this up) “contact RC2 to receive a permanent clear protective cover that covers the plaque.”

No refunds or replacement products are being offered.

For additional information, contact RC2 toll-free at (866) 725-4407 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CT.

RC2 Recalls Potty Training Seats Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard [CPSC]
RC2 Recalls The First Years™ Children’s Feeding Seats Due to Fall Hazard [CPSC]


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  1. emona says:

    A clear protective cover? Umm… yeah, I don’t know if I’d trust that.

  2. CyGuy says:

    If your kid is licking his/her potty chair, he/she probably is not ready for potty training, or at a minimum needs more supervision while he/she is using the chair.

  3. vex says:

    Just rip off the darn plaque. It’s probably just a sticker anyway.

    I actually wasn’t aware that highchairs now required 3 point safety harnesses.

  4. kpfeif says:

    Make sure your kids aren’t eating their potty. Not once during pottytraining our son did he ever want to turn around and chomp on the thing.

  5. noquarter says:

    I think the preferred way of dealing with lead paint is to cover it up. Ripping it off is likely to cause problems as flakes of it fall off and get in the air and elsewhere.

  6. Rachacha says:

    Brings new meaning when you say “Don’t eat your pooh”

    But in all seriousness, I agree with CY Guy.

  7. Monkey4Sale says:

    Feces Fetishs don’t usually start at such an age, there is no need to worry that your child is going to eat their toilet. This lead “scare” is getting stupid.

  8. amcb says:


    i have two of these potty chairs. it is a molded plastic seat with the “plaque” in one big piece. just the plaque is painted. i agree that covering it up is the right thing to do but wonder why they didnt just include the cover in the first place.

    on the other hand, this is the freaking easiest recall i have dealt with. just put in my address and they should be arriving in 8-10 weeks. comparitively, no hassle at all!

  9. Mario's Pants says:

    8-10 weeks??? How do you consider that even remotely acceptable? By that time, if your kid is not potty trained, he or she’ll be practically in high school. They should have shipped a box of those covers to Toys R’ Us so people can get them TODAY.

  10. amcb says:


    i consider it acceptable because unlike other recalls i dont have to prove i own the product by: filling out a form, waiting for a self-mailer, mailing the product and then waiting an additional 8-10 weeks for a replacement. which may or may not be contaminated as well.

    also the affected items have the information needed to identify them right on the product, rather than on some packaging i threw away months ago.