Gift Guide For People Who Love Data

If you’re a data and/or gadget junkie, or you know someone who is (and they’ve already got enough Ambient Devices), infosthetics has put together a guide to 20 info-centric gift ideas—like this $29 poster that maps the “genealogy of pop/rock.”

We personally like the Lightspace Design Display System, which turns your entire wall into a pixellated, glowing screen (it’s the one item on the list without a fixed price, naturally). Another great one is the jack-of-all-trades chumby, which just recently went on sale—and if you’re budget-conscious you can just set up a virtual chumby for free and be a vicarious consumer.

“infosthetics shopping guide for the data-addicted” [infosthetics]


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  1. says:

    we looked at this for my history of rock class. i don’t know how old that one was, but they barely scratched on the surface of hip-hop. or electronica.


  2. goodkitty says:

    If someone gave me that horrid poster as a gift I would roll it up and beat them over the head with it repeatedly.

    The only good gift in that entire guide (short of the nouveau disco wall which probably costs more than my monthly rent) was the Final Fantasy watch/bracelet, which of course… came out in 2001, and was never released anyway, apparently.

    Now I know why I don’t read Infosthestics.

  3. MercuryPDX says:

    Along the lines of the poster…. and Info Design in general, I recommend something from Edward Tufte ([]) for your data-addicted gift recipient. His books are great.

    If one of his One-Day Seminars is coming to your info-junkie’s area, it makes an awesome gift.

  4. mac-phisto says:

    this site’s awesome for finding quirky gifts -> []

    i found a certain stapler there for a co-worker a few years back.

    & incidentally, this is my “favorite gadget that i’d love to have but will never buy”: TIX led clock