POLL: Which Is Better, Verizon FiOS Or Comcast?

Sometimes we get questions we just can’t answer, and this is one of them.

I am considering switching from Comcast digital to the Verizon FiOS. I currently have verizon phone and internet service and comcast cable. I would like to take advantage of verizon’s free LCD TV offer with their current promotion.

What should I be aware of?

We have no personal experience with Verizon FiOS, but we hear the install process can be fairly arduous.

Comcast, on the other hand, has its own set of problems.

We ask you, the citizens of the internet, to solve this puzzle for once and for all and help our reader decide what to do.

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Please explain your choice in the comments.


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  1. HeyThereKiller says:


  2. Mike_ says:

    As a Comcast customer, I can tell you what’s not better: having no choice.

  3. j03m0mma says:

    very tough question. kinda like which sucked worse, the 3 legged chernobyl chicken or the glowing rotten egg?

    Well lets weigh this out. Comcast hasn’t set people’s house on fire, but they do have the problem of never getting someone out to install their service. Both have horrible customer service, but Verizon at least pretends to have an inkling of care for their customers, where as Comcast enjoys cutting you with a very dull lemon juice covered knife to watch you really suffer.

  4. BloggyMcBlogBlog says:

    Where’s the choice for neither?

  5. homerjay says:

    DirecTV until Veizon gets their channel lineup squared away. Right now its a little HD-lite.
    I’d rather be circumcised without anaesthesia then switch to Comcast.

  6. hc5duke says:

    The question should read: which is less bad? Having used Comcast, I’ll take the mystery box of crap that’s labeled Verizon FiOX

  7. hollerhither says:

    It seems to be luck of the draw with your installer and your location. My bf’s parents have FiOS (for cable/phone), and had no install problems. And the channels/interface/speed are much better than Comcast.

    We don’t have FiOS yet in our area, had a decent experience with Comcast triple play on our most recent move/install — but I think that was completely due to the professionalism and ability of the installer. The channel selection isn’t that great and the HD box sucks. And our monthly bill is obscene now that promotional pricing has ended.

    We’re about to move again, and I’m not thrilled about sticking with Comcast, but I’m nearly positive we don’t want Dish or DirectTV… HD TiVo would be nice but still queasy about paying $700 for the box + lifetime.

  8. rbf2000 says:

    I didn’t vote because I don’t have FiOS. However, I will have it in January and I can’t wait to switch from Comcast.

  9. Electroqueen says:

    Hmm… !@#$ installation or !$#$@ service? I’d go for !@#$# installation, cause at least Big Brother ain’t going to mess with your bandwidth. Don’t mess with my BT got it?!

  10. r4__ says:

    “No matter who wins, we lose.”

  11. IphtashuFitz says:

    I hope to be able to answer this question for myself since Verizon wants to wire my condo complex with FIOS. Until then I have no choice but Comcast.

  12. durkzilla says:

    I switched to Verizon FiOS because it offered a 5/2 package (5 Mb download speed, 2 Mb upload speed). This is really important for the home office user, since I am often doing meetings via web conferencing, and with Comcast’s 384 Kb upload bandwidth nobody could understand a word I was saying via my Vonage VoIP phone.

    Oh, and it’s 3 bucks less a month, to boot.

  13. marshall87 says:

    I have used comcast and fios for extended period of time and Fios is clearly better. fios bandwidth is not shared as it is with comcast due to network design. Comcast allocates bandwidth to an area for everyone to use which is why they kick people for using it to much since the the other customers in their area would have issues. Fios does not have these issues.

  14. numindast says:

    None of the above?

    Speakeasy has awesome Internet, if a bit pricy, and relies on DSL availability. Dish Network has good prices and HD channel lineup (though I hear DirecTV’s HD lineup has improved greatly).

  15. axiomatic says:

    @Mike_: “As a Comcast customer, I can tell you what’s not better: having no choice.”


    @r4__: “No matter who wins, we lose.”


    I choose FiOS though because at the end of the day when all the lame installs and locked markets, FiOS is just faster and better.

    Unfortunately I’m in Mike_‘s world and Comcrap is the only game in my area for speeds above 6Mb/s.

  16. ogremustcrush says:

    Did anyone else find it hilarious to see the line Comcast! without some sort of expletive before it?

  17. AndyDuncan says:

    Have had both, despite having an install problem with the line and just as crappy, scripted tech support as every other net provider i’ve ever had (“Yes, I did hit the reset button on the router. No, I won’t do it again”) Verizon’s fios service is far, far better than any other net access I’ve ever had. It has been rock solid (since they fixed a staple their tech sent through the cat5), and is blazingly fast.

    I’ve had DSL from multiple providers, cable through multiple providers, and dialup over the last 10 years, and fios is the best. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than the rest of the crap out there, mainly because it’s just so f-ing fast.

  18. warf0x0r says:

    @Mike_: Seconded, although I’ve been debating scaling down to DSL, it may be slower… but its not comcast.

  19. yetiwisdom says:

    @durkzilla: I switched to FiOS as soon as it was available for the same reasons and have been very happy with the speeds and reliability. FiOS has actually been more reliable for me than Concast was. I used to have to shutdown/reboot my Comcast router once every 2 mo. or so but haven’t had any problems with FiOS.

    And, you may have seen the issues with Comcast throttling BT users, this doesn’t appear to happen on FiOS, though I’m definitly not a megaup/dloader.

    I’ve heard tell (on Consumerist and from some friends) of Verizon install issues but I tend to think it’s because there is so much demand for the service and they’re overstretched. When I joined FiOS in 7/05 it was still in test in my area and not many people knew about it. The installers were great, very friendly and laid back. But I’m sure they’re worn and haggard now that everyone that wants off Comcast is banging down their door.

  20. Quellman says:

    So what if it takes 3 months to get FiOS? At least you’ll have a new tv.

  21. RevRagnarok says:

    I hate Comcrap with a passion, but Verizon gets more hate. Add that to no CableCARD capabilities on FiOS for my TiVo S3 and I’m stuck having a Crapperific Time(TM).

  22. scalv says:

    I switched from comcast to verizon. Comcast would slow down at peak usage times.

  23. Kazari says:

    I had Comcast cable and Internet for years — from 2000 to 2006. It was expensive, but the Internet was great; cable, eh. I hated dealing with them.

    I got FIOS in 2006 and, honestly, I’ve become an evangelist for them. I got the triple play and immediately started saving $30/month. The cable is awesome — lots more channels — and the Internet is the same. Phone is the same. I really like it.

    I have probably gotten 25 Comcast postcards this trying to get me to come back. I laugh and laugh.

  24. nutrigm says:

    Choose between the 2 devils? I’d say it’s a draw!

  25. missdona says:

    I would drop Comcast like a hot rock for Fios. The broadband speed and channel-resolution speed is enough for me to switch.

  26. Skiffer says:

    From Southpark:

    Sometimes you have to choose between a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich…
    Although FIOS is available in my area, it’s not available at my apartment building. Apparently, apartment buildings are expected to be the last to get FIOS service, because of the extra equipment required (routing/handling multiple connections, i suppose).

  27. @Mike_: Amen to that…

    As for the poll, lesser of the two evils: Verizon.

  28. iEddie says:

    I voted FiOS. Never used it, but I hear the service is fairly decent (although the install isn’t). And ANYTHING is better than Concast.

  29. miball says:

    Does Comcast have 20/20?

  30. ChrisMiller says:

    I can’t speak for Comcast, but I dropped RoadRunner for FiOS the day it was available in my neighborhood. The install took about 4 hours, but the installer pretty much did everything I asked in terms of wiring. The quality of the service is great, I consistently get a little more than 20 Mbs down/5 MBs up. I have had no down time in the 18 months that I have had it.

  31. Hawkins says:

    I’ve never had Verizon’s FIOS. But I’ve had Comcast for four years, so I feel qualified to comment:

    On the one hand, the Comcast service mostly works, and is very fast.

    On the other hand, when it doesn’t work, the Comcast system (of subcontracted field techs with no direct communication to customer service) is guaranteed to provide a disastrous experience much of the time. During my last outage, Comcast made, and failed to show up for, three all-day appointments in a row.

    So I would switch to FIOS if I could.

  32. Cratin says:

    I have the 15/2 package and it has always been great. In a year and a half of having it I have had it go down maybe twice, each time lasting no more than 3 hours. I would go a day or two without internet when I had Comcast. Also, Verizon is going to be doling out a flat 20/20 package soon and I cant wait to get my hands on that!

  33. Truthie says:

    Would you rather lose a leg or an arm?

  34. Ickypoopy says:

    Comcast with for Customer service (Did I just say that?). Verizon wins for actual service…

  35. IphtashuFitz says:

    @RevRagnarok: I suggest you head over to tivocommunity.com and read up on FiOS CableCARD support. There are plenty of people posting there about getting FiOS CableCARDs for their S3’s.

  36. pestie says:

    A kick in the nuts?

  37. gaberussell says:

    I’ve had Comcast TV & Internet and now Fios Internet. Here’s my list:

    – Bad installer wouldn’t give me cable box because I hadn’t moved my TV in yet
    – Bad DVR cable boxes… went through at least 4, all buggy and crashy
    – Bad Internet – speeds varied widely, DNS went down for a full week
    – Bad price
    – Good OnDemand selection

    – Bad installer acted like I was a pompous ass for wanting the modem/router installed on the side of the room that my desk was on
    – Bad phone support couldn’t set up paper billing unless I got a phone line
    – Good tech responded a week later when modem/router died, very helpful, gave me his cell if I had further issues
    – Router’s built in Wifi is spotty with Macs
    – Good Internet service – incredibly fast and stable
    – Colleagues tell me TV selection is better than Comcast for same price

    Fios wins out in my opinion. And I’m saving $50+ per month on TV service by using iTunes and a Miro / tvrss.net combo. TV Shows download in under 10 minutes from iTunes via the 20Mbit Fios service.

  38. RevRagnarok says:

    @IphtashuFitz: Thanx for the info… If it ever comes to my old neighborhood, I’ll look into it.

  39. rlee says:

    I got FiOS (phone and internet; TV was pending county approval) as soon as it was available. Installation was done and working when promised, although the first router he tried didn’t work.

    The router eventually got flaky in a way that they couldn’t figure out. They were initially convinced the router was fine and _both_ my systems had lost their minds, but I was able to determine otherwise using my old router. They then swapped routers by mail (with RMA), no charge.

    Otherwise, service has been quite reliable.

    I have no experience with Comcast.

  40. crankypants123 says:

    That’s like a choice between a kick in the nuts and a stick in the eye.

    That said, I have Comcast. No major complaints, no major service outages except for one point a couple of years ago when they added new servers and the interwebs were fubared off and on for a month while they worked out the bugs.

    Also, dropped my cable/internet bill from $140/mo to $80/mo just because I called up and asked them to.

  41. privatejoker75 says:

    we can make this poll easy. Fios is about 3 times faster for the same $$$

    Oh, and verizon provides unlimited downloading from usenet (7-10 day retention) whereas comcass gives you a stellar 1-2gigs.

  42. BrianH says:

    Isn’t this kinda like the “gun or the knife” question?

  43. FiOS. Lesser of two evils. Or evil of two lessers.

  44. marsneedsrabbits says:

    My best friend is lucky enough to live where she can get FIOS. She dumped Comcast to get it. She did not have any issues with the FIOS installation.
    She did have to wait like 10 days for an appointment, but considering the number of times Comcast had cancelled to fix her ongoing problems, 10 days didn’t seem too long to wait.
    Anyway: FIOS has never gone out on her & works really well. She hasn’t had any customer service issues that she’s ever mentioned.
    The biggest drawback to FIOS, IMO, is that I can’t get it where I live.
    I’m seriously jealous.

  45. benh57 says:

    @RevRagnarok: FiOS supports cablecards just fine for Tivo S3’s.

    I can’t believe this question was even asked really. FiOS is so far superior to comcast anything that it’s not even a contest.

  46. Xerloq says:

    I’m waiting for Verizon to offer Cable and Comcast to offer fiber before I buy either. Oh.. wait.. I’ve succumbed to Comcast because Qwest won’t do naked DSL in my area, and the local FIOS (Utopia) won’t install to “multi-resident dwellings” (meaning apartment complexes) but it apparently is for singles living alone, only.

    Crummy ISP won’t install in units with more than 7 apartments without the city’s authorization and a contract with a management company. I’m in a six-plex, but the ISP/Installer said, “I don’t care if you say there are only six apartments. This here excel spreadsheet says there are 20 or 30 apartments at your address.” I invited the nice lady to drive by my apartment “complex” on the way home from work, but apparently it takes licensed, authorized contractor to count higher than 2.

    The kicker, my neighbors both have it. $40/mo for 150 Mbps (yes, one-hundred fifty) up/down. Comcrap’s is $62.93 for 6Mbps.

  47. cosby says:

    The caps comcast puts on the network in my area really make me wish fios was at my house(few freinds have it right down the road). That tied with the crappy upload speed(my sprint evdo card can upload faster)really ticks me off. Also I have clients that have comcast cable that get 20 megs down easy. I hit 5 tops. Drives me nuts.

  48. John Gardner says:

    For me, fios by a mile. Although i have a static ip and “business” service, which is a fair bit more expensive than the cheapo residential fios. After like 6 months, the actiontek router they give you died, i called up at about 5 pm from work, got to a tech after 5 minutes on hold, he noticed i was a business customer, transferred me to a different department. I explained the problem to that tech, he didn’t even doubt me, didn’t make me jump through all kinds of tests and things, he just asked for my mailing address. brand new router at the door 8am next morning. I’ve talked to them on the phone several times to make changes to phone or other services, haven’t waited on the phone for long and i’ve gotten great service every time.

  49. John Gardner says:

    Oh, and related. When i had my fios install, i posted my experience/etc online at broadbandreports because before my install i had some serious issues with their scheduling groups being in sync, but the actual install went well, and the installer was a real pro. I got a call from him a few days later because his manager had found my review on broadband reports and he got a bonus or won a prize or something because of my comments in the internet. :)

  50. autumnmist says:

    FiOS hands down. Install went smoothly; I still have my copper phone line (and I know it’s working because my landline service is through AT&T). I made sure when I called and when the installer showed up to remind them repeatedly to leave the copper in–if you don’t remind them, they might just take it out automatically. Comcast speeds and stability can’t compare. Oh yeah, and no bittorrent blocking.

  51. Lets see if I can make it simple:

    Verizon = Loki
    Comcast = Lucifer

    Simple enough?

  52. Mr. Gunn says:

    Where’s the who the heck knows because they’ve got a monopoly in my area option?

  53. Kurt's Krap says:

    Had Comcast for YEARS.

    Switched to FIOS at first chance…never looking back!

    Amazing how many of my neighbors switched as well.

    Superfast internet, AWESOME picture quality in HD and overall cheaper…what’s not to love?

  54. geekiscool says:

    It seems like EVERYONE hates comcast…

  55. nonzenze says:

    No problem with FIOS. Great install, fast speeds, easy billing, no issues.

  56. neophreak says:

    Another vote for FIOS here…internet has been rock solid and super fast for the past year. Had Comcast for several years prior, no major problems aside from some DNS hiccups. Just signed up for FIOSTV and so far PQ lives up to the hype, especially in HD. Phone sound quality also improved after FIOS. I was pleasantly surprised to get a call from Verizon the day before and day of installation.

  57. Hinomura says:

    I live in ATL where I have Comcast. I also have used my parents FIOS in VA. If you can get the installation done w/o any problems (as my parents thankfully received) then it’s totally worth it to go FIOS. for those who remember Oink’s Christmas specials, during that time I got the following rates (sustained not burst):

    FIOS: D/L: 700-1000K depending on # of connections
    U/L: 300-500K


    Comcast: D/L: 50-200K
    U/L: 40K

  58. ihateauditions says:

    I have Comcast, FIOS and DirecTV (yes, all of them).

    Comcast — best internet. worst TV.

    FIOS — worst internet. (seriously, it’s horrible. It’s always slower than Comcast, despite having a high-speed package, and it routinely has issues with basic things like properly functioning DNS servers.)

    DirecTV — No Internet, best TV.

  59. TTFK says:

    This is the 2nd location that I have had Comcast. Sometimes it is just the bad luck of getting a dodgy node that they refuse to fix.

    When I first got HSI it was through Roadrunner which was bought out by AT&T, and so on and so on. My local node would go through a 40 minute reboot process at 2am which happened to be right after I got home from work!

    Since moving to my current location, I have had no problems whatsoever.

    Now if FIOS were available in my area, I do not think I would get it for the same reason I do not let Comcast handle my phone service. If the power goes out, my Verizon phone service still works simply because it supplies it’s OWN POWER on it’s OWN WIRES. Being forced to deal with UPS’s and no phone service during extended power outages is a dealbreaker for me. If I want an alternate phone service, I’ll use Skype, but I am NOT giving up my self-powered backup phone system.

  60. elroyerni says:

    I’m sure everyone has heard comcast sob stories, mine isn’t even that bad from others I’ve read on this site. Basically when I was logged in via VPN to work, or trying to reach a website, 95% of the time my internet connection was fine. But for no apparent reason, I’d lose my internet connection entirely for 5-10 minutes!
    I’d be in the middle of playing WOW or tfc2 and all of a sudden no more internet! I called several times, had 3 line techs come out, and they ALL claimed that there was no problem. I even tried reasoning with them, I wrote a perl script to ping multiple websites and log it in a text file every 5 minutes. As well as do a traceroute, send it to their techs, and they still didn’t help me. After 3 months of this nonesense, I had to switch over to DSL :( Couldn’t take it anymore.. Wish I had tried the eecb tactic back then, too bad I didn’t find this site til 2 weeks ago!

  61. kylere says:

    PLEASE Let me dump comcast, please give me any other option in Flint, Michigan, PLEASE!

  62. satoru says:

    Sort of weird because I’ve had both FIOS and Comcast. I’ve never had any real big problems with either service. My FIOS install was pretty much by the book, ironically I screwed them up by requesting CAT5 hookup instead of that MoCA junk and that caused a delay since they already did the MoCA setup before I remembered.

    Comcast’s support was always pretty sketchy. I usually only called in to report issues just so they’d be aware of outages. I did give them hell over raising my internet rates unless I ordered some cable service too. Their letter was poorly written with two different 1800 numbers, of which only one actually did anything.

  63. aikoto says:

    Beware the contract. That’s the only reason they’re offering a TV after all.

    I have Comcast now, but I want FiOS. We’re using VoIP through Packet 8 and it SUCKS! The problem is, we think it’s Comcrap that’s the problem.

    The phone works fine as long as I’m not downloading. If I have even 60K of traffic, though, the phone freaks out. I’m supposed to have 6Mbit!

    I don’t know if it’s because it’s shared access or what, but I have NEVER gotten a good Internet speed out of them.

  64. STrRedWolf says:

    I have Verizon FiOS and their TV service. There’s a few things you do need to check:

    1. If they have TV service in your area, GO FOR IT — GET THE TRIPLE PLAY (Phone/TV/Internet). Just having it all on one bill is worth it, and you only have to deal with Verizon’s FIOS service.

    2. If you want to keep your copper line intact, let them know every time. There are certain advantages (clearer phone service over separate channel, not VoIP, retain faxing) and disadvantages (8 hour backup in power outages) to letting them cut the line.

    3. Check your options. Verizon is offering both the regular “more speed down than up” service in the Megabit range *AS WELL AS* symmetric service (ether 15 Mbit or 25 Mbit depending on where you are).

    4. Check DSLReports.com (Broadband Reports) on Verizon FiOS service, as well as their forums. They have a DNS redirect-on-fail scheme that you can opt out of.

  65. RantCasey says:

    XERLOQ – Where do you live that $40 gets you Verizon Internet 150MB? Where I am, 30MB is the fastest and its $179 with a contract. Last I heard, 150MB won’t show up until DOCSIS 3.0 is made available and Comcast has already demo’d that. My computer isn’t fast enough to need that kind of speed anyway. I’ll stick with my OnDemand, it’s more important to me than HD (since I don’t own an HDTV). I have had few problems with my Comcast Triple Play in the 5 years I’ve had it so I plan on keeping it.

  66. TheBigLewinski says:

    I picked FIOS, although there was a long install involved, the service ROCKS! The tech that installed me replaced ALL of the internal COAX in my house. He stated that the COAX installed by Cablevision would not provide me with a great HD picture.

    What difference in the quality of HD, I get no pixelation and the service has been great since having it installed in March.

    I really enjoyed telling the cable company FU…. I even cut off all of their BS on the side of house, it looks much better now.

  67. KCMCW says:

    Comcast rocks! I never watch programs when they’re scheduled. With my VOD and DVR, I can watch whatever I want whenever I want. I’d give up food before I’d give up my Comcast services.
    And I’m learning all kinds of new words, like Quizzjacker, snurfing, telebinge and Comcastic!

  68. Mctrishwich says:

    Verizon FiOS is a new deal. It is not available in all areas and has a few bugs that need to be worked out. Comcast has been around FOREVER! People need to realize that with any business, not EVERY customer can be pleased. Not everything works all the time- there are outside factors that contribute to malfunctions, equipment problems, etc. I believe that Comcast does the very best job it can to provide excellent products and good customer service to its customers. I have had Comcast for years and have had my share of problems, but overall am very happy with its service.

  69. evilmregg says:

    It’s like choosing between a douche and a crap sandwich. Comcast has screwed me over so many times, though, that I would drop them in a heartbeat for a better or even comparable option. I hate them passionately.

  70. royceguy says:

    FIOS internet= awesome
    FIOS TV= pretty good, though I like the new Directv better
    FIOS TV DVR= If I were a Verizon competitor, I would design this oversized paperweight in order to screw them. The DVR is the biggest piece of crap on the planet, especially if you’ve ever had a Tivo (yes even Direct Tivo was better!) It’s buggy. It lags a second or so after EVERY command. It constantly misses recordings or has “bad” recordings. (How the heck is that possible?)
    FIOS TV Widgets= Potential, but I can get traffic and weather on the intertubes.
    FIOS TV OnDemand= Not as great as it sounds, especially since it’s not in HD.

    Believe it or not, I don’t have a problem with Verizon. I have their wireless and always had good experiences. Admittedly, even the customer service and tech support reps have been pleasant, if not able to help. HOWEVER, after four months with FIOS TV I decided I will be attempting to cancel the remaineder of my one year contract for non-performance. (This was after it failed to record the “Heroes” finale even though it’s the #1 priority show….wtf?)

    Potential is there….but they haven’t gotten it right and I can’t figure out why.

  71. RantCasey says:

    AIKOTO – your modem can’t tell the difference between the data from your computer and the data from your phone. I don’t know anyone with an internet phone service that didn’t experience some dificulty talking on the phone and downloading at the same time. That doesn’t happen if you use the Comcast phone product – the phone traffic gets priority vs. data over the network. Plus your call never goes over the Internet unlike your Packet 8 call.

  72. yragentman says:

    Comcast rocks. I check my speed twice a day on both CNet and Speakeasy. Download averages for the last year are 19551Kbps at Speakeasy and 2543Kbps at CNet.

    I believe the difference is whether the overhead or payload bits are counted.

    Whatever it is, the service has been great. I have Triple Play that has free long distance calls and a ton of HD on demand – like all of HBO in HD on demand!

    What’s not to like?

  73. dmartinez says:

    I have had both and several reasons why FIOS is better than Comcast

    1) Verizon has a flat fee they openly advertise on their website (Comcast hides their fees and force you to enter your zipcode. If you are in an area with competition the rates are lower than an area that they have a monopoly)

    2) Verizon customer service returns calls and they really do investigate issues you report (they even called me back on a Saturday to talk to me about an email problem I was having)

    3) Verizon never lied to me and told me the cabling in my house was bad and I needed to rewire. They said their was enough power coming down the line that even though I had a few spliters in some areas it would work just fine. Comcast had to lower the power to each home because of their phone service and decided to lie to everyone on my street and tell them their cabling was bad and that they needed to pay for the entire house to be rewired. Needless to say I reminded Comcast they rewired my home 2 years ago and it was all new cabling so there was NO WAY in hell I was going to do that again.

    Verzion Wirless, Phone and DSL stinks but their FIOS (including Customer Service) is A++

  74. PaulMorel says:

    Verizon often cuts your last mile copper when installing FiOS. That locks you into FiOS service. I don’t know how anyone could like that … oh, probably because they haven’t yet realized that their copper is gone. They won’t realize that until Verizon suddenly comes up with that enormous rate increase … which I’m sure will be completely necessary. Don’t fret, the rate increase will be less expensive than getting your last mile copper re-installed.


  75. BradGBrown says:

    I am for Comcast. The people that have Verizon FiOS are the same idiots that don’t realize their signal is still distributed throughout your home with COAX. So, unless you have an HDTV and know what picture clarity really means, you would not be able to tell the difference. On the other hand, yes, Comcast may have their problems but at least they do not have to cut a HUGE piece of your fiber optic line to splice the part that is broken underground, which mind you will take at least 2 weeks.

    Verizon FiOs is only offered in very select areas, therefore if you do not live in an area that offers television, you have to subscribe to Directv to get even more shoddy service than you would with Comcast.

    Furthermore, let’s take a look at how long Comcast and Verizon FiOS has been around. ‘Nuf said.

    I had Adelphia cable for years in my county until Comcast came in. I am now about to finally get HD channels and digital voice. One company will never be perfect but Comcast is a much better choice for me. Not to mention, if you do have a problem with your service the technicians know what needs to be done.

    PS – Let me know how high the FiOS rates go, as I continue to get bundles offered to me.

  76. Trai_Dep says:

    Neither. Netflix & over-the-air broadcasts, save over $1,400/yr.

  77. Brad2723 says:

    Disclaimer: I have never been a Comcast customer and I am a former Verizon customer but do not have access to FIOS.
    As much as I hate Verizon, I had to conditionally vote for them. The conditions are that they actually show up to install the service and that they don’t set your house on fire while doing so.

  78. RantCasey says:

    BRAD2723 – Dig a little deeper here at the Consumerist. Verizon might set your house on fire…

  79. vastrightwing says:

    FIOS is much better than Comcast.
    1) Comcast cost me $49/month for below average Internet experience: FIOS costs me $39/month for 100% up time and reliable speeds.
    2) Comcast speed varied and never was as good as FIOS. FIOS is always at least 5mbps/2mbps.
    3) Comcast’s connection went down at least once a week: I had to turn my modem on and off all the time to reset it. FIOS has never been down (3 years and counting).
    4) Comcast shows up when they feel like, if at all. Verizon installed FIOS when they told me they would and they actually called ahead to let me know in advance.
    5) Verizon techs have never fallen asleep on my couch.
    6) FIOS does not mess with my TCP/IP packets. I’ve not noticed any fake packets being sent by them.
    7) FIOS does not seem to block my ports. Comcast blocked many ports.
    8) So far, Verizon has not burned my house down installing FIOS.

  80. vastrightwing says:

    FIOS is much better than Comcast.
    1 Comcast cost me $49/month for below average Internet experience: FIOS costs me $39/month for 100% up time and reliable speeds.
    2 Comcast speed varied and never was as good as FIOS. FIOS is always at least 5mbps/2mbps.
    3 Comcast’s connection went down at least once a week: I had to turn my modem on and off all the time to reset it. FIOS has never been down (3 years and counting).
    4 Comcast shows up when they feel like, if at all. Verizon installed FIOS when they told me they would and they actually called ahead to let me know in advance.
    5 Verizon techs have never fallen asleep on my couch.
    6 FIOS does not mess with my TCP/IP packets. I’ve not noticed any fake packets being sent by them.
    7 FIOS does not seem to block my ports. Comcast blocked many ports.
    8 So far, Verizon has not burned my house down installing FIOS.

  81. axiomatic says:

    So I guess the Comcast CEO was incorrect. Comcast hate IS “universal” or at least “galactic.”

  82. faust1200 says:

    Why don’t you give Comcast some light competition at least? Comcast vs. prenatal AIDS maybe.

  83. biledemon says:

    I used to be a Comcast Contractor with Cablenet in Lindenwold, NJ just to earn some $$ on the side and find out a bit more about the cable industry (I couldn’t take it anymore… I quit within 5 months).
    It is by far the worst company you can ever apply to work with. Pure incompetence, internal politics, greedy bastards, faulty equipment and overall a zest pool of miscommunication.
    The only good thing I did was making sure MY customers were satisfied even if I took more than 6 hours to do an install because of faulty equipment and/or being on hold for more than an hour with Comcast Dispatch.
    As a contractor the more installs you make the more money you earn, so you can imagine the LEGO/MECANNO jobs I had to fix from some lazy contractor tech who just didn’t give a rat’s ass about the customer or the customer’s property.
    DON’T ever work for this company; unless you are desperate for a job. Verizon is ok… and their FIOS kicks Comcrap ass anyday.

  84. Raziya says:

    I’ll agree with the first poster and say that cancer really might be the only way out.

  85. KFC says:

    It is only a matter of time and ViOS will be no better than Comcast. One of the only reason why Verizon is still better is because of the limited number of customers they are serving compare to Comcast with 45 million customers.