Shopper Tasered After Using Someone Else's Credit Card At Best Buy

The Daytona Beach Police Department say that a woman was tasered last Monday inside of a Best Buy store after attempting to use someone else’s credit card to make a purchase.

There isn’t a lot of information about the incident, but police say that they were called when the woman “got excited” after being questioned about the card. Police don’t know whether or not the card was stolen, said spokesman Jimmie Flynt.


Shopper stunned with Taser inside Best Buy [News-Journal]


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  1. mattbrown says:

    do i smell a gawker shirt? “Don’t taser me, bro.” in the yellow tag, anthropomorphized and tazing a black outline of a woman?

  2. headon says:

    @MATTBROWN: Cool, I want one!!!!!

  3. ceejeemcbeegee is not here says:

    Taze first, ask questions later. Nice.

    My parents are elderly, so they give me their credit/debit cards quite often to make purchases for them. I guess I’m at risk for getting tazed because my name’s not on their cards. But then again, I wouldn’t make too much of a fuss if someone questioned me, I’d just make the purchase with my own card (which irritates the ‘rents, but whatevs.)

  4. Kezzerxir says:

    I could imagine it being her boyfriends or parents credit card and when she got denied it made her feel offended. Though, whatever she did after that to get tasered it more then likely her fault.

  5. new and troubling questions says:

    @mattbrown: I would totally buy that! And plus, I have to wonder, are tasings (is that correct?) suddenly a lot more frequent, or is it just getting reported a lot more because it’s weirdly amusing (or is that just me?)

  6. HalOfBorg says:

    Need input……information.

  7. FREAKHEAD says:

    The point of the taser and like weapons is to offer a non lethal alternative to the gun. THE GUN. Taser use has gotten out of control in my opinion.

    OMG a stressed out shopper, lets tase them! Sickening.

  8. HalOfBorg says:

    Probably also a better alternative to the ‘billy-club’ to the head or whatever.

    But then I’ve never had either, so what do I know?

  9. ninjatales says:

    I would like to add taser protection on my american express credit cards.

  10. DallasDMD says:

    @Kezzerxir: Hard to tell. Cops seem to like to tase people at the slightest provocation, including refusing to sign your speeding ticket.

  11. @DallasDMD: There is an extensive process when you “taze” someone. Whenever I see them do it on COPS, they always notify dispatch for a shift supervisor to come out. I do think that Tazers are replacing OC spray, which has many negative side effects, like widespread dispersal, as well as the cops who have to drive in the car with the suspect. I’m guessing if you compared OC sprays on suspects to Tazer useage over a period, it would be equal. ALSO, just the tazer warning seems to calm some people down. Except John Kerry event attendees.

  12. DallasDMD says:

    @GitEmSteveDave: Depends on the jurisdiction. Some are much more responsible than others. There are plenty of videos where cops use their tasers irresponsibly.

    Not against tasers, just against these cowboy cops.

    Don’t know anything about the story to really comment, but the liberal use of tasers, especially on a female, raises my suspicion just a tad.

  13. forgottenpassword says:

    The continued use of tasers by cops at the slightest noncompliance by a citizen is becoming quite alarming in this country. Cops seem to LOVE their new toy & are too willing you use them for the smallest reasons. Did you know… you could be tasered for not complying with an officer’s legal order? Even if you are showing no threatening signs of behavior? Remember back when they swabbed pepper spray in the eyes of protesters who had chained themself inside an office (they later used a full spray in the eyes)…. well… today… they can tase you for that.

    IMO using a taser for “pain compliance” for nontheatening civil disobediance… is just wrong.

    Think I read just recently that the UN has ruled the use of a taser as torture.

  14. I can only hope stories about people being tasered for absurd reasons continue to be spread across news mediums, as this sort of vile behavior needs to be stopped. Have we become so disconnected from social interaction that authorities don’t know how to handle erratic behavior without physical harm? Let’s think back to a time before tasers became almost second nature: how would this situation have been handled then? Why can’t we handle it that way, then?

  15. cosby says:


    Yea I tend to agree with you although we really need more information. Gotta wonder what she did to get the cops to taser her though.

  16. sburnap42 says:

    Maybe it’d be simpler to just issue cops cattle prods. That way, they could zap people into “compliance” without as much of that pesky “following on the ground because of lost muscle tone”.

  17. Omi says:

    Regardless of weather this one particular person should have been tasered or not the Police have become a little too zap-happy recently.

    To be honest if I were a cop I’d be the exact same way though, or worse. It’s so funny the way they twitch.

  18. Freedomboy says:

    Maybe we just haven’t tasered a guy packing a gun who fights back and kills someone, huh maybe that? Maybe the shot kills a child and the tape shows the man had a reasonable fear for his life maybe ya think huh?

    This is practice in case they invoke martial law.

  19. CumaeanSibyl says:

    Tasers should be for when you can’t subdue a suspect. You telling me that multiple cops can’t put one ordinary woman on the ground and cuff her? What about that “Don’t tase me, bro!” guy — there were like six cops on him and they still couldn’t control him without the electricity? Seriously, just knock him down, put a knee on his head, and cuff him.

    A couple years ago, before the taser thing got big, there was a story about a guy who had a heart attack and died after being tased. Thing is, he weighed about 400 pounds and was out of his skull on PCP — the dashboard cam shows him tossing cops around like ragdolls, taking direct blows to the skull and not even feeling it. THAT is when you need a taser. Some lady throwing a tantrum? Just grab her and cuff her, already.

  20. surewriting says:

    have we totally forgotten about mace? or pepper spray?

  21. bravo369 says:

    @CumaeanSibyl: That is exactly what I’ve been saying all along. They need to reform when tazing is used. Like you said about the kid in Florida, there were 6 cops on top of him. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t going anywhere. Whoever tazed him should be fired and thrown in jail for assault. Cops have been arresting suspects without tazers since the beginning of time so why change now.

  22. Not enough information on this one to pass judgment on whether it was excessive or not.

  23. FF_Mac says:

    @surewriting: Pepper spray has not been forgotten. But the problem with mace and pepper spray is that the intended target is not the only victim when someone is maced. Everybody around the suspect gets a healthy dose of the stuff as well.

    Mace has been proven to have caused asthma attacks that led to respiratory failure. At least when a tazer becomes lethal, it affects one suspect. When the spray becomes lethal, it affects innocent bystanders.

    I had a boneheaded cop mace a girl in a 12 x 12 room we used as an EMS treatment facility at a venue. It didn’t help the two asthmatics that were already receiving nebulizer treatments. It would have been much better if she had tased the girl.

    The other thing to remember is that tasers are “less lethal” not “safe.” If it was “safe,” people would use it on their kids.

  24. goller321 says:

    @Papa Midnight: There really is very little information, you’re right. I do think tasing has become the lazy cops’ option though. It’s at least as dangerous as a batton. I don’t think they should be banned, but more stringent rules should be put in place.

    And THIS is the exact reason that I don’t want to use my friend’s card when she offers it to me to use when I pick up food and what not.

  25. algormortis says:

    There is also the fact that Tasers seem to have a much higher kill rate than OC spray.

    I’m somewhat curious about this as Best Buy is about the only place left on earth that doesn’t want ID with every damn credit card purchase.

  26. BigNutty says:

    Where is the story? What conclusions can we come to with such little information?

  27. Justin42 says:

    As someone who has $1300 in pending fraudulent charges at Circuit City on my Amex, as well as a few hundred dollars of other random assorted charges pushed through in the last few days (partially thanks to the “helpful” Amex rep who refused to cancel my card [for my convenience] when I first called last week about the first charge which I assume was a test), I say– taze ’em!

    :P (Yes, I am bitter tonight)

  28. grantness says:

    Happening in my own backyard, this is kind of funny. Our new police chief is a take no bull**** kind of character. While that’s good for the bad crimes (murder, rape, robbery), it brings the hammer down hard on other stuff, like traffic violations and petty larceny. In other words, i’m not suprised by this at all. Normally I’m a pretty “stand up for my rights” kind of person, but in this town, I know that would likely put me at the business end of a taser shock.

    (Said Police Chief taking a taser in a demonstration)

  29. Mr. Gunn says:


  30. trollkiller says:

    At least she wasn’t naked, deaf and in her own bathroom. []

  31. pine22 says:

    the reason they taze people is not because they can’t restrain people, its because they do not want other people or officers to get hurt. some nice lady may have a concealed weapon, a knife, a gun, etc. they may cause harm to themselves and/or officers. its to protect the saftey of everyone.

  32. Xkeeper says:

    @pine22: And yet, if you bother reading, tazers have been shown to kill people. (I think there was around 200 deaths; it’s been a while since I read it.)

    Tazing people should only be done when there is a very obvious threat, not in such a stupid case like this.


  33. sled_dog says:

    I bought a Tazer at Best Buy. It didn’t work and they refused to take it back, said it had already been used!

  34. vex says:

    I witnessed a woman trying to buy something with a friend’s credit card, and when the clerk refused she threw a fit. People must be idiots to think a clerk is going to let someone use any random credit card they present.

  35. sleze69 says:

    @ninjatales: This is a standard feature with the Centurion card.

  36. Benny Gesserit says:

    When I read the opening blurb, I thought she got tasered automatically when she used someone else’s card.

    I thought “Geez, those VISA people are going a little too far.”

  37. privatejoker75 says:

    I don’t like this new “tasering” thing. I’m a big fan of just using good old bullets instead

  38. redcorsair says:

    While I do agree that they do taze far too often for far too trivial things, without a story here we have no idea if this was a reasonable solution or not. Working in retail, I have had to deny many customers because their name was not on the credit card they wished to use. Almost all of them blow up at me, cursing wildly, many threatening me bodily harm if I do not accept their card (which is not theirs).

    Sorry. At the moment the customer starts threatening the cashiers, I think it might just be time to consider their use. People are freaking insane these days. I prefer to take no chances.

    Then again, if this lady was just throwing a fit, that is no provocation to using the tazer. I somehow feel that she did something to provoke it, though.

  39. darious says:

    Thing is, subduing an uncooperative subject can also lead to the death of the subject along with a much greater risk of serious injuries.

    Some of the anti-taser crowd can be a lot like the anti-nuclear energy crowd. Yes, both technologies have flaws but these people ignore the fact that all the alternatives are worse.

    Some. The complaint against tasers that I hold to is that by making it so easy to use it has become a first, not final, option for far too many officers.

    On this specific situation I’m on the fence. A touch of schadenfreude in hearing about what is _likely_ another histrionic-fit-throwing self-entitled ugly-American consumer (note: I’m American also) getting tasered down for _likely_ being a typical asshat.

    So. meh. At least until further information is revealed.

  40. Maulleigh says:

    Twenty years ago my mom was mugged. Several days later, they tried to use her checks and ID to buy stuff. I have no problem with them getting tasered. None at all.

  41. @Xkeeper: It’s tough for non police officers to judge when something is a “stupid case”. The worst and most dangerous calls police can get are domestic disturbance calls. You would think two cops and two people would be easy, but irrational people are capable of irrational acts. We don’t know the facts. And I will be the first to admit that they were wrong if after obtaining all of the facts, a review board finds the officer(s) in the wrong. The main problem is that in our society of information now, a minority of cases where something may have been done wrong, out of the vast number that were done right, is the focal point.

    I find it hilarious that people are advocating physically restraining people as opposed to using a taser. If you hit someone in the chest, or apply force at the right moment, you can stop the heart instantly. Little leaguers now have chest pads to stop such things from happening anymore. Plus, you do not want to be that close to a “suspect” when trying to subdue. If at the “Don’t Tase Me Bro” event, if the guy had just relaxed, it would never have gone as far as it did. They warned him, but he didn’t comply. But I really would have hated to seen what would have happened if they broke out the OC spray. You would have had people dropping left and right and suing.

    There is a reason that a taser has the reach it does. It’s ~14 feet. That is the circle of danger posed by a person who may have a weapon. 99.97% of cops aren’t out there to hurt people. They are there to protect the public+the criminals, enforce the law, and most important, get home safely at night.

  42. Also, does anyone notice it doesn’t say POLICE tased the lady. Maybe it was Best Buy Security, or someone else. And was it a Taser, or a stun gun?

  43. bohemian says:

    2007 the year of the tazer.

    This one is hard to tell, did she totally go ballistic or were the cops being jerks. The police seem to be a total game of roulette. You never know if the one that shows up will be a rational person or a cowboy cop that is more of a problem that whatever disturbance they are showing up for.

  44. bdgbill says:

    Dear Best Buy- Please Taze anyone who is not me and shows up with my credit card.

    A friend of mine had his debit card number and pin somehow stolen and someone travelled all the wayup the east coast from Florida to Maryland stopping at Best Buys every 200 miles or so to buy laptops and video games. Took him months to get it sorted.

    I find it interesting that they only went to Best Buy’s. They must have a reputation for being sloppy on verification.

  45. bohemian says:

    They need to start making these.

  46. darkened says:

    @ALGORMORTIS Actually stores are not allowed to ask you for ID for credit card purchases, its specifically in the merchant agreement. The only time they may ask you for ID is if you attempt to use an unsigned card. When you are asked for ID when making a credit card purchase you should inform them that is against the merchant agreement with Visa, MC, Amex etc and if they refuse your sale you will report them to Visa etc. Merchants that get reported for doing this are fined $1000s or they will have their merchant status revoked and not be able to take payments.

    The issue with best buy is they only care if you use another persons card and sign your OWN name. Back when I was younger I went to best buy to buy 2 $5 pc power supply Y cables and my father had given me his credit card, I signed for it using my name (same last name) as I do anytime i’ve ever used it. After the sale was completed the clerk threw a fit saying I can’t do that, so i said fine run it through again and I’ll sign his name. Needless to say she didn’t like that much either. It resulted in me having to rip the card out of her managers hands telling them all to fuck off and never ever shopping at that best buy again. Only in retrospect should I have taken my merchandise and card and left and ignored her all together. Sadly I can’t go back and fix that. Atleast I had a satisfying exit.

    And this crap that cops can taser people that COULD POTENTIALLY hurt them is just absurd. You’re a cop because you were a high school bully and enjoy feeling important because you can’t have a real job and like bossing people around while you hide behind your bullet proof vest and gun. Do you’re job, arrest a person. Taser them if they assault you without a weapon.

    My question about tasers on whether they are deadly weapons or not, if a suspect pulled out a taser would the cop get their’s or would they pull out their gun? we all know the answer.

  47. theblackdog says:

    A friend of mine told me the other day that he has a cousin who is a cop and his favorite thing to do is point his taser at my friend and press the trigger far enough that it’s on the verge of lighting up to shoot him.

    Yes I know not all cops are like this, but there’s certainly enough of the crazy ones who are enjoying their toys wayyyy too much.

  48. digitalgimpus says:

    Interesting is the use of the phrase “gotten excited”, vs “threatening” which is what they typically use. I think that’s pretty telling. I’d guess they just didn’t like a loud customer.

    I wonder if this is how Best Buy is going to cover criticism of it’s poor practices now? Just taser people and take them to a back room? Considering the other press the company gets, it sounds about right.

  49. kracer22 says:

    in this day and age.. with video cameras everywhere.. especially in places like worst-buy.. i would imagine this person must have done more than what the title of this article would lead you to believe. Although, being a victim of fraud myself, if this was an incidence of fraud, i think getting tazored is getting off lightly.

  50. forgottenpassword says:

    I just have a BIG problem with cops who chanp at the bit to tase ANYONE who isnt immediately following their orders. Especially if they are nonviolent.

    Here are some fun examples…
    Cops bust into WRONG house & tase deaf man (who is in only a towel after getting out of the bathtub) Cops say they tased him because he wasnt following orders. []

    Here is another good one… man (driving his mom to thankgiving dinner) tased for not getting his licence & proof of insurance out fast enough …

    I hope for the sake of the cops that the woman at best buy was posing a definate threat to warrant a tasering.

  51. If at the “Don’t Tase Me Bro” event, if the guy had just relaxed, it would never have gone as far as it did. They warned him, but he didn’t comply.

    @GitEmSteveDave: Really bad example considering the security people shouldn’t have dragged him out in the first place.

  52. @trollkiller: *facepalm*
    If he was pointing at his ears, couldn’t they see his hands?

    @forgottenpassword: Why people don’t like and/or fear cops.

  53. emax4 says:

    It didn’t seem like there was that much information given, but it’s cool to think that Jimmy Flynt is helping his brother run HUSTLER Magazine and moonlight as a police spokesperson.

  54. ancientsociety says:

    I’ll reserve my opinion for now since there’s no information.

    However, I would like to point out that Tasers are considered LESS-LETHAL weapons than guns, NOT Non-Lethal Weapons. Contrary to what law enforcement and the pro-taser camp would like us all to believe, tasers and other “less-lethal” weapons can still seriously injure and kill people.

    Police should only be allowed to use a taser in situations where they could normally use a firearm.

  55. forgottenpassword says:

    @Rectilinear Propagation:

    That really doesnt even matter (him pointing to his ears , where they can see his hands). Just by not complying with police orders can get you tased this day & age.

    And yeah, who here thinks of cops as easily approachable or as the friendly “officer friendly” anymore? Not many. Things have definately changed.

  56. @Rectilinear Propagation: The guy was refusing to let other people ask questions, and got in the face of the security people when they asked him the FIRST time to give up the mic. In the end, they had to cut the mic. The security officer then tries to lead him away gently by the arm, where upon he really starts to freak out and screaming, causing a bigger disturbance. He then moves TOWARDS the stage where Mr. Kerry is speaking, which causes the security officers to escalate the matter to ensure something bad doesn’t happen. When they finally get him to the back of the seating area, he makes a break for it, then comes back at the cops. THEN, even with 4+ officers on him, he is still struggling, and refusing to relax. PLUS, they warned him. Repeatedly.

  57. @ancientsociety: A firearm is only used when DEADLY force is deemed necessary. You do not “shoot to wound”. You shoot to kill/neutralize. I am the son of a police officer. One day, my Dad ran into the house of a guy who lit it on fire. While trying to drag him out, he pulled a hammer, and got my Dad in the leg, seriously hurting him. In that situation/close quarters, a firearm would not be used, whereas, a tazer would be appropriate. I think if they could have dropped the guy, they would have been able to get him out w/o anyone else being hurt.

  58. @forgottenpassword: I think in a normal situation, I.E. walking up to a cop walking a beat, or somewhere else, they are approachable. Unfortunatly, most times we deal with Police, it is on the other side of a situation where they could be hurt and or killed. Even a simple traffic stop is a dangerous situation, as showcased in many incidents where people shoot cops right in the face. I just got pulled over Saturday night, and the cop wasn’t “friendly” at first, he was following procedures i.e. checking the car, asking me standard questions, sizing up the situation. I think a majority of times people have bad experiences, it’s when they do something that makes the cop nervous, and he goes from friendly to “business”. I pulled over, placed my hands on the wheel, waited until he asked me anything before I responded, announced all of my motions (Reaching for my wallet, opening my glovebox), and let him see my glovebox open and my pocket before reaching in. It turns out I was swerving to avoid the manhole covers on the backroad to my house, and on a Saturday night at around 10pm, he just wanted to make sure I wasn’t a drunk. After he checked me out, he was very friendly, and wished me a good night etc…

    I always look at a cops actions with the idea in my head of “He wants to go home safe to his family, and make sure they are safe” and “He has a family at home that wants him to come home ALIVE”. My mother always tells me how she worried each night my Dad went to work in Newark, NJ, especially during the riots, and I can tell you I always had a worry in the back of my head, even as a kid.

  59. S-the-K says:

    Personally, I’d rather see a criminal tazed than a police officer injured. While tazing people for fun is not cool, I think avoiding being tazed is a simple three step process:

    1. Don’t cause trouble.
    2. Shut up.
    3. Do as you are told.

    I’ve followed those three steps all my life and have never been tazed.

    Until we get police officers who are prescient, they have no idea what’s going on in someone’s head or know what drugs they are on or what weapons they have on them or what the suspect is going to do next.

    In a situation where you don’t want to spray the area with chemicals and don’t want bullets flying everywhere, a tazer is a viable alternative to resorting to hand-in-hand combat. Even if the suspect doesn’t have a gun or concealed knife, the suspect can grab the officer’s gun while they grapple.

    As for using someone else’s CC with their permission, if you are denied, remember the three steps above. The solution is to get another CC with your name on it and use that. The other person can always reimburse you.

    If someone stole my identity or stole my CC and tried to use it fraudulently, I would *hope* that they would be tazed, just to teach them a lesson.

  60. Craig says:

    This adds new meaning to the term “charge it.”

  61. I’d rather see a criminal tazed than a police officer injured.

    @S-the-K: That is a false dilemma. Not using a taser on everyone who raises their voice does not result in injury to the police officer.

    If someone stole my identity or stole my CC and tried to use it fraudulently, I would *hope* that they would be tazed, just to teach them a lesson.

    That’s not what a taser is for. The police are supposed to protect and serve, not “teach lessons” to people they think are guilty of something.

  62. ancientsociety says:

    @GitEmSteveDave: “You shoot to kill/neutralize”

    I agree, tasers should be no different. Again, tasers are LESS-lethal weapons, not non-lethal. They should only be used A) once the officer has used all other means to subdue the offender and/or B) if the offender poses an immediate danger to bystanders or the officer.

    “1. Don’t cause trouble.
    2. Shut up.
    3. Do as you are told.”

    That’s all well and good. But you have the right to know why you are being detained/arrested, what the evidence is against you, and your rights.

    Far too many cops believe that asking those questions violates the above rules or feel as though they do not have to answer those questions.

    Respect and following the law is a two-way street – both the cop and the offender need to practice it.

  63. RAREBREED says:

    WOW! That sucks! I give my credit cards to my little sisters to go shopping sometimes!!!! I’d be piiisssed if they got tasered for using my card!

  64. forgottenpassword says:

    @GitEmSteveDave: “….get home safely at night”

    Ah yes the cop’s tried & true catchall excuse to justify alienating & generally treating the public like cr@p.

    I have had cops:

    1. laugh in my face for not lying to them in a traffic ticket situation (8 miles over),

    2. was chastized for moving my side mirror so that the spotlight beam was not in my eyes (guess I should just let it hit me in the eyes) during a traffic stop

    3. and one cop got in my face & yelled at me because I didnt unlock the gate for them to drive in when a silent alarm (false alarm I did not trip) went off in a secure area at work (I didnt have access to) & they had to walk down the long driveway one winter night. The alarm company doesnt call me…. they call my boss who is at home. Boss didnt call me. Tried to explain, but was told to shut up. And I had to stand there & take the abuse from a pissed off cop that had to walk in snow & below freezing temps. Joy! JOY! … well…as long he goes home safely that night… I guess I somehow deserved it!

    Dont get me wrong… I have respect for cops (my father was a KCMO cop for 25 years) who do their job well, but having grown up in a small town with a bunch of bored redneck cops… you tend to get more bad apples than good.

  65. algormortis says:

    yeah, i did kind of know that, but what bothers me is how on god’s green earth i convince the moron at burgermaster to stop harrassing me for ID and just take my card. it’s not really for my protection, it’s because someone told them it’s procedure. i also have an awful-to-spell-for-most-people, long, and seemingly ethnically incongruous name, which makes it especially fun. i’ve taken to just pitching my driver’s license from my home country (which has no English on it) at them and smiling. that’s actually worked but i need to remember to carry it.

    it’s kind of annoying, and generally they pitch a bloody fit, and seattle is small enough of a town that people remember you, so half the time i just give up and comply like the dumb cow i am.

    i hate it.

  66. darkened says:

    @ALGORMORTIS It’s simple you tell them no you do not have permission to view my license, it is against the merchant terms for you to request so. Then request for the manager if they make any argument. If the manager refuses to comply. Get the address and phone number of the store from the manager, pull out your cell phone and call Visa or w/e # on the back your card and report it right infront of them. Then leave and tell them not only will they have to face repercussions from Visa or ___ they will also never see you again for business.

  67. UpsetPanda says:

    @RAREBREED: Well it’s not like they’re going to just go randomly tasering children, though I have no way of inferring from your post whether your little sisters are actually children or whether by ‘little’ you mean that you’re actually 60 and they’re in their 40s.

    @darkened: Actually stores are not allowed to ask you for ID for credit card purchases, its specifically in the merchant agreement. The only time they may ask you for ID is if you attempt to use an unsigned card.

    Is this true for store credit cards? We asked all the time because at a store I used to work at, we had to ask if we suspected the person handing over the card was a minor. Minors weren’t allowed to apply for the cards, so we knew generally that if the person with the card was a minor, we were told we had to ask them where they got it, and generally we couldn’t make the charge.

  68. salnajjar says:

    For the people that thought it might be amusing to have a gawker t-shirt or similar in a parody of the Best-Buy Logo / Don’t Taser Me Bro tag, then look here for an image you can use for your own cafe press etc.


  69. trollkiller says:

    @salnajjar: nice graphic, thank you

  70. sibertater says:

    We’re gay, we have joint checking but only one debit card. It has his name on it. I use it all the time at the store, even when it says check ID, people do I show my ID and they don’t do anything.

    Most recently we went to the movies and I paid with his card, signed his name and the woman asked for ID and I said, “Show it to her.” He did and she said, “I guess I’ll just ignore that like it didn’t happen.” I said, “Actually you can outline why you have a problem with it and I’ll be happy to chat with you about it. I handed you the credit card, signed and he showed you his ID. Simple.”

    She was a total idiot. I ask you, who at 45 works for an indi film cinema? The socially retarded.

  71. Craig says:

    My dad tried to use an unsigned credit card once, years ago. The clerk pointed out that it was unsigned and asked him to sign it, which he did in front of her. She then ran the credit card through, had him sign the slip, and then — you guessed it — asked for ID so she could check the signature.

  72. Craig says:

    Actually, I just remembered it was even worse than that…she checked the signature against the card!

  73. trollkiller says:

    @sibertater: If he was standing right there why did you need to forge his name? Oh I know it was to show you were a couple… how cute. Gay people at an Indi film, how novel.

  74. edwardso says:

    @trollkiller: Maybe the card was in his wallet

  75. trollkiller says:

    @edwardso: That would not explain why he forged the other guy’s signature and then got pissy when the clerk reacted to an unusal situation.

    If it would have been me as the clerk I would have killed the transaction. I would be thinking this is an attempt at fraud. The card holder could easily say “that is not my signature” and have the charges reversed.

  76. Avinash_Tyagi says:

    Actually it was her own credit card she was using, police have confirmed this, so I guess it was just one stupid cop using excessive force.

    Consumerist needs to do better research


  77. Chris Walters says:

    @Avinash_Tyagi: Please note the date of your comment as well as the date of the article you linked to: 21 Dec 2007. Now please note the date of this post: 3 Dec 2007.

    Duly noted, we’ll do more research in the future—by which I mean we’ll travel into the future in our magical Consmerist Time Machine and report on as-yet-unwritten news stories. Luckily, the time machine is fueled by sarcasm.


  78. dweebster says:

    Yup, headline needs to be changed to “Trigger-Happy Police Officer Tasers Innocent Woman In Best Buy. Reportedly Not as Painful as Regularly Shopping at Best Buy.”

    The lady was completely innocent, store video is released and it shows crazed cop on the attack:

    + Watch video

    Updated thread: []

    What the fuck is wrong with Florida? That cop is straight out of central casting for “Deliverance 2.”

  79. dweebster says:

    I meant the Police Chief was right out of central casting…

    Can you say “serious denial”? Hope she sues the hell out of that department and “Best” Buy for hosting the taser party.