Don't Get Burned When Buying Firewood

Need some firewood? The Oneida County Bureau of Weights and Measures wants to remind New Yorkers that friendly axe-wielding locals are required to provide firewood buyers with a detailed receipt that includes a declaration of responsibility, identity, and quantity.

Because many firewood dealers sell wood on an informal basis, they may not be aware of their responsibilities. Likewise, homeowners may not be aware that the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets Law regulates firewood sales. I urge both buyers and sellers to be aware of the regulations to avoid problems after the sale.”

Picente urges homeowners to be smart when buying firewood [Oneida Dispatch]
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  1. hapless says:

    If these regulations were actually enforced, what private citizen would go through the trouble of selling warrantied firewood?

  2. vongarr says:

    I guess illegal firewood was a problem at one time?

  3. crashman2600 says:

    The biggest problem with firewood is the amount you receive. If you pay for a cord of wood and the seller shows up in a pickup they are lieing to you. If you notice that even the wood sold at the grocery store is even labled as X/X of a cord.

  4. Oregon says:

    Out here in the northwest where fire wood is used by a large amount of people for their main heat source,these are real problems. A pick-up truck load of wood that often sold to newbie wood fuel users as a whole cord. 4X4X8 is a cord (to large to fit in a normal truck) but many get less then that at full $125-175 per cord price. When you burn 6 to 8 cords per winter, short cords loads can cost you another $100-200 and leave you needing wood before winter is finished. Finding Firewood in March is near imposible, the seller knows you really need it or you would not be out there looking for some so late in the season, so they jack the price another 50-100 dollars.

  5. inelegy says:

    This sort of intrusive regulation is the reason we have chainsaws and the neighbor’s tree . . .

  6. morganlh85 says:

    I don’t get it…what exactly is the purpose of this regulation?

  7. kbarrett says:

    Ignorance is expensive.

    A few minutes spent googling the words “cord pickup truck load” would have prevented a raft of problems.

    A full-sized pickup truck with firewood heaped in it haphazardly holds about a third of a full cord.

    Buy by the pickup truck load, and look at the truck itself before negotiating.

  8. I notice no mentions of faggots.

  9. Arthur says:

    When I was young my family and I would go out and collect many cords of wood from my dads friends property. We would have extra cords to sell, but would have to deliver them in a large dump truck. My dad also made sure that we stacked the pieces of wood like interconnecting pieces of a puzzle as not to rip off the buyer. He mention that it was common practice, burn they buyer.

  10. homerjay says:

    @GitEmSteveDave: You’ve been dying to pull that one out, huh? :)

  11. CumaeanSibyl says:

    There’s also the good old I Swear It’s Maple, Really bit.

  12. Blackneto says:

    this is silly. if they come after me i would burn up all the evidence.

  13. XTC46 says:

    It never occurred to me that this would be a problem. I’m in Hawaii and grew up here so we never deal with heating costs. At most we use fire wood for cooking and then we just go chop branches off trees and burn them. Are their a lot of dishonest wood sales people?

  14. BigNutty says:

    Buy the first cord from a seller, If you are satisfied with the price and the quality of the wood, just keep buying from the same person.

    If not, try someone else. What consumer or firewood seller wants the government involved go make the price go high.

  15. LilKoko says:

    But that’s the problem. People new to using firewood may not know how much firewood makes a cord.

    Also an honest supplier may retire, die or pass the business on to his dishonest offspring. People need info on how to find honest sellers. Informal buying and selling works fine until and unless there’s a problem.

  16. arcticJKL says:


    It is a weights a measures issue. If they sell you 20lbs of wood the average guy could tell if the seller was shorting you but hardly anyone knows what a cord of wood is.

  17. nardo218 says:

    Buying wood. *snort* City folk.

  18. RvLeshrac says:


    I would say “totally,” but there are plenty of people living in the ‘country’ who are legally barred from cutting trees, too!

  19. @homerjay: Yes, Yes I was.

    @RvLeshrac: Well, not barred, but they do have to pay $347,000 for a few branches.

  20. MercuryPDX says:
  21. levenhopper says:

    @GitEmSteveDave: I’m very confused…

  22. Anonymous says:

    regulation of firewood; yeah, this is good idea. /sarcasm off

  23. @levenhopper: A faggot is a unit of measurement. [])

  24. pegr says:

    GitEmSteveDave wins the thread. (applause)