Please Don't Hunt At The Pittsburgh International Airport

Important tip for aspiring sportsmen: Don’t “hunt” at Pittsburgh International Airport. It’s not legal to be creeping around airport property with loaded firearms. Shocking, we know.

From CBS 3:

Sixty-three-year-old William Kuriger Jr. was dropping off his son, 43-year-old William, to hunt on Tuesday. The father was cited for disorderly conduct while the son was cited for criminal trespass and illegally carrying a gun onto airport property.

The son tells the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that he wasn’t close to airport buildings or runways, and says they won’t go back there to hunt.

The airport’s deer herd is thinned by 12 hunters who work in conjunction with air traffic controllers and other officials to ensure safety.

Um. In other news, the air traffic controllers are helping people hunt at Pittsburgh International Airport. You really do learn something new every day.

Father, son cited for hunting at Pittsburgh airport [CBS3]

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